Apple Ramps Up Production Of iPad Ahead Of The Holiday Season


According to a DigiTimes report, Foxconn has opened a production line to manufacture iPads in its newly inaugurated plant at Chengdu, China.

Foxconn, as you might be aware is the company that Apple has licensed to manufacture many of its products. The list of products that Foxconn makes for Apple includes the iPhone, iPods and now, the iPad.

The new plant is currently capable of producing only 300,000 units per month from the single production line but Foxconn is apparently planning to ramp up production of iPads further with 50 production lines.

With the company planning as many as 50 production lines at the new plant, the Chengdu plant is capable of churning out almost 40 million iPads per year. Foxconns' current facility at Shenzen makes 2.5 million iPads a month and with the addition of the Chengdu plant, its evident how bullish Apple is regarding the prospects of the iPad in the coming year. The plant would also make the next generation iPad, which is expected to be launched by the first quarter of 2011.

Foxconn, which is the largest manufacturer of electronic goods is known for its sprawling facilities that can accommodate its employees within the complex. With plants in the interior parts of China like Chengdu, Foxconn seems to be aiming to address many of the allegations against the company that include keeping its employees under inhuman conditions. With facilities in interior China, workers could go back to their homes after work hours and achieve a greater degree of separation between their work and personal lives. 

It looks like the main reason for starting the production line in the new plant is to ramp up production of iPads for the holiday season.

Are you planning to buy an iPad for the holiday season?

[via Digitimes]

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  • lrs

    i hope nobody buys none!!!!!!!!

  • Pico

    I hope you learn to proof read

  • x

    What is the point of getting an ipad now? When everyone who isn't mentally handicapped or blind to apple's patterns knows a new gen is being released by April

  • deneme13

    Well said.
    Put me to the list who is waiting for ipad v.2 or whatever Mr. Jobs will name it 🙂

  • fas

    Apple should have launched V2 before holiday season.

  • Dennis

    I already have two pads since wifey snatched my first. Will of course grab the new version when avail..

  • Zang

    Why wait? I can buy mine reseller price and sell for cost of it when iPad 2 comes out..

    So I lose nothing and just gain the use of an iPad whilst I wait…

    And why? What is CONFIRMED to be on the new iPad? Honestly…

    This camera stuff? Doubt it will unless you can manipulate it somehow… Tablets this size aren't suited to one focus point in a camera… so no… Doubt it…

    Screen retina?

    Holy crap, you want something with higher resolution than even 1080p HD can produce? Retina would amp this up to… around 1600p if were released for iPad…

    I don't see movies or brand new tvs even coming out close to this…

    So barely any new things worth mentioning…