How To Enable FaceTime On iPhone 4 In Unsupported Countries Using FaceTime Hactivator, MiddleWhat

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If you’re in the Middle East and were disappointed to find out that FaceTime – the video calling feature does not work on your shiny new iPhone 4 then you should checkout jailbreak apps – FaceTime Hacktivator or MiddleWhat.

Both the hacks available on the Cydia App Store will enable FaceTime in unsupported countries like UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Here is brief description of MiddleWhat:

This package enable FaceTime if (only if) it is disabled due to region restructions. This will NOT enable FaceTime for any other reason. It is usable only on iPhone 4. It does NOT have any visible output, icons or configuraable options. If can be cleanly uninstalled.

MiddleWhat is a little easier to install as it is available under Big Boss repository. In case of FaceTime Hacktivator, one needs to install the repository first.

You can follow these simple instructions to install Fast Copy on your iPhone:

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone home screen.

  • Tap on the Search tab and search for middlewhat.

  • Tap on MiddleWhat to install it on your iPhone.

After it is installed, reboot your iPhone. Then tap on the FaceTime toggle to turn it on (Settings->Phone), which will send an international SMS to activate FaceTime.

If MiddleWhat doesn’t work for you then you can try FaceTime Hactivator. You can follow these simple instructions to install FaceTime Hactivator on your iPhone:

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone home screen.
  • Tap on the Manage Tab and then tap on Sources.

  • Tap on the Edit button and then tap add to add the following repo URL to add sources:

  • After it is successfully installed, tap on the Search tab and search for facetime.

  • Tap on FaceTime Hacktivator to install it on your iPhone.

After it is installed, reboot your iPhone. Then tap on the FaceTime toggle to turn it on (Settings->Phone), which will send an international SMS to activate FaceTime.

As always, let us know how it goes.

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  • Robinho

    It's Working :) ! Another reason to jailbreak ..!

  • iLauncher

    im in india with a factory unlocked iphone 4.
    the toggle is already showing up for me.
    facetime was even working for me on ios4.1 jailbroken via greepois0n rc3.
    but i turned the facetime toggle off by mistake.
    now whenever i turn it on, it just says 'waiting for activation…' and sends an international sms multiple times to the same no: +447786205094
    ive lost a lot of money on just these sms.
    and since here in india there is no contract system and the iphone 4 hasnt officially been launched yet, i wont be refunded for these sms.
    so i dunno if installing 'facetime hacktivator' or 'middlewhat' will make a diff here.
    can anyone plz help me?
    thanx, in advance.

  • snake

    Thanks guys.. not its my iphone is priceless…

  • Bill Gates

    My friend tried it day before yesterday the crack from: using FaceTime Hacktivator from Bahrain using VIVA mobile service. it did not work even by restarting and waiting for more than 10 minutes. It only worked when changing to another mobile service provider called "Batelco"

  • snake

    i mean now my iphone is priceless

    • MOhamad


  • KhaledSwedy

    IT WORKS HERE IN EGYPT !!, BUT i have no facetime friends :(

    • MOhamad


    • Noman

      I will be your FaceTime friend my FaceTime #+923008216566

    • Kareem

      How did it work ?? It didnt work for me on etisalat egypt

  • iPhoneHacks

    There is no harm in trying, both the jailbreak apps are free.

    Ideally since you are using a factory unlocked iPhone 4, you shouldn't need to do this, it should work out of the box (and a charge for the international SMS to activate it the first time).

  • Rehan

    It is working flawlessly here in Saudi, with Mobily iPhone4+sim
    I used MiddleWhat, Restarted my iPhone, Facetime activated automatically
    Even this iPhone4 facetime was working great with my MacFactime.

  • Ice_Man

    OMG… it works here even in Antarctica.

  • Vteckrr150

    I'm from Singapore. Apple won't help me with "waiting for activation" problem due to jailbreak and my AT&T locked iPhone 4. I tried both, it doesn't work for me. I am on iOS 4.1 jailbroken and unlocked, my carrier is SingTel. Anyone can tell me the solution or this article isnt for me.

  • Bikesh

    need help..u said u have factory unlocked iphone…and then u jailbroken it via green poison…my question is i have too factory unlocked iphone 4 and its baseband is 2.10.04 so what happens when i will jb it..does my factory unlocked will be gone thankx in advance

  • fas

    Basically Apple has no control, LOL

  • Yaser 1885

    I don't have iphone4 but i have to thank u ppl for that effort

    Yaser from Saudi Arabia

  • Zed Sefi

    EH!! .. what's the point? I still cannot use my iPhone 4 to do facetime-like video chat with my family in Dubai using yahoo messenger, because Etisalat ISP have blocked both audio and video chat on the yahoo messenger on windows computers!!!

  • iLauncher

    @iPhoneHacks: i tried both, facetime hacktivator and middlewhat. in both cases i followed the instructions to the letter. but im always stuck at 'waiting for activation' with multiple international sms being sent to the same +44 number. also, my factory unlocked iphone 4 is bought from singapore. i hope someone can hep me. thanx

  • isaac

    When the face time works , do u still get charged the international rates from at&t?
    Also , here in afghanistan we pay for wifi for our computers but the iphone does not grab the wifi even when there is no lock symbol . Is there a way around it so that the iphone can grab the signal like the computer?. The people here do not know how to do that for the iphone.

  • hAwK17

    how can i use it with iPod 4g, since no SMS could be sent??

