FilmOn: Watch Live TV On Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch For Free

FilmOn - Watch Free HD TV

You can now watch live TV streams for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

FimOn is a free, high-quality TV streaming service that is broadcasting live streams from 25 popular channels including CNN, Bloomberg, NBC, BBC and ITV. Some channels are available in HD.

The best thing about FilmOn is that it does not need an app, you can watch the live TV streams on your iPhone’s mobile Safari browser.

As one would expect, the TV networks are not happy about this free streaming service and has filed a lawsuit against FilmOn.

But BTIG Research notes that:

FilmOn is backed by billionaire Alki David, who believes he is legally operating within existing US copyright law and plans to spend heavily to win his legal battle with the networks.

You can checkout a hands-on with FilmOn on the iPad below:

The quality of the live TV video streams is pretty good with very little lag. To check it out, go to on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You can also watch the live TV streams on your computer but need to download software for it.

The service is currently free but FilmOn plans to charge for it in the future.

Please don’t forget to come back to tell us what you think of FilmOn’s TV streaming service.


Some readers have reported that mobile Safari crashes when they try to load FilmOn. We've tested it on an iPad running iOS 3.2.2 and it works quite well. 

Thanks everyone for the feedback, keep them coming.

[via Business Insider]

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  • City23

    Very nice! Hope tv networks don't win this battle…1

  • Zang

    Honestly why the hell would they?

    The TV networks get paid by advertisements for the most part, and this would increase the views the adverts will have.

    I'll always maintain that America is the land of law suits, and obese people. That's about it.

    There are gems there, but they are WELL hidden in all the crap.

    I hope this come out and keeps going though.

  • Jackdawak

    Hey look…..PORN!!

  • fas

    This is freaking awesome, we need more like this.

  • JimmyPage

    Is this the same as catch up tv? I.e will eat your data plan up in no time?!

  • Jacky

    I know!!! this app is awesome lmao

  • Josh

    this garbage made my iPad crash almost immediately twice! Not trying again

  • Skan

    two Porn channels r not too bad.. secondly it is working perfectly in Saudi Arabia, waitin for it to get banned once they find out bout the porn stuff…

  • This is awesome! I can't believe it's true… Let's enjoy it as long a it's available. Lol!

  • Beemer

    Same for me – very unstable application – tried it over and over even after deleting and adding on my homepage – crashed everytimr

  • Yo Mama

    oh hellz yea. wuvz t3h pr0n 😛

  • Arran

    I wish it had some cleveland or local news.

  • busted

    how would the religious cops feel about the christian tv as well?

  • AvionicZ

    Don't use with iPad, will crash. IPhone works great. – Cleveland News, several murders on the Cleveland Eastside and the Cavs now suck balls and the Brown lost. Your welcome!

  • Watafac!!

    It crashes in my iPad. Also, it erased all of my other tabs!!

  • Ryan

    I don't see a lot of the channels you mention (CNN, ITV, BBC, etc.). Is the channel selection based on your IP location?

  • JK

    Do not use it on iPad, it will crash!


    great news, want every one to see it ..

    facetime on 3gs iphones

  • James

    Mine crashes

  • Tom

    If you lve in the uk go to tv catchup on iPhone for uk channels 🙂

  • I tried using it worked for a second, and then my whole iPad crashed… scary stuff

  • Jonathan

    Doesn't work on iPad running ios 4.2…

  • Bill

    OMG! You aren't kidding! I just checked it out! Nice! LOL!

  • wolverinemarky

    works fine on my iphone 4

  • Tani for all uk freeview channels

  • JimmyPage

    Don't publicaly announce you can view it then!

  • garoti

    they watch these stuff too but keep it quiet.

  • garoti

    work well on ipad ios 3.2 so far 10 minutes no problem.

  • JBD

    Its just SICK…. It's the 1st think I clicked on.. and WAM!!! Awesome fast free video and live TV

  • JBD

    Ahhh!! Looks like all the News channels are paying for us to get FREE LIVE PORN… hold on… its not like just playing live..

  • JBD

    Ohh wow there good… I think all there free channels are ALREADY free on the net… There just giving you the link.

  • Unanomyous

    Very dissappointed about the porn — too many kids have iTouches — other than porn, rest is OK

  • Pico

    wierd expirence iphone 3gs latest ios:

    Go to said URL in safari – loads page.
    * Press home button so safari minimises
    * now double dap home button to bring up multi task bar
    * scroll to the left and the default Ipod app icon is now replaced with a safari icon.
    * Click the safari icon phone frozen nothing happens.
    * Go back to safari the normal way and it opens to the loaded web page.
    * This time close the web page properly icon in bottom right hand side and click the x to close the web page
    * No go to multi task and the ipod icon is back where it shold be

  • Jasko

    Very nice except the porn. Has porn really made your life better?

  • It crashed my iPad also. No thanks.

  • D Mon€y

    That is TOO funny.. thanks for making my
    day Skan

  • D Mon€y

    Hey does anybody know
    if this works on Ipads? lmao

  • Y W

    Anybody knows for such a service (even paid) ?

  • skan

    They wud feel pretty wet I can tell u tha 😛

  • skan

    You'd b surprised that Opera does not work in Saudi Arabia as they still havent found a way to block how it gives access to adult websites .. !!

  • Sonics99

    Weird on my friends android sitting next to me his page comes up with way more channels.

  • e99gemini

    i can not find the app. has it been removed?

  • If you need any help go here!

  • uclabruinn

    Is there a non porn version? … won't use it unless there is.

  • Working on the iPad perfect for me. I've been using for 2 hours and no problems.

  • This is live TV. That's the difference.

  • fearless

    LOL..very Limited channels and If I'm not mistaken..I think I saw 2 Porn channels also. I hope those who DON'T have unlimited Data "like me" would HELLA use up their 200MB on just the porn alone..lmao

  • Rocket

    yeah thats about the coolest thing ever

  • kei

    Good old Alki David…. who?
    Yeah, good luck Mr. Billionaire — fighting with the multibillion dollar networks. Guess who wins?

  • steven

    cool apps? running on 3G network and it's really smooth .. porn~! yummy!

  • Naco

    Man, I wanted KCAL9 for the Laker Road games in SoCal… Ah well. Porn it is! Lol


    The image quality is ok but the sound is pretty shitty man although, I saved the link
    And forgot to save the correct channel so, I decided to randomly name one such as CNN then accidentally was the porn site and I let my gramma use my 3GS and my gramma goes I thought that LARRY KING change his career as a porn star,in addition, she says he is too bold for that….;)

  • Rob

    Filmon works on iPad 3.2…. But not with 4.2.1 .
    Im not happy about that, has any of you an idee how to fix this without restorimg to 3.2

  • Awesome that FilmOn site 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi has loaded ok on my ipad but i can only watch for 1min then i get the subcribe now message do i have to subscribe

  • Hi i can only watch for 1 min then the subcription package comesup and then nothing more cant get out of it


  • Need to pay now!!!!!

  • Great post! Definitely gonna check that out when I get home 🙂

  • Natko Erber

    From upgrade on 13.December 2011 it is not working anymore, and do not existe in Apple Aps.