Barrel: Jailbreak App Brings 3D-Cube Effect To iPhone Homescreen

Barrel Cydia app

A lot of users jailbreak their iPhones in order to install applications and features that may have otherwise been rejected at the Apple App Store.

Occasionally though, we also come across other jailbreak apps that merely serve to enhance the native visual experience of the iPhone. The newly launched Barrel is a tool that fits this category.

Barrel offers a visual tweak to the way the icon pages are stacked and displayed. Unlike the normal mode where the icon pages appear to be placed side-by-side, Barrel offers a 3D-cube effect to these icon pages. Swiping across the several pages of homescreen icons will display each page as a side to the cube. Check out the video below to see how the tweak works:

The tweak lets users choose between two 3D-cube modes – Cube inside and Cube outside. The difference between the two is in the way the 3D-cube is viewed – from within the barrel or from outside. Of course, you may also choose to switch off the 3D-cube completely from the Settings page.

While Barrel may not exactly be a utility app, it is nevertheless a very interesting add-on that may find appeal among a lot of users. This however comes at a cost. The app retails at a price of $2.99, which we feel is very much on the expensive side. Also do note that users will need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch to install this app.

You can find Barrel in the BigBoss repository on Cydia. If you do choose to download this application, don’t forget to let us know how you find this tweak in the comments below.

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  • PaulE

    Downloaded and I must saw I love it!

    • lol

      hey wut up dog can u tell me the process of doing all of this no homo

  • Ali Salih


  • jdb

    Damn. $3 for that? That’s definitely cool, but come on. Too much.

  • Jason

    I just installed this app, pretty cool visuals. Kinda pricey though at $2.99

  • Thor

    Cool but does not justify the price. .99 tops. Unfortunately when a dev overprices an app it just encourages piracy. I am sure a cracked version will appear shortly. I would pay .99 for it but I will have to pass. Please don’t steal just pass on the app until the dev comes to his senses.

  • Jcm800

    I’ve purchased this and dont begrudge the price at all! What a load of tight arses you lot are! I’ll pay the asking price for an app if it encourages devs to continue developing for us. Bet you don’t mind buying a beer or a pack cigarettes tho do you?!
    It’s hardly an extortionate price cmon!

    • Zang

      Actually for some it is… the .99 price might not seem a lot to someone IN the US etc, but for those outside, it can be quite a lot.. for that amount I can get completely wasted, I can have nice dinner or lunch, can change my car oil etc…

      99c though is more reasonable… reason why some people pirate? Because some devs are inconsiderate towards those of other countries.

      • keymastur

        wtf ?!?!?! you can get trashed for a 2.99 ? i wanna come party where you live….

        • SiLeNcEbOnE

          In Venezuela you can get a case of beer for less then $10, 1 beer costs less then $1, to fill up you’re car with fuel full tank, costs less then $5 also…. yup, it’s that cheap over there. you can even buy a house for less then 50k. downside of the country is, a average venezuelan citizen makes allot less then a average american citizen. So for them a $3 might seem expensive, since they can buy half a case of beer over there with that amount.

    • ChinaGirl

      Yes, in China, US$2.99 is a lot! But the US is a free capitalistic country (even with Obama in charge!). China, on the other hand, is not! Be thankful that $2.99 is chump change for all of you! Merry Christmas! Jesus!

      • Jobs

        If you can afford the phone, pay for the app

  • Lg1

    Great add on for the iPhone … It just gives your phone more personalization. Thank you Big Boss, Cydia, and iphonehacks!

  • Jc

    I just installed the app but i dont see the option to turn it off!!

    • Enoch

      Me too!! Where’s the on/off tab then?! It’s not in the settings that’s for sure.

      • not so savvy

        go to settings and click on the barrel app

      • not so savvy

        sorry my mistake you can’t turn it off

  • Otaru

    The tweak is nice but seems like a little lag or I rather say the transition is not as smooth as from what I saw from the above video.

  • Dev

    Pointless, when swiped its so quick it gives me a headache to look at. Sure holding your finger and going in slow-mo is cool otherwise pointless.

  • not so savvy

    I’ve got it not too impressed however this might encourage better versions like each icon as a 3d view 2.99 is a bit expensive if the dev wants to make money quick that’s wrong way to go about it .but good work im not intelligent enough to make something or anything like it im sure it’s a starting point for others to better it

  • fas

    Yeah bang on, for US price is cool but for other countries, not really.

  • keymastur

    wonder how long until it’s on Installous…..

  • anshul

    HEY…….can somebody please tell me whenever i install any winterboard theme from cydia and apply it from winterboard….my icons does not change….what can i do to resolve this problem

  • xavier

    i am using the App n works v nice.. and from settings <Barrel<Mode<Off .. easily can off too.. dont know y some people cannot off it..

  • anshul

    HEY…….can somebody please tell me whenever i install any winterboard theme from cydia and apply it from winterboard….my icons does not change….what can i do to resolve this problem

  • Liskonos

    Switch the language to English. Cheers.

  • Randy Stewart

    Its available for free on Cydia now. Sinfulliphone’s repo.

  • dane11666

    very nice…thanks for this cool apps..

  • murray

    and not even a shout out to beryl, the x11 fancy window manager that this shit is named after and probably borrows source code from? sick! apple fags.

  • pekar

    there is so much lag 🙁

  • mais seux qui non pas pas jailbeaker leur ipodtouch derniere génération [ comme moi !] esque on peut avoir barrel ? car moi je souheterait l’avoir mais mes parents veulent pas que je le craque mais j’adorerait avoir barrel !! aidez moi svp ! <3