  • BeeCay

    Thanks. It worked for me. :)

  • http://iphonehacks Viren

    I have the SAME problem in Brazil!! WHen JB on 4.0.1 EVERYTHING worked perfectly…since I upgraded to 4.1 FT/MMS/CELLULAR DATA …nothing works…stuck at waiting for activation….am on VIVO which is officially selling iphones here . Have tried iphone islam, pushinfo, xsellize,middlewhat,iphone delivery, dl dropbox, my carrier bundle shows VIVO 8.0 my nunmber appears clearly and is correct….and i am FRUSTRATED.. its been almost a month now can some one help me please??? cheers, Viren

  • http://no Mohammad khurram

    Salam sir, i have buyed iphone 4g original factory unlocked but my facetime is not getting activate , i hav tried ur method but i m still disappointed, tell me what would i do now :(

  • Ali

    I’ve never posed any comment on any such post, but for the first time i want to thank you soooo muchh.. you’re just awesome man !

  • nemon

    Thanks so much. and only This one worked for me,
    A W E S O M E!

  • sultan

    in my iphone it says its waiting for activation and its taking long what should i do

  • RB

    Followed both hactivator & middlewhat, still waiting for activation!
    Does this even work on 4.2.1 with green poison jb?

  • Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz

    It is working GREAT here in Saudi, with STC iPhone4+ micro SIM
    I used MiddleWhat, Restarted my iPhone, Facetime activated automatically
    Not yet try with my MacFactime.


    i tried both, facetime hacktivator and middlewhat. in both cases i followed the instructions to the letter. but im always stuck at ‘waiting for activation’ !!!!
    i am using Syriatel network in Syria
    also, my factory unlocked iphone 4 running 4.3.3 JB

  • Amir

    I purchased the Iphone 4 32GB model from Mobily here in Saudi arabia, the model is factory unlocked running IOS 4.3.1 (8G4). i used redsnow to jailbreak it then followed the instructions to install the iphoneislam facetime hacktivator, it worked flawlessly first time, my only concern now is if i update to 4.3.3 will i face the issues some of the people posting on this site face or will it be OK..

    Also once IOS 5 is released will there be a jailbreak and facetime hacktivator available.

  • rikki

    hi, i am here at Dubai UAE, and my Iphone 4 carrier is ETISALAT, have installed and when i turn on my FaceTime, it says that i will be charge for SMS messeges used to activate Facetime, and i press ok, but when i check my facetime setting still “Waiting for activation….” until when will i wait for this?

    Hope u could help me with this…
    Thank u.

  • A.A.R

    I have iPhone 4 Jailbroken using Redsn0w iOS 4.3.3. I have enabled the FaceTime with middlewhat it shows me the FaceTime option in the settings but it is stuck on waiting for activation. I got my iPhone from Mobily Saudi Arabia.
    Anyone can tell me how to fix this?

  • Proudvampire

    I’ve got an iPhone 4 and the 1st time I tried there was this
    Message of waiting for activation!! Then i cought a glance
    At your website. So I tried both approaches!! None’s working for me!! I donno if it’s because of the region Iran or ma terrible fortune!! S.o gimme a hand if possible, please!! I need facetime,NOWWwww!!!:((

  • Fadi

    Hi, i have iphone4 factory unlocked i live in lebanon and my iphone model mc605zp suck on waiting for activation , any help

  • Boyridwan

    Hi guys,

    I just bought iPhone 4 in KSA (kingdom of Saudi arabia). I just realized that FaceTime is block in KSA. Is there any way I could unblock FaceTime. I’m so des

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  • theghostwhotalks

    Wow…. Facetime really works now.. great work guys!!!

  • Spartacus

    thanks. It works

  • nisa

    is it working on ios 5.0.1

  • Sophea chan

    It doesnt work. I wasted my money alot. I am in Cambodia

  • Bilal

    It works thanks a lot

  • natalie

    hey.. i did everything u said :) i went to settings- phone but i couldnt find facetime icon there !!!! im using iphone 4 ios 5.01
    thanx in advance :)

  • Haroon

    Thanks! Working now in Saudi Arabia :-)

  • Ali

    I have IPhone 4S with mobily. I use middlewhat and it’s working great in Saudi Arabia. I’m using IOS 5.0.1.

  • daddy

    its working perfectly bro… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaahhh ;)

  • Joe

    Hey Guys If U buy apple product from the kingdom and you found out that Facetime is not precent to your Device Her are the step to install it, no need to Jailbrakes, if u have a friend with a device with activated facetime back it up to your itune then restore the new idevice without facetime u bought with the backup file u made after the restoration of the idevice u will find the facetime like magic simple as that”actualy u can restore first the idevice the one with facetime to factory setting then back it up to your computer to have a clear setting ” just try it i try it already and its working fine.

    • j

      will this work with the iphone 5?

    • Leo

      Will this work ? On ios 6?? In iphone 5

  • kareem

    doesn’t working with iphone 4 ios 6 ???

  • Aditya

    If I buy iPhone 5 from Dubai where FaceTime which apparently doesn’t work in India so what’s the fix for that…..plz help buying it now

  • Aditya

    So there’s no fix to that or what and I can take iPod touch from there or what?is it k if I buy other phones besides iPhone
    Sent from my iPad

  • Adit

    My question to ul is if I buy iPhone 5 or the itouch 5g does the factime remain a problem?reply ASAP going UAE this week……

  • adnan

    is face time already installed in iPhone 4?

  • Heymanth Reddy

    I have a iphone4 from dubai and tried installing both hacktivator and middlewhat but the toggle switch for facetime doesn’t show up in the settings

  • Monty

    Both these methods didn’t work on my iphone 4S ios 7.0.4

  • Burny Bits

    What else works with IPAD mini wifi? anyone?

  • nisadh


    i have bought a new apple iphone from saudi arabia and i m from india but i dint know how to enable video call by activating the jailbreaking app.if anyone can help me with my query,you can give ways to do….