YourTube: Jailbreak App Allows Users To Download YouTube Videos To iPod Library On Their iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch


YourTube – a jailbreak app that allows users to watch and download YouTube videos has been updated to add support for iOS 4 and iPhone 4’s retina display. The developers have also released YourTube HD for iPad users.

With the new version of YourTube, users will not only be able to download YouTube videos to their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but they can also import them in the iPod app.

YourTube has been developed by CocoaNuts, who have developed jailbreak apps such as Safari Download Manager and Attachment Saver.

CocoaNuts announced the release of the new version on their website:

We’re proud to announce that YourTube has the ability to import downloaded videos directly into your iPod app! We call this new feature “Gremlin” and you will start seeing this in many of our tweaks on Cydia, including Safari Download Manager and Attachment Saver.

YourTube 2.0 is newly re-designed for iOS4. It includes a host of stability fixes, improved memory management, improved download speeds, and fixes for the nasty iOS4 sandbox. And don’t forget the ability to import your downloaded videos into the iPod library 😉


Please note that downloading videos from YouTube is not supported by YouTube’s Terms of Service. Apple had recently removed MiTube, which allowed users to download YouTube videos due to this issue so please use YourTube at your own risk.

You can download YourTube on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Cydia. YourTube 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch and YourTube HD for iPad both cost $5 each.

If you’ve purchased YourTube 1.0 after July 1st, you are entitled for a free upgrade. If you bought it before July then you will be able to purchase it for only $1 (a 80% discount).

As always, let us know your feedback on the jailbreak app in the comments section below.

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  • I love jail-brake.. first

  • samara


  • Jay

    in b4 "OMG U HAVE TO PAY?!?!?!?"

    • max

      add repo: “” and scroll on it to yourtube2 cracked. After downloading the videos you need to klick the blue dot right of the downloaded video and select “add to ipod library”. you can delete the video in the youtube app after you do that. HAVE FUN!! 🙂

  • gr88888888888

  • pkuu2

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  • Z

    What do you mean "Apple had recently removed MiTube"?

  • Apple had approved an iPhone app called MiTube that allowed users to download YouTube videos but had to remove it as they probably got an email from Google as it violated YouTube's TOS.

  • Anonymous

    Or you could just use mxtube, which is free and works with iOS4

  • Z

    OMG U HAVE TO PAY?!?!?!?

  • Z

    i've been doing just that

  • Z

    oh. i got it confused with mxtube and was wondering "How did apple remove something from cydia??"

  • anonymous

    How could downloading a video from you tube is not legal ?

  • The app is Your tube?It is available where.How is it not legal to download videos?What can they do andhave they ever persued that option/Thanks,Del

  • Nedrri

    MxTube rox

  • Think twice before buying

    I cannot erase downloa history
    The downloads stop
    Failed downloads and completed downloads cannot be erased…
    There is no off app downloading….
    I regret this

  • Katatonia

    this is funny, they already made an article about it

  • That is really? oh, the morden technology is so good, i can't in not long future, our society will turn out what looks.

  • What to download video from a site youtube I use service

  • Ahmet

    First try: purchased and installed to iPad 4.3.3 downloaded some videos tried to “add to iPod library” YouTube crashed.. Opened YouTube i saw download section removed. Rebooted device, installed your tube again but nothing changed , it dont sent to “videos” app the downloaded videos.

  • gig

    There is an app called Video Baby on the iPad that allows you to download youtube videos and it is on the AppStore so you don’t need to have a jailbroken iPad.

  • J3 j3

    I’ve downloaded this app but it doesn’t work well, i can’t playback the downloaded videos, or even save them on my ipod library.
    Can anyone please give me the solution for this problem….