SHAtter Will Jailbreak All Existing iOS Devices For Life

iOS 4.1

We had reported that iPhone hacker pod2g of the Chronic Dev Team had discovered a bootrom exploit that could help in jailbreaking iOS 4.1. We have more details about the exploit.

The exploit that pod2g has discovered is the first exploit of the S5L8930 chip, Apple’s A4 chip, which is used in iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4G.

The bootrom exploit allows the use of unsigned code execution, which could help in creating a tethered jailbreak called SHAtter, a jailbreak for life.

It looks like the same exploit was discovered by Geohot who had abandoned the iPhone hacking community couple of months back.

Since the exploit was discovered on Apple’s A4 chip running iOS 4.1, the tethered jailbreak should work with the current and older iOS devices. Tethered means that the jailbreak needs to be reapplied every time you power down your iOS device. If you let the battery run out or restart your iPod touch then you will need to reapply the jailbreak by connecting to your computer (tethering).

As we’ve explained in our earlier post, a bootrom exploit is a low level exploit that can’t be fixed by Apple with a software update like it did with iOS 4.0.2 to patch the security hole used by JailbreakMe.

Apple can prevent jailbreaking by releasing devices with a new bootrom that patches the exploit, but Apple won’t be able to stop users from jailbreaking devices with the older bootrom.

The iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team are currently working hard to bring the jailbreaking tools to users but it is expected to take sometime.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates. So stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via ModMyI]

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  • Bob

    Teathered? interesting.

  • wolverinemarky

    that actually sounds sucky i hope they find a way for an untethered jailbreak as well, but tethered will be ok for the mean time

  • CraigB

    Tethered? Then they should call it 'Shitter' instead.

  • Monkeywrench

    Oh there may still likely be an unteathered break, but what's important about this one is that you will always be able to do it on the device you have now, no matter what version apple puts up. So no waiting for new jailbreak when a new version comes out.

  • Cozze02

    Wow, junkkkkk!!!!!!

  • JailbreakFan

    Way to go Dev and chronic Team! You guys rock.

  • iPodPro14

    i thought that bootromexploits are untethered becacause you can change the boot logo and recovery logo?

  • kr

    I was wondering when the complaining would start?
    Not very long for you Fags to come out of the woodwork!!

  • bmtinc4u

    enjoying my 4.0.1 unlocked iphone 4 while waiting jailbreak….

  • bmtinc4u

    enjoying my unlocked iphone 4 on 4.0.1 while waiting jailbreak for 4.1

  • dont release a jailbreak because nobody wants it???????

  • wolverinemarky

    yea i know thats the part i like about it, have only rebooted my iphone4 once since i had it and i only did it then to see how long it took to boot up compared to my old 3G

  • E Lim

    hey dev guys, keep up the good work and please take your time to build a jailbreaking tool that is stable and easy to use. Godspeed….!!

  • Cooler than geohot

    Geohot is gay the end

  • Jadedtool

    Thay, that's unnethethary!! Iths Gayths!!!

  • Jadedtool

    Thanks pod2g! Much appreciated. Just don't do the Geohot shuffle. We need you man!

  • Dc

    Teathered.. Kind of a downer, i work all day nd by the end of the day my iPhone 4 is dead so re jailbreaking it everytime that's kind of a bummer still kool it can be jailbroken but untethered is the way to go

  • Brian

    Tethered wouldnt be so bad if you didnt have to renistall EVERYTHING you had. But i guess it will do. I will wait for a regular JB. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Elducker

    Tethered jailbreak? Sounds VERY inconvenient…would I have to reinstall and reconfigure my JB apps and plugins every time as well?
    I'm a huge JB fan, and I appreciate all the hard work the Devs put in for our collective benefit, but this sounds lousy.

  • Z

    no, your ipod/iphone would just not boot unless you had a computer handy. once you just kicked it on then it would be just fine
    it is however very inconvenient, and i am so happy the comex jailbreakme thing is untethered

  • Yo Mama

    Umm… you never had to reinstall everything you had. You just had to plug your phone in, and run blackrain.

