iPhone 4 More Accident Prone than iPhone 3GS

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After almost four months since the launch of the iPhone 4, there seems to have been enough incidents to prove that the iPhone 4 is actually more accident prone compared to the iPhone 3GS. Well, we're not saying this!

Folks over at SquareTrade, a leading third-party warranty provider have released data, which compares accident rates of iPhone 4 and the previous generation iPhone 3GS.

They have come to a conclusion that the iPhone 4's accident rate is 68% higher than that of the 3GS. In fact, as many as 4.7% of iPhone 4 owners have reported an accident within the first 4 months of the phones' ownership. For the iPhone 3GS, this percentage was just 2.8%.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 4's glassy back isn't helping things much here it seems. With as much as 80% of all iPhone warranty claims being related to cracked and broken screens, at least a quarter of the broken glass claims involved the back screen. 

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

SquareTrade has also calculated that 3.9% of iPhone 4 owners reported a cracked screen within 4 months of usage when compared to just 2.1% in case of the iPhone 3GS. All these data points suggest that the iPhone 4 is more susceptible to physical damage compared to the outgoing iPhone 3GS.

One department where both the devices stood “on par” was when it came to incidents that were “non accidental” in nature. Both the devices show normal failure rates of under 0.5% – which is what the normal range actually should be.

If you have used both – the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, did you actually find the latter to be more accident prone or more susceptible to damage?

[Via SquareTrade]

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  • B


  • Ford

    Yes really.

  • dR435t4

    Really Really??

  • jdb

    Its difficult to come to accurate conclusions when not all facts are there. For instance, how many new users to iPhones were on the iPhone 4? For a realistic perspective, see how many accidents occured between the 2g and 3g. Statistically, there should be less since people were more used to the larger phone. Furthermore, how many iPhone 4 owners are there compared to 3gS owners? I can make any statistic form to any fact you desire if I leave out facts. It's not that I care that much about this particular topic, I just don't care people jumping to conclusions about anything.

  • Amir


  • Carlos

    I broke my iPhone 4 screen on first two weeks of ownership!! I had an iPhone 3G, got dropped many times, thrown by my lil one many times more, and fell from my legs while getting off from car lots more times and all it happen was gps stopped working/wasn't accurate after two years of ownership. Now what does that mean?, I started using a cover, my lil one can't play with it, and I'm more careful about where I put it. iPhone 3G was more durable, and never used a cover.

  • Monkeywrench

    I had a 3GS and now an iPhone 4. I agree 100% the iPhone 4 is not as easy to keep in your hands. The 3GS just fit better and was seemingly easier to not drop. And the back glass does seem like it would help either.

  • Monkeywrench

    *Wouldn't help*

  • Digitaltouch

    I just wonder what apple will Come up with next in body design. Maybe aluminum with pieces of glass for the antennas. Because it has to look better then this all glass one.

  • Grime

    Maybe iphone 4 owners were more prone to dropping they're phones by holding it in an awkward position while waiting for apple's solution for the antenna issue. Thats just pure speculation, but very plausible.

  • Ford


  • austin

    this is true… dan app;e waited too long to give it to case makers so no cases and i went through 2 iphone 4s untill the otterbox came out… and my current one is cracked on its back.. the other 2 the glsass came all out… BOO APPLE U MADE IT SOUND LIKE A TANK AND UR WARRENTIES AND EVEN APLECARE WONT COVER IT U SUCK!!!!

  • Monkeywrench

    Or people throwing the phone down in anger because of the crap reception.

  • wolverinemarky

    i have dropped my iphone 4 more times since i have had it which is 2 months then i did my 3G which i have for over a year. but have been lucky not to have cracked the glass at all

  • Or people throwing the phone down in anger because of the crap reception.iPhone dev team

  • Fleur

    Well, from a statistical point of view, when an iPhone 4 dropped, there are twice more chance to break some glass since front and back are made of glass while on 3G/GS there is only one face made of glass.

  • Angel

    I have dropped my Iphone 4 second day of using and I got cracked back screen. Ive been using 3GS for 2 years, dropped many times and nothing happend. I agree Iphone 4 is very easy to drop and crack.

  • Jrmedic19

    I think it important to note that in the 3Gs and prior the glass was actually surrounded by and protected (on the sides) by the bezel. Where as the iP4 has only the band, which doesn't cover the edges of the glass. IMO glass is weakest at corners and edges. …. JR

  • Z

    percentages work by the number of people this has affected out of the number of people with iphone 4's. you'll learn that in 3rd grade

  • SiLeNcEbOnE

    This is more owners fault then apple's fault…
    You should take good care of your phone. Can't blame apple for you dropping ur phone.


    I talked to my buddies not to buy iPhone 4 yet, I knew that lots of people was going to complaint about the design, specially adding a glossy rear to it, you really need to wear it with that nasty film though plus, antenna issue that has been heard from coast to coast.
    I hope with new miracles will boost apple imagination and creativity for the upcoming years.
    Improvements as well;)

  • Kr

    I just got the aftermarket leather back cover $15 , looks really good! I put original away fo sake keeping

  • garoti

    next iphone will look like ipod touch 4th generation. got little more protect the edge of the screen.