Remove Background: Jailbreak App To Free Up Memory Gets iOS 4.1 Support

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle

Jailbreak appRemove Background has been updated for iOS 4.1.

Remove Background is a useful jailbreak app if you are struggling to keep up with the growing number of iPhone apps running in the background as it allows you to remove them from the task switcher in on go.

rono23, the developer of Remove Background has recently updated it to support iOS 4.1. He has also added new features to the app since we last wrote about it.

You can now select the apps that should not be closed by Remove Background, which is useful as you don’t want some apps like an instant messenger app that you typically want to be running in the background to be closed.

You should also install the SBSettings toggle called Remove Background SBSettings (RemoveBG) from the Cydia App Store as it gives you faster access to the feature.

As always, let us know if you found this jailbreak app useful in the comments below.

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  • Joe

    Free? I like this improvement. Better than what is currently available.

    First, Tony pepperoni

  • Michel

    I use multicleaner. I have it put under my homebutton. When i hold it short all programs are closing…

  • Fili

    Great, I was really disappointed when I saw it didn't have iOS 4.1 support, as I used it on 4.0

  • Lee

    I already asked Steve for the first icon when you select the background tasks to be close all, it makes sense to me to have it set as that…

    But like my ipad mute button toggle from orientation to mute in software settings he isnt listening… as he wants to use it for fact time on the ipad 2…

  • jeet101`

    Thank Fukin GOd

  • 104

    i cant install it!

  • LzrdKng74

    @jeet101: Don't use God's name in vain, you effin jerk!

  • Tony pepperoni

    4.1 isn't ready for all my jailbreak apps i had to downgrade back to 4.0.1

  • I also recommend MultiCleaner. RemoveBG does not work for 4.1 but MultiCleaner does and it is much more custimizable.

  • Remove Background is free and it works even on iOS 4.1. Not sure why someone would want to pay $0.99 for the same functionality.

  • Jcm800

    Superb addition to 4.1 jb apps. Does anyone have any idea if that Gustav guy is still alive that wrote Font Swap? I've mailed him to plead him to pull his finger out and update Font Swap but to no avail 🙁 I soo miss Comic Sans..

  • Audioslave54

    It's free so it's good, but u can close them your self just like u would delete the apps from the main window. So I don't see that much of a difference.

  • anju

    youll pay for it god should save you

  • HCWHunter

    With the SBSettings toggle, 1 swipe and a touch closes as many apps as you have open. That is WAY easier than closing them individually.

  • Thanks rono23! It was a little frustrating earlier on when it didn't support iOS 4.1

    I love this App and the best part… it's free. It's just perfect with the new feature added. Now, I can choose the program I want to clean and or not. Jailbreak is about freedom and that’s what the App is about. Let me choose what I want…! Free my memory…!! and just give me my Freedom back!!!

  • jack

    how do you use this blasted app. I downloaded it, but now what. Tapping on it doesn't make it close the open apps. What to do?

  • Install SBSettings (in case you haven't already):

    Then install the SBSettings toggle – Remove Background SBSettings from Cydia.

    Then swipe your iPhone's status bar and you should see RemoveBG button, tap on it to remove the apps running the background.

  • Pantha

    Don't use "Remove BG" this App takes almost 60-70MB of your memory when installed. iPhone 4 mem on fresh boot is 330-355MB free, as soon as you install "Remove BG", memory drop to 270MB free max. Even on fresh boot.

    I unload the Apps just to test and mem back to 333-354 MB free.

    I did this test several times. test and see by your self.

  • Crap!

    I have been using this App since a long time and I've never experience any memory drop below normal.

    STOP instigating fear into people who would like to try the App for themselves.

  • Pantha

    This is exactly why I said "TEST AND SEE FOR YOURSELF". If you don't experience the same issue fine.

    I experienced this issue on 2 two different iPhone 4 before writing this comment. Now I know at least one user (you) don't experience the same things as me.

    I just want to warn people that it could probably this app causing their memory drop in case ……

  • Kneale

    I use SwitcherPlus – as well as having the taskbar in lock mode, it can delete all open programmes in one press of a button.


    SBSettings (in case you haven't already):

    Then install the SBSettings toggle – Remove Background SBSettings from Cydia.

    Then swipe your iPhone's status bar and you should see RemoveBG button, tap on it to remove the apps running the background."

    It didn't quite work like that for me. it doesn't show in SBSettings at all. However, I managed to set it so that a double tap on the status bar does the trick so I am happy with that.

  • JD

    Will Remove Background SB settings be updated to work on IOS 5?