iOS 4.2 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Now Available For Download [Updated]

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  • Hmmmm

    it's actually 4.2.1, nobody else noticed yet?

  • Akaiceman81

    First! Yeah sounds good, will wait for jb though 😉

  • Dan

    Need a JB for my iPad.

    Please hurry :o)


  • Akaiceman81

    Damn u hmmm… Ok well first to say first? Lol

  • Hmmmm

    haha 🙂

  • BT

    Please release unlock for 4.1 =)

  • SiLeNcEbOnE

    i'll update my ipad for sure, need those folders… my iphone can wait… need the jailbreak 😀

  • Jesus

    I say get the unlock out .. Even I can't wait now !!

  • gamid

    this does not work i tried to unlock my iphone 3g for 2 weeks it does not work

  • Posted this in first thread but no answer.

    downloaded and received an error, never had to deal with this before..stuck on the usb cord and arrow pointing up to the itunes logo picture :(. Shut down phone and still on the same frame, any help? did a google search and i guess my iphone 3gs is bricked?

  • BT

    I've been waiting for 2 months now!!

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm

    since they said the jailbreak tools out at the moment are jailbreaks for life, which can't be patched unless they bring out new hardware, will this mean i can jailbreak 4.2 right now?, i know they said that cydia doesn't work on 4.2 yet but still it would be nice to have it jailbroken and ready?

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm

    has happened to me twice before, if you keep locking it and unlocking it on the itunes logo it should glitch up and say slide to unlock and then it should go back on?

  • drappehs

    yup, but tethered as of now for most devices

  • DLock

    what error do u have 1004?

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm

    thanks for fast reply, it won't let me update at the moment because apparently the iphone servers can't be contacted or are temporally unavailable, whats going on? :@

  • Gilbert

    I downloaded and installed the original 4.2GM for iPad (without a dev account) and never updated when the two additional GMs were made available after those bugs were found (wifi and voip). I didn't have either issue so I didn't really care. I just figured I'd wait until the official 4.2[.1] release would come out.

    Now that it's out, however, I find that my iTunes reports my GM as being the current version — it reads 4.2 — and it won't let me update. Is there any way for me to update to the official release without restoring? I don't want to lose everything.

    Is there a download link for the official 4.2.1 release that I can use? Anyone know where to find it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Alex

    Is it just me or is airplay not available on iPhone 4? It isn't anywhere

  • GooRoo


  • Gilbert
  • GoodBadNeutral

    It works fine, you just have to wait a few more hours and try again.

  • Wacko

    The "Find my Iphone" feature of MoblieMe is now available free on 4.2.3 for iPhone 4,iPod touch and iPad ONLY. !

  • Dempa

    Now I really really really want to …. someone. I am on a 3G connection abroad, but have eagerly waited for the 4.2 for iPad since the day I bought it. So, downloading..551Mb…or no, download breaks at 550Mb!!! AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh! Why the f*** don't they allow resume on these software updates?? Same freaking thing happened last time. Three times in a row. Now I'll have to buy a separate 3G connection for this. AAarghh…

  • Rune

    LOL No Cydia 🙁 tried limerain & Redsnow…LOL

  • Tried it, nothing.

  • I didnt catch the error number honestly, just stayed stuck on that frame.. phone wont show up on itunes or anything

  • Justin Iphone 4

    Can anyone tell me if they are planning on realeasing an unlock for the iphone 4 latest baseband on 4.1 os or just for the iphones 3g and 3gs?

  • justin


  • busted

    go into the camera roll and hit the send arrow it will be a option


    cant wait for the jb and unlock ,, geohot and devteam please realease asap ….been stuck due to lock since 4.1 came out……….

  • busted

    whoops i know.. i know…

  • tim

    Download a program called Tiny Umbrella from here.

    then click the 'exit recovery' option

  • DLock

    Good job tim thats what i was going to tell him.thx

  • Well downloaded it and the phone doesnt appear on the program so cant click on anything.. Been reading elsewhere that others are having the same issue with there iphone 4s. Phone is pretty much in auseless state right now

  • Kwopau

    Just and F.Y.I.

    Apple cancelled the 4.2 build, but instead 4.2.1 build so you should change your headline to read iOs 4.2.1 For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch Now Available For Download.

  • KTM77

    I have a 3gs on iOS4.1 which i jailbroke using limera1n, i i update to 4.2.1 will my phone still be jailbroken as lmera1n was a "jailbreak for life"

  • Daniel

    What version of the modem firmware is the 3gs running?


  • DLock

    u need java installed on ur pc m8

  • Wes G

    There's no such thing as 4.2.3, it's 4.2.1

  • IdiotHunter

    It's still 4.2, just a second version. In other words you still refer to the actual build as 4.2 not 4.2.1. Dummy

  • Alex

    It's not there. Just air print

  • Verified Java Version
    You have the recommended Java installed (Version 6 Update 22). lol, i do have it..Thanxs for the help guys, i think im going to just drive down to the apple store and demand a new 1!!

  • DLock

    make sure u reboot ur pc it should work…

  • Tingtong

    Third actually… and utterly lame

  • Fattrain

    I updated my 3GS to 4.2.1 and it says it is modem 5.15.04

  • j

    updated my 3gs NO NEW TXT TONES??????????????????

  • Restarted PC and was able to use tinyumbrella to get out of recovery mode. Thanks for all the help guys, appreciate it.

  • Lavender

    Hi, I'm not the biggest expert, but I think if you update to iOS 4.2.1 your iphone3gs will become UNjailbroken.

    What all the jailbreak teams meant by "jailbreak for life" was that *they* should be able to use the same methods to jailbreak all future iOS versions because the jailbreak method is something that can't be patched shut by Apple on current hardware (but may be possible on future iphones).

    So the teams will release iOS 4.2.1 jailbreaks soon, and ***you shouldn't update*** your iOS until those jailbreaks are ready to re-apply to your updated iphone (or in the case of pwnagetool/sn0wbreeze, you update to a pre-prepared jailbroken iOS 4.2.1).

    That's my understanding

  • j


  • Lavender

    Darn. I left out the full-stop at the end of my sentence in that last post.

  • Jimmy

    why unlock still not available? why it taking to long to release it???

  • if u have t u u haft to turn it off to update

  • Hmmmm

    what you "duh" @? Faggot

  • they said 1 or 2 days later for unlock

  • j


  • Joe

    Stop the name calling. Immature, which is not calling you a name, just pointing out that you are an immature individual to use that term. Go play with the Palin kids.

  • Putters

    iPod touch 3rd generation lags when you are moving icons around and hit the home button. Other than that, works fine.

  • Daniel

    Thank you very much for your quick reply 😉

  • Kerb

    i just updated my iphone 4 to 4.2. has anyone noticed that you can't access your ipod's songs. it keeps saying that i can purchase songs on itunes but i checked my about screen in my settings and it says all my songs are there.

  • Bermuda Brains

    You loooooooose Internet Tethering with this update.

  • Jcm800

    Honestly, dont panic – they are complete shite!!!!

  • JimmyPage

    Gutted – i installed 4.2.1, went to run the latest version of Tiny Umbrