New Apple TV Software Ported To iPod Touch

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Erica Sadun of TUAW who downloaded and unpacked the iOS 4.1 Apple TV firmware has discovered the Lowtide application, which appears to be Apple TV’s interface application.

She has also discovered settings which indicates that the application is compatible with iPad, which has led to speculations that users will be able to stream video content to the iPad just like to the new Apple TV from an iPhone or iPod Touch using the AirPlay feature.

She also reports that developer, Dustin Howett has managed to successfully port Apple TV’s Lowtide application to an iPod Touch on iOS 4.1.

You can checkout the video of the lowtide application running on an iPod Touch below:

Erica explains how Howett managed to get it working on an iPod Touch:

Extracting frameworks from the iPhone's "dyld" cache system was not enough to get the app to run (an approach I initially tried). Instead, you need to use caches native to Apple TV, which is the approach Howett used.

We can’t wait to see how the Lowtide application will work on the iPad with its larger screen.

[via TUAW]