FaceIt-3GS – Hack Enables FaceTime On iPhone 3GS

FaceIt 3GS

We recently wrote about a jailbreak app called FaceTime Hactivator for jailbroken iPhones. The application was developed by folks at iPhoneIslam to enable FaceTime on iPhone 4 in countries like UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia where it is disabled.

Now if you are an iPhone 3GS user, here is some good news. The team at iPhoneIslam have released yet another jailbreak app on the Cydia store that will bring FaceTime – Apple's video calling feature to your iPhone (kind of).

The new jailbreak application called FaceIt-3GS will tweak the native settings on the iPhone 3GS in order to enable FaceTime video calling on the older model. Like FaceTime Hacktivator, this application too will require the user to jailbreak their iPhone. If you haven't jailbroken your iPhone 3GS already, you can check out our related article here.

You can follow these simple steps to install FaceIt-3GS on your jailbroken iPhone 3GS: 

  • Launch the Cydia app and add http://apps.iphoneislam.com  repository (Manage->Sources-Edit-Add)
  • After the repository has been added, tap on the search tab and search for FaceIt-3GS 
  • From the search results, tap on FaceIt-3GS to install it 
  • Reboot your iPhone 3GS

That's it, you should be able to use the FaceTime feature on your iPhone 3GS. You may now navigate to Settings -> Phone to toggle the FaceTime option on. 

With no front camera, FaceTime on iPhone 3GS may not be as exciting an application as it is on the iPhone 4. The present version of FaceIt-3GS also does not seem to have a way out to use the rear-camera of the iPhone 3GS for video capture. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a video chatting application that can be a great alternative to voice calling on your iPhone, FaceIt-3GS is something you must check out. 

Here is a video demo of the app in action: 

If you check it out then don't forget to tell us how it goes in the comments below.

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  • Sum Yung Gai

    why not use a mirror? duh!

  • xsvl

    Very Nice. Ive actually been waiting for something like this. Let's hope they can get the rear camera working.

  • Bill Gates

    Cool. It works only on 4.1
    I need to upgrade them from 4.0 to 4.1 to try this.

    Thanks iPhoneIslam

    God Bless you all

  • TT

    the rear camera works!!!

  • MO

    Thx iphoneislam , really nice work …

  • wannano

    will it work on iphone 3g

  • Jay

    how did you get the rear camera to work?

  • Br0wnB0ii


  • the camera works but not quite as i spected, is upside down or something like that.. anyone have this same problem?

  • Works on FW4.01 !?!

  • mack83

    iphonehacks,i have a question,in the demo when facetime is "ON" it said "your phone number will be shared with people you call with facetime"but mine when turn off it said also like that,but when im going to turn it on it says waiting for activation?…….what im going to do is it already activated or should i contact my carrier?


  • the camera does work

  • Brian

    I have FW 4.1 on my 3gs and it works great AFTER i did some digging for answers..

    I have that 4.1 Multitasking Disable source installed and I couldn't find out why FaceTime wasn't installing correctly, it would get to the installing stage, and just crash. I found out that if you have ANY IOS disable multitasking source installed, it won't work correctly. After,I uninstalled it, NOT disable, it worked fine.

    Did anyone else have this issue? I have tested facetime and it works great. Be sure you installed 3G Unrestrictor and add "mobile facetime" to your list so you can call on 3G and just just on wifi.

    • vetriselvan

      dear brian

      Can you send me the steps. to uninstall the multicasting, please help me on this

      thanks in advance


  • A. Diep

    NO. IT DOES NOT WORK. Camera app crashes.

  • Bill B

    How do you make an outgoing facetime call with 3GS?
    Worked great receiving a video call and I was even able to send video with my rear camera. This hack does not create an icon to initiate calls.

  • Kwopau

    IMHO…there is no use for the facetime on the 3G S, who would want to use a mirror just so that they can see your face? I know I wouldn't.

    If you really want Facetime, then you are better off with the iphone 4.

  • Robert

    i was able to install and then reboot phone but when came to find facetime in settings>phone it is no where to be found… HELP!

  • I'm not downloading any app made by mudslums.

    • you hoochie

      Bet you live in the south or some other redneck hick state, don’t you?

  • Shady420

    I downloaded the app but have no option to use it….my buddy witht the iphone 4 couldnt call me and i couldnt call him using facetime wtf could i be doing wrong?

  • Lavender


  • Lavender

    duh – some people might want an *option* to use a stopgap solution until they can afford to upgrade their phone…

  • John

    U have to use wifi instead.

  • John

    No need to find in settings. Just click on your contact like how you going to made your call. And there will be a facetime button to click on it.

  • John

    There is a problem when you put your phone into landscape. The other user will see u in 160 degree upside down.

  • wakakaEMO

    hye there iphonehacks..i have a question…i already install the app n using facetime in my 3gs..but my rear camera view is not normal but it rotate to left during making facetime with my friends…is this also normal to others? and i want to knw if there is any defect e.g battery drain if i install this app?..i heard that if we make setting for HD video to the 3gs it will cause battery drain n slow the camera? hope to hear from your feed back..thanks..

