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  • nnoie


  • A R

    Will this alter my signature when used on different computers etc?

  • Arnold

    A bit over rated….

  • http://www.facebook.com/SkrOs SkrOs

    Please remember to also remember the text from the default signature (Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendar –> Signature).
    wtf? remember to also remember?

  • http://ipodlinux.org/wiki/iLaunch iLauncher

    i dont understand.
    will i be able to add the url in settings-mai,contacts,calendar-signature too.
    and that means, whenever i send an email it will use the html formatted signature from the url and not just display the url?
    if not, how exactly to use the signature from the home icon i create using the above method in any emails i send?

  • Arnold

    Only works if you click on URL. Reply's wont work. Its really lame.

  • Dad

    Your mom is overrated.

  • Ohjayp

    Yeah this is kind of useless if you think about it. You can only have a cool sig on the initial message, but not on you reply. What if you receive a message from someone? You can't respond with it.

    This is as useless as arnolds mom. Lol

  • http://www.iphonemaniak.fr iSchamber

    Is it possible to save that signature in settings-mai,contacts,calendar-signature ?

  • http://www.deansale.com/gw2/gw2-gold.php guild wars 2 gold

    you are right,me too

  • http://profile.typepad.com/iphonehacks iPhoneHacks

    No, its not possible currently.

  • http://www.apple.com Arnold S.

    Arnold say… I'll be back. Your signature means nothing to me..!!!

  • Scared Sh@$less

    Wonder how safe this is putting all your info on there for somebody to see and sell to others?

  • basovink

    The generated signature uses links to the images. This won't work on a lot of clients, because of security restrictions.

    The tool should generate embedded images.

  • Joe

    Signatures in replies are one of the most annoying things in email. There is nothing more ridiculous than going through an email that has gone back and forth a dozen times and seeing some schmuck's pathetic expression of self importance six times. Fortunately Google gets this and tries to yank out the worthless repetition when it sees it.

  • raulfcof

    The link is broken in my Mac and my iPhone too.

    I use it only once yesterday and now nothing :(

  • http://www.sterland.com.au Jeff

    Bugger the rest of you, I thought it was great and appreciate the pretty clear explanation.

    I’m not worried about having no signature on the replies…

    I think this is great.

    Thanks kindly for the effort to inform others.

  • chez

    thanks but when i use my pc to check my gmail, the jpeg in the signature doesnt show. you can only view it if you’re also using an iphone :(

  • http://JoelCastro.com JoelCastro.com

    very useful..loved it, thanks for the tip!

  • Billyboy

    Average, at best. Much prefer either iSignature OR MyFooter Apps.

  • http://mollask.wordpress.com Mollask

    I did all the steps and it no worky. Never asked for the PIN. Never installed into my email signature block consequently. All the other steps worked except for the final one.