iOS 4.2 Will Allow iPhone Users To Set Text Tones To Contacts

iOS 4.2

We have already discovered some interesting new features in iOS 4.2 beta that was released by Apple earlier in the week.

It looks like there are some more hidden features.

iOS 4.2 will finally allow iPhone users to set text tones to your contacts.

As you can see from the screenshot below, in addition to ringtones iPhone users will be able to assign text tones for a contact instead of the default text tone.

iOS 4.2

However, users can only select from a limited choice of tones as seen in the list above. It doesn’t seem to be possible for users to create custom text tones like ringtones.

Will you be using this feature? Let us know in the comments.

[via 9to5Mac]

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  • hadenuff

    Has Steve had a bump on the head lately

  • Ducki

    Gee. What crappy of the 6 tones to I want to choose from. This is lame unless they are gonna add a slew of more tones.

  • jdb

    I see you're not an English scholar…

  • aufdenschlips

    geez, guys

    it´s the very first beta, more like giving the feature a try than anything else

  • "It doesn’t seem to be possible for users to create custom text tones like ringtones."

    Unless you've jailbroken, at which point it's fairly trivial. Unless something changes, you're still limited to the standard six tones, and you can't rename them, but you can replace the audio files. I forget where I found these instructions, but they do work. For Windows, there's a free program called IphoneBrowser, but there are comparable programs for other OSs. Enjoy.

    First, you find the audio file that you want to be as your new TXT notifier, try to find it as any of the following file formats:

    wav, mp3, aiff, m4a

    -Then, load it into iTunes. Click on Edit > Preferences > Import Settings > Advanced, and set the conversion encoder to AIFF.

    -Go back into your library inside iTunes, locate the file you just added, right click on the sound file you imported, and select "Convert to AIFF".

    -Let it convert.

    -Once it's done, right-click the file, and go to info. Follow the path to that file, and then simply rename it to *.caf.

    -Open up iPhone Browser.
    -Click on Goto Location > UISounds on the top bar.
    -Locate the files named "sms-received1.caf", "sms-received2.caf", "sms-received3.caf", "sms-received4.caf", "sms-received5.caf", "sms-received6.caf". Decide which one you don't like, and delete it.
    -Lets use the first one, "sms-received1.caf" as an example. Delete that ba$tard from the original directory.
    -RENAME your NEW ringtone to "sms-received1.caf", and drag it into that iPhone Browser directory.
    -Go to your iPhone, select "Tri-tone" as your message, and that will be your new SMS/TXT/MMS Ringtone.

    Voila, thats all it is. it sounds like a lot of steps, but once you do it once or twice, its really second nature.

  • Orlando

    Well … that sucks. Why not custom text tones? Now that will be great news.

  • Bmoney

    Or just use tonefx. Can set custom text unlock email. Very nice and easy to use.

  • seb

    now all we need is a full bluetooth stack 🙂

  • N4TUR3

    i see you're not gonna get laid anytime soon

  • Dimitar

    what is a text tone?!?!?!

  • Skyline

    I had a theme before (was a zelda text tone pack) and that changed the names of the tones too. I gotta find it again and see how it did that.

  • necromancer

    The tone your phone makes to alert you that you have a new text/mms.

  • necromancer

    Or just use ToneFXs.

  • melvarius

    I wonder if that'll be yet another feature denied to 3g users. Apple ya give me gas!!

  • faaasd

    Like others have said, your using a 2 year old phone, its time to upgrade.

  • wolverinemarky

    read the story wrong on the other sites didnt realize we would get stuck with default text tones. hopefully this is just for the beta if it isnt then i will just use tonefx like i did on my 3G

  • Jordan katz

    and as usual Jobs will make it sound like they're giving us the world when were getting features from 1995

  • hahahahahahaa nice nice!! props! but hey i think they will add more txt tones, maybe they will allow to customized

  • melvarius

    I also use an N95 and it still holds its own in terms of functionality/features imo.

    Many "new" features, eg. multitasking, have been available to JB'd phones for quite some time. yet when apple implement them they decide who can and can't have them. Other than the speed issues of the 3g, which has been fixed in 4.1, there's nowt wrong with a 3g. It is at the end of the day a hand held computer that makes phonecalls.

  • melvarius

    And the I-phone faithful kiss his *ss for the privelidge. All praise Jobsie a god among monkeys lol

  • Playafied

    If apple decides let us customize our message tones that would be sweet. That is one the main reasons for jailbreaking my phone. I had custom message tones on my old monotone Nokia in the 90's… why in the hell can't I have them on a "computer in my palm" iPhone?

    Get with the program Apple!!!

  • me

    you are so right!