  • BomberSez

    Who cares if it is tethered? am I only speaking for myself when I say I NEVER turn off my phone…sheesh. thanks guys….i'm as happy as a clam

  • ugh

    you obviously don't fly much. For business travelers, it could be a little inconvenient. But its better than nothing.

  • J

    One concern is when springboard crashes? Or upgrading of cydia items requires respring or reboot I guess that's why lots are worried about it?

  • i got tierd of this cat and mouse and game and went with a droid x..and am very happy i did..screw apple..for not letting us use our phone to its full capabilities.

  • Revrevmax

    Tethered? Maybe untethered would be better for unlockers? As everytime the jailbreak is gone, i can't use the current carrier and itunes locked my device. But still, thanks.

  • tony

    I'm happy the JB will work on my iPad, but any JB for my iPhone 3GS?

    Thanks for the great work Pod2g has put in to make this JB possible!

  • Jasper Fang

    I don't like to being tethered..

  • netmancer

    You guys are crybaby assholes. Yes it's tethered. But right now there's no other option. If you can't live with that then don't use this jailbreak. Wait for another jailbreak to come out that doesn't need to be tethered.

    And tethered doesn't mean you'll lose apps/settings/etc. All that mean is that if you reboot your phone (not respring, but reboot) you'll have to hook up to a computer to allow it to continue the boot process.

    Additionally, since tethering requires a computer when you reboot it is inconvenient. But it's the price you have to pay. Reboots don't happen often. Yes, if you run out of battery or turn the phone off on an airplane, then that sucks. But for people with chargers and people who know what airplane mode is it's not an issue. Also, don't install apps that require a reboot unless you're near a computer. You know, WAIT to do that.

    This is awesome news for people like me. I had my 3GS jailbroke on 3.1.3 but had to get a warranty replacement and lost the ability to jailbreak (since Apple gave me a replacement with 4.0.2 on it). I miss all the configurations and settings jailbreak gives me (and no, the Apple "multitasking" isn't near the same). I want to thank the Chronic Dev Team and all other jailbreak hackers for their hard work. These folks do this for FREE. We don't pay them for their work. We should be thanking these guys instead of being complete jerkoffs towards them.

    Show some goddamned respect you guys.

  • a

    How will this affect the ability to unblock your phone?
    I currently live in spain but will be moving within a week to USA and want to take my iphone 4 but not sure it will be much used if its gonna be such a hassel to unblock it.

  • CydiaRocks

    Brian man,

    Use PKG Backup from Cydia (who have recently took over Rock as well). It should prevent you from having to reinstall everything! PKG is not free, however.

  • Ordinary_guyz

    Hey guys im from Cambodia.. Well I hope this tethered jailbreak will hacktivate the phone to homescreen.. I'm so sick of my iPhone 4 that need the ssn and billing zip code from the original owner.. I bought it like 2 months ago.. And now the phone is still stuck at slide for emergency screen the whole time. Anyone is on the same boat as me?

  • Ordinary_guyz

    Well said buddy..,

  • Jimmy Page

    What's the big deal with Shatter? Ok Apple would have to do hardware mods to fix it. But for the user it's an arse, I'd shout about a new userland jailbreak frankly, untethered And bloody easy to install 🙂 in fact, these days I'm not missing a jailbreak as much as i used too..

  • i cares

    if you dont want, dont read this article stupid asshole

  • i cares

    you need the at&t micro sim , or used a phonebook sim

  • Francesco

    Hey , I have I iPhone 3GS 4.0.2 is any way I can jailbreak it ??

  • Francesco

    3GS. 4.0.2 ?????? Any news

  • Yo Mama

    a business traveler usually brings a laptop or something so it still shouldn't be a problem.
    You don't need to sync, reconfigure, or restore the phone, only run the exploit with your phone plugged in to make it boot.

  • Q8DeMoN

    Thanks pod2g! your awesome! plz release the tool soon ;(

  • Krish

    something to share, eve it is irrelavant here..

    I purchased new iphone 4 from AT&T 20 days back and it was replaced with Apple warranty service twice…Every time I had problems with iphone.

    hmm..then I spoke to apple customer relations to give me brand new and about to get the replacement with a brand new iphone 4..not like the one that apple replacec in the store….its brand new and they created separate order for it..

    The story behind this is — Customer care guy told me that the phone will be shipped in 5-7 business days…but when I checked the status online, it says OCT 1 (no free case after sept 30)….is apple going to change the hardware to fix the antenna issue….!!!!!!!Interesting….!!

  • Not an asshole

    Yeah, well every single one of you guys that wasn't an asshole now is… and everyone that was an asshole is now not. So what do you think of that?

  • Jaccob

    This is the best JailBreak you could have! Lets say you dont want your phone Hacked anymore… Just reset your iphone. Lets say your phone gets BRICKED just reset your Iphone the Jailbreak wont be there anymore so how could apple void your warranty. Ill deal with tethering my iphone…

  • go kill ur self i will read what i want

  • melvarius

    some folks on here are saying they have to turn their phone off when they go on a plane???? erm…Airplane mode ring a bell guys. lol

  • Mac

    Thts so true.

  • It is funny how the biggest pussies will post threatening things here.. I am sure who cares is a little puss with a nextel $30 phone. No mater what they say they have after my post we all know who needs to be beaten. LOL By little PUSS who cares.

  • there is no need to turn it off when you fly. That is BS. Oh the plane will crash. NOT. Get a clue mr frequent flyer.

  • John Agnew

    Well done and thank you to those who are working hard behind the scene to Jail break the new update. Some may not appreciate it or will moan about it but there are many more of us who owe you guys a big thanks. I'm new to the iphone and the scene but if I can find a way to donate, I will do it when I start using your JB. Cheers guys.

  • i live at 417 kewanna louisville ky come over here and ill show u what a pussy i am i have hade iphone 4 scense day one ihad every iphone u probley dont know what a iphone is like i said go kill ur self so nobody hast to read your post love who cares

  • Macsimos

    I'd use the jailbreak. I had Blackra1n on my iPhone 3G, and I would always completely drain my battery or rebooted my device when I installed or uninstalled apps. I never had to reinstall the Blackra1n jailbreak, even though it was a tethered jailbreak and was posted that dead batteries or rebooting would cause the need to rejailbreak. Tethered or untethered I'll use an updated jailbreak to match Apple's updates. Hopefully I'll get lucky again because my friend had Blackra1n on his iTouch and had to reinstall Blackra1n if his battery died or if he rebooted his device; I guess it's luck of the draw.

  • wanker

    Learn to spell, you FUCKTARD.

  • Macsimos

    Technically you would only lose your jailbreak when your battery dies, turn off the device, or reboot the device (restart it; not respiring it). Usually Cydia and Rock do a flash respring, which keeps your device on, therefore you keep the jailbreak. There are not that many apps in Cydia or Rock that actually completely reboot your device.

  • u know who r the stupid ones who haft to use bad words in there post

  • Wannano

    What software can we use to unlock it guys

  • jole

    just leave.. please. and never come back.

  • DaydoBaDaydo

    well don't A LOT of cydia apps require a reboot of the phone? So I'm guessing the ones that do, are out of the question for downloading?

  • Rip


  • Don't mind me saying this but I TOLD YOU GUYS! Paul the programmer was the one who mailed the exploit on the iPhone n shadow took credit

  • I completely agree with you.

    When springboard crashes or an upgrade requires reboot NOT necessary the respring, then you've to re-apply the exploit tool again. The real problem comes if you don't have a computer with you…

    But for now, it's the best offer we can get. I think we should be grateful to the Dev-Team for all the hard work and STOP the abuses and complaints.

    Grow up guys!!!

  • Well said buddy… some guys here need to grow up like I said on my previous comment.

  • Yep

    Uh… Airplane mode?! Its in settings smart guy.

  • jb-wanna-be

    I travel alot. I never turn the phone off. Use airplane mode and your battery life can last for days.

