NitoTV: First App For Jailbroken Apple TV 2G

First Apple TV Jailbreak app

Couple of weeks back, developer Steven Troughton-Smith had figured out a way to install iOS apps on Apple TV but it was not possible to launch the installed iOS app as there is no application launcher in Apple TV.

Folks at nitoTV have developed a custom launcher to get their jailbreak app to work on a jailbroken Apple TV 2G.

This makes nitoTV’s simple weather app, the first third party app to run successfully on the new Apple TV.

Folks at nitoTV have tweeted that they plan to release a new version of their nitoTV app with weather and RSS feeds soon.

You can checkout the photos of the custom installer and the weather app below:

First Apple TV Jailbreak app
First Apple TV Jailbreak app

The Chronic Dev team and the iPhone Dev team have released greenpois0n and PwnageTool respectively to jailbreak the new Apple TV earlier in the week.

This opens up a whole host of possibilities. Please tell us which jailbreak apps or hacks is on your wish list for Apple TV in the comments.

[nitoTV via Engadget]

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  • Itv

    I think it's time to buy apple tv2 now


    apple tv is nice and all… and i guess its still too early to comment on it… but im going to stick with my ubuntu machine with xbmc/mythtv+hauppauge hdpvr running on it.

  • MadHatter

    I would like to know how you set up a ubuntu machine…

  • Dzazter

    Please, for the love of God…Air Video?!?

  • Fergie

    Definitely Air Video!! I have the the Apple TV 2 which is very good but the Air Video App would make it essential in any movie buff's life.

  • Bob Babcock

    Number 1 with a massive gun HAS to be AirVideo. That would instantly put my ATV2 up in the 'useful' category from being pointless compared to my HTPC.

    It would unfortunately though require a browser with Flash to COMPLETELY replace it though…

  • Alex

    frash for atv2 anyone?

  • gus

    a web browser is what i need.. and an espn3 app

  • Larsen

    I would like to be able to create a vpn tunnel for a provider like OverPlay VPN to get a US ip address directly on the device. Would give access to netflix and itunes series directly on the Apple TV, even from outside the US 🙂

  • don

    web browser!!!!

  • DjSlash

    `definitly a browser