Discounts Galore for iPhone Navigation Apps For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

iphone navigation apps

With Black Friday just a day away, we all know you must be rubbing your hands to get the best deals out there.

Being the iPhone freaks we are, we couldn’t help noticing this list of turn by turn navigation apps for the iPhone that are on sale for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday, which have been traditionally known to be oppressively expensive.

Here's the list you might not want to miss!

CoPilot [iTunes link] 

  • CoPilot Live USA for iPhone for $2.99 instead of $4.99
  • CoPilot Live North America for iPhone for $9.99 instead of $19.99
  • CoPilot Live HD North America app for iPad for $19.99 instead of $29.99

Magellan [iTunes link]

  • Magellan Roadmate North America: $44.99 instead of $59.99
  • Magellan RoadMate USA for $34.99 instead of $49.99
  • Magellan RoadMate Canada: $29.99 instead of $34.99

Discounts on all Magellan apps will continue till December 1.

Navigon [iTunes link]

Folks from Navigon are also offering heavy discounts on their MobileNavigator apps for iPhone. All their offers are valid only for November 26, 2010.

  • NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone USA: $29.99 instead of $49.99
  • NAVIGON MobileNvaigator iPhone MyRegion: $19.99 instead of $29.99

TomTom [iTunes Link]

Lastly we have TomTom who are giving away TomTom US, Canada and Mexico versions of their iPhone app for $34.99 instead of $49.99. These prices for TomTom apps are valid from November 26th to November 30th.

If you haven't purchased one of these apps before due to the prohibitive prices then this might just be the best time to buy it.

We would love to find out if you bought an app from this list, so please drop us a line in the comments section below. 

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  • AvionicZ

    These are great deals, except the 5-fingered Friday discount at Installous for the low low price $0.00 and a 1 hour download is substantually better!

  • Sorry, thats not better thats piracy.

  • Someone

    Your on a hacking website and your whining about piracy lol, what a dumb ass.

  • Jailbreaking/hacking does not mean piracy. Jailbreaking is legal in the US (

    Hacking/Jailbreaking is like customizing the car, which you own while piracy is stealing.

    Find out the difference between hacking and piracy first before calling someone a dumb ass.

  • jordan

    yeah you cheap fck why don't you dip into your pocket, push the wooden nickels aside and pay for the app like everyone else. It's losers like you that inhibit developers from making new app.

  • Enoch

    I'd be more than happy for pirate sites to be shut down if it meant apple relaxing their views on jailbreaking

  • Eric

    You're saying your when you should be saying you're.

    grammar 101.

  • Namee

    Anyone going to actually comment about the post.

  • GeorgeCostanza

    I'd stop checking installous if developers gave a fully operational trial period to their apps for a week. The ones I want may very well be worth $29.99, but they might not. I am not going to take the advice of yahoos that post on the iTunes store. They're just as likely to be friends or people with interest in the app succeeding, regardless of the quality. I want to try before I buy, which is exactly what I use Installous for. If it's a great app, I buy it. If it sucks, it gets tossed. I feel not one shred of guilt about it, either.

  • iPhone killer

    All you people are dumb asses! It is time for you to realize that iPhone is dead. Android is the feauture. I love to see you people like to waste your time commenting on stupid things… Stupid people! Android all the way baby!!

  • Suck on this droid

    Why don't you go an fk your self! You are in an iPhone site you moron! Shove your droid up your butt!!!!

  • I have the navigon app and it is great!!
    I have used tom tom & magellan gps before and i like the navigon better than either.
    I paid 69.00 for it and would probably do it again.
    Get the navigon , you won't regret it …..

  • Kevin

    I agree. The Navigon App is very good. I got it when they had thier half priced sale a few months ago, and have been using it ever since.

  • jdb

    Are you sure you didn't learn that in gay 101?

  • Z


  • Z

    woah, droid's are great, but this guy's a total troll.
    probably has a small dick too.

  • Gum

    Learn to spell, retard.

  • d brown

    i have tomtom and its got the best and newest upto date map and i bought it


    hail to the 5 finger discount!!! If a GPS is on sale for $89 with hardware why would I pay $70 or so for software only? if it would cost $29 I would buy it all day long.