    I honestly see no reason to be all up in arms about a tethered break. You have to connect it to your computer every once and awhile anyhow.

  • Josh

    I dont know where you get your information about tethering… here is what it says on the chronic dev blog

    Update 2: Some facts…
    – We have not yet announced if this is tethered or untethered
    – We have not yet announced details about the exploit
    – Anything you read saying it is one of the above in definite terms is just speculation, again, we have not given official word about the tether status or any details regarding the exploit used.

  • Where is that on the site – I can't find it. The latest I see on the Dev-Team Blog is 'It's a trap!'.

  • Jimmy Page

    Get a battery pack?

  • Ipfreehly

    I've had my jailbroken iOS 4.01 on my iPhone 4 freeze up 3 times in the past month. Only a cold reboot got me back up. A tethered jailbreak would have left me SOL without my laptop to aid in the reboot.

  • wow.

    i bet it sucks living in jeffersonville.

  • Yo Mama

    umm… because it's not by the iphone dev team? read again… it's from the chronic team.

  • motluck

    is SHAtter tethered jailbreak for all devices or just for a certain one?





  • tagath

    I recently bought factory unlocked iPhone 4 that came with 4.0.2 firmware. I cannot JB 4.0.2 and my question is if I should just upgrade to 4.1? Is there any benefit to staying on 4.0.2.

  • Focustom

    Yeah dude just update to 4.1. There is not and will not be a jailbreak for 4.0.2, and since you can't jailbreak you might as well take advantages of the new items in 4.1.

    On a related note my iPhone 4 crashed last night when I tried to preview a song in iTunes app and was able to put it in DFU. However I wasn't able to restore using a 4.0.1 ispw. The phone started running REALLY slow, like 3g 4.0.1 slow, so I started uninstalling themes from Cydia, went to preview a song in iTunes and it rebooted the phone. One, twice, thrice, and on the fourth time it was stuck in the reboot. I had to loose the jailbreak and update to 4.1. Sucks because I hadn't synced my phone in a month. 🙁 hopefully when this jailbreak for 4.1 is dropped I can use Rock with my RockID to reinstall everything?

    Anyone have the lag issue?

  • Crazy Man

    I dont think shatter will be the one to jailbreak ios 4.1!!! Please read this

  • Mk


  • Mk


  • wanker

    nope. the stupid ones are the people like your self. those who can't fucking spell.

  • Riff

    Not luck you didn't have a tethered JB if you didn't need a CPU to reboot. It wasn't luck you just had old boot rom that works untethered with blackra1n

  • Riff

    It only freeze if you mess around and install or delete certain things so just do any questionable stuff if not near CPU

  • Riff

    Yes temporary keep until you run tinyumbrella to save your shsh invade you ever want to go back and to save your modem firmware because when you update it might update your firmware to something that's not unlockable but if you use AT&T then you really don't have to worry to much you can just update. But I would still try to back up with tiny umbrella

  • Riff

    Not invade, in case

  • pod2g fan

    RT is out guys, SHAtter teathered jailbreak is hopefully going lige in the next few days

  • Jon

    What about the apps that require you to reboot the iphone? Is this jailbreak mean I can't intall apps unless I am near a computer?

  • noone

    Yes that's true. They only tell you to turn off phones because they'd have to have every single device with an antennae tested to verify it doesn't do something special that does cause issues. But ya, they don't cause issues. How else can they now be offering wifi in flights? I never turn my devices off and even use bluetooth headphones when i fly (flight attendants don't know otherwise).

  • if apple cant undo jailbreak by updating firmware of older devices i bet they'll just ditch support and updates for the current devices(like they did with the original devices) in order to make users buy newer technology that is harder to jailbreak.

  • afd


  • Chris

    Just wondering, but will we be able to unlock 4.1/4.2 ?

  • Game


  • Game


  • jbmeplz

    …waits for greenpois0n…

  • Blake

    damn today i went into an apple store to fix my jailbroken iphone 3gs (new bootroom)… well instead of repairing it they replaced it with oh snap 4.0.2! I am so bitter!!!!

  • tewman