  • thrasher19

    Worked great. and 3Gs camera works just fine. … lame trollers.

  • thrasher19

    Worked great. and 3Gs camera works just fine. … lame trollers.

  • wakakaEMO

    be careful with your words ***hole..

  • Ryan

    how did u get your 3GS camera to display properly ??

  • Beka

    Install Tango from appstore its free its forking on all Iphones πŸ™‚

  • Ka$ia

    Thank you IphoneIslam. Works great for me. For all the owners of 3GS there is this little gadget from Korea – iSeeU to use for the camera. You might want to look it up.

  • Lavender

    I saw that device – simple solution FTW!

  • Jacky

    to the people who's whinging about the rear cam and mirror, ever heard of the iSeeU thing that got posted a few days back? =))

  • steven

    rear camera working fine and it's a good alternative for me. not the best apps but surely a decent one. thanks iPhoneIslam.

  • Rale

    I have iPhone 3gs iOS 4.1 i install FaceIt from this repo, bat i have the problem because there is no options on Settings-Phone for activate. Any idea?

  • Hello..I own an iPhone 3GS..and I installed the FACEIT – Facetime for 3gs.
    But then I went to settigs and it doesn't show any toggle for facetime!!
    Anyone can help please!! Thanks =)

  • Kabali

    same issue with me as well… no menu in settings – iPhone 3Gs running iOS4.1

  • Shady420

    I did the same thing dont use the repo respository use the iphoneislam source. Btw TY iphone islam even though your probally terrorists πŸ˜‰

  • Shady420

    install the iphone islam source and get faceit from that the repo version doesnt work

  • go to Settings -> Phone then theres the Facetime setting πŸ™‚

  • they are also working on the sideways view of the users view. so be patience for the update soon

  • Me

    He said he's not downloading any app that was made by an Islamic person. And I agree! It's called Freedom of Choice. Remember the word FREEDOM??? Semper Fi



  • Mark

    You probably have the muti-tasking disabler app loaded on your phone. I had this and it would not work. After removing it and then installing faceit-3gs it worked great.

  • Mark

    You probably have the muti-tasking disabler app loaded on your phone. I had this and it would not work. After removing it and then installing faceit-3gs it worked great.

  • Lavender

    *SHE* said absolutely nothing about "an Islamic person".
    ..and don't go thinking there aren't Muslim developers and engineers at Apple.

  • glenn@evolutionlocksmiths.com.au

    i didnt like the mod, so i have removed it via cydia, one it has been removed and i have rebooted iphone, i have NO sound….WTF and body else have or had this problem or no a fix for it?

  • Glenn

    i didnt like the mod, so i have removed it via cydia, one it has been removed and i have rebooted iphone, i have NO sound….WTF and body else have or had this problem or no a fix for it?

  • JH

    i have the same problem with you.. i have to install back the facetime inorder to get back my sound.. lol..

  • darkh2o

    The no sound issue is because of missing files not restored at uninstall. You can use iphonebrowser or similar app to restore them.


  • Glenn

    cheers πŸ™‚

  • Boszo

    works like a charm on my 3gs πŸ˜€ now i can make faceime calls beween iphone 4 and 3gs and yes the 3gs camera is working just fine πŸ˜€ both 4.1 fw πŸ˜€ cheers

  • Don

    If uninstall this tweak, no keyboard tone. To fix it, need to reinstall πŸ™

  • cirinzo

    the rear camera is upside down. how can i fix this?

  • cirinzo

    hows the camera? is it upsidedown/side ways?

  • Ricks

    Great! post, I have got jailbroken my iPhone hurryyyyy!. It works fine for me…
    I also found some good iphone apps check out below links. may be you guys like some of them.


  • martin

    EXCELLENT!!! This app rocks. 4.5/5 stars. Keep it up.

  • efragon

    guys, the toggle switch that is supposed to show i settings>phone is not showing on my phone, its 3gs with IOS4.1, what am i missing????

  • i love you polly!! and pickles are freakin awesome i mean they like out there! love jommy lolz! bye

  • fugginasso

    why jail break when you can get apps for practically free? i mean $1 is so fucking cheap. get a life guys. you have an iPhone… you don’t deserve it if you want to jailbreak the fucking thing.

  • Joey_Pham

    does anyone know why it doesnt work on my phone? I have iPhone 3gs 4.1 FW. When I turn the button on, it says “waiting for activation”, then like during that day, it turned off automatically, and I don’t know why, I need help !!!

  • i found that 3gs and 3g has worked well but i am in Nepal and my phone is not activating welly what would be the solutions.

  • Keith

    I paid for the app and it’s working but camera has gone 90 degrees off and appears no way to get upright…. the image you present from teh rear camera is on its side even when you rotate the phone.

    I had similar issue when using the free version on older iPhone code… not at first but then after installing something else, the camera image flipped sideways liek this has from the get-go.
    Oh dear!