  • AvionicZ

    Hell to the yeah, I'm a pirating MoFo. Thank God I'm Catholic, I confessed and now I'm all forgiven.
    But don't worry whiny dicks, as soon as Garmin comes out with theirs, I'll delete these other pieces of dogshit navigation apps and get that one.
    And Tard, free is always better.

  • fas

    Awesome packages, its amazing that good deals turn around at times.

  • anotherjon

    anybody know what brand window mount that is in the picture at the top? It looks like it has the charger base build-in.

  • Mozbius

    Same here. Went from pirate to fully paid license. Definitely worth it app.

  • Mozbius

    Garmin is surely going to have their hands full! Garmin has no choice but to go ALL OUT on the app store if they ever hope for any kind of success because they are late in the game and all other manufacturers are already well established and shown great support. Basic GPS, no TTS, no Google search, no traffic update, absence of integration with iPhone contacts, no POI calling won't cut it.

  • Jason

    Thats the TomTom car mount pictured. Only $99.00 O_o. Hopefully its gone done too in the mayhem of black friday.

  • Zang

    Thats why we can boot up an AndroidOS on iPhone and you can't boot up iOS?

    What a fail… we get to have best of both, while your stuck with only one haha

    Seriously though… Android isn't bad, but it is FAR from perfect at all. Especially from a developer standpoint. So no, go suck my dick 😉 and when you can create apps, then lets talk.

  • DF

    FREE app – MapQuest 4 Mobile

    It's free and has voice navigation and works great.

  • that is nice!it's like the Christmas came early this year!

  • lrs


  • wolverinemarky

    lol i use the free mapquest app

  • Tristan

    And software is nothing but copyable data.

    You really need to wake the hell up, and bring the rest of the planet with you, because old copyright laws designed to perpetuate capitalist ideals of charging money for every imaginable thing aren't going to last much longer. When the number one product on Earth is something that only needs to be produced ONCE, you no longer have a product that works within a system that was designed to run off of the continuous production and sale of products. If people want to have software for free, they should be able to, just like if they want to tell a George Carlin joke they don't have to pay anyone, because it's just data (in the form of language).

    As for these navigation apps, the prices are absolute highway robbery. $50 for a map? Really? The GPS companies aren't funding the satellites that provide GPS, us Taxpayers foot that bill every year, because it's a U.S. Government project. The only thing Magellan and Tom-Tom and Garmin are doing is taking maps culled from free cartography services like Google and Yahoo, and splicing them together with a tracking device so you can know where you are on the map. Do you really think that they need $50 per app to do that? Keep in mind, getting a GPS unit is only 100-200 dollars for a mid-range model, and that's mostly shipping and convenience that makes that price. It only costs them $35 to build a single unit, and only $1,000,000 per year to have the license to access the GPS system. Think about how many people use GPS worldwide. Now do you think that they need that much money to provide that service? Is the invisible hand of economics really doing anything here? Or are consumers just idiots that aren't informed enough to know that they're being shafted for technology?

  • Tristan

    Except most other people are buying the $50 GPS unit that comes with a Dash mount, because MOST other people aren't so stupid that they would pay more than $10 for software that literally costs the developers less than $1,000 to develop and put on to the App Store. Not to mention that they STILL put ads in them, and if you want traffic updates you have to pay ANOTHER fee.

    BTW, the Apple Map app includes traffic free. Forever. See how maybe the devs of these apps are just being greedy?

  • Tristan

    If Apple relaxed their views it would only mean that a jailbroken phone would still be under warranty. That's literally all that would change. Pirate sites, on the other hand, can give you something that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars, and give pure profit to the sellers, for free.

  • Tristan

    Yeah, I'll remember you when you get any of the 500+ Android viruses going around. Have fun with your Brick-droid.

  • NavigonUser

    Bought Navigon app on Friday. Great app!! Bought the extra Traffic Live as well. I “test drove” this app through installous and liked it. I felt that $29.99 is reasonable to pay for the efforts that went into building this app. So I went ahead and bought it.

  • Mike

    I love the appeal of Navigon, but I don’t believe Navigon offers the Route Summary feature, which I use all the time. Is this still the case, or has Navigon finally decided to provide this basic feature?