Wi-Fi Sync 2.0: Jailbreak App Will Sync Your iPhone With iTunes Over 3G

WiFi Sync App

We had written about Wi-Fi Sync in May this year. This is a pretty neat application that lets users to wirelessly sync their iDevice with iTunes over a Wi-Fi network.

Despite the rave reviews that the application received even before launch, the app was rejected by the Apple App Review staff because of "security concerns". The app has since then been exclusively available on the Cydia App Store for jailbroken iPhones.

Wi-Fi Sync is developed by Greg Hughes, a student at University of Birmingham. Following the successful launch of his app in May, Hughes has now announced that the application will receive a major update in December. The new update will enable users to remotely sync their iPhone with iTunes over a cellular data connection. According to he Wi-Fi Sync website, the jailbreak app will allow users to sync their iDevice with iTunes over Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and/or VPN.

Apart from cellular data compatibility, the new version of the app is also expected to come with other features such as support for retina display, a sync button on the iDevice, an option to disable automatic backups for wirelessly connected devices and also the ability to run the app on startup.

Despite the high sale price of $9.99 on Cydia, Wi-Fi Sync has been quite successful since it was launched. Greg Hughes announced the sale of the 20,000th app back in September. This success has underlined the demand for such a functionality that has unfortunately not been made available to non-jailbroken users so far.

Wireless syncing has for long been seen as the logical next step for Apple to offer and we're hopeful that Apple will introduce the feature in the future. Until then Wi-Fi Sync, especially v2.0 will be another reason for users to jailbreak their iPhone. What do you think?

[via WiFiSyncApp]

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  • Globe


  • WAU

    cant wait for the update i love this app 1 more reason to jailbreak my phone

  • Dan

    Apple wont let it because as with all the other jailbreak apps they get the ideas then throttle the progress so it looks like there doing amazing things. but actually there just doing things slowly when it should of been released in the 1st place!

  • Swift


  • Mark

    Meh its slow as hell.

  • danny

    WI FI sync work since the upgrade of Itunes 8XXXX

  • Yo Mama


  • Z

    what about GPRS
    (2 hours later, YAY ONE SONG!)

  • monkeywrench


  • X

    (incoming call from Mom). Aagh!!!! Another 2 hrs!

  • Shane

    That's stupid why would u sync via 3G just a waste of bandwidth

  • Chimichangas.

    Just in case you need a quick bit of porn on the go.

  • Zang

    Because some people have unlimited 😛

    And I agree though, it is a waste over 3G…Maybe faster though…

  • someone

    What's the point in this App. You must be close to the computer anyway so why would you not just connect with USB its way faster.

  • Guy

    I bought this App only to find not only does it cripple your ability to restore (it hangs about 3/4's the way through) but also, after a while my phone wouldn't appear in iTunes when connected by USB. Both problems necessitated not only uninstallation of wifisync from my Mac but also complete removal & reinstallation of iTunes.

    There was an article on one of the iPhone websites wherein the author concluded that unless these issues were addressed & fixed he wasn't going wi-fi sync again. I pretty much concur with his conclusion.

  • Xavier

    3 reasons why i wont recommend wifisync.

    1. had trouble backing up iphone through itunes when connecting with USB
    2.connection gets disconnected sometimes. (Am 100% Sure its not router problem)
    3.its not even free so dont bother waste your money on a app that does not work properly.

    Note: i did not try Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 so maybe it has fixed issues but i bought earler version n had to face lot of problems which forced me to remove it..

  • BrandonW

    I also do NOT recommend WiFiSync. I couldn't get the program to launch and the author Greg Hughes provided absolutely no help whatsoever, never responded to an email and never responded to the trouble ticket request that I filled out on his website.
    Maybe he was too busy working on 2.0 so he can suck more money from people.

  • Stan

    Works magnificenty. Mine doesnt need to purchase. Just add source! Cool App.

  • will

    I agree with the previous comments about how its not worth it… spent two days trying to restore, to find out wifi sync is the problem…

  • Jayedee369

    I could not agree with you more. Now Apple has to decide on continuing this practice or start releasing features as they are made available due to their competition throwing everything and the kitchen sink into their products the first time out.

  • Jayedee369

    I synced my phone from my upstairs bedroom to my downstairs laptop. Sometimes you just can't get to your computer when you're doing other things, especially if your in another part of the house. Wi-Fi runs through my entire house and actually I tested it a quarter of a block from my house. It's not a bad app with wi-fi, once they do 3G it will be very interesting to see the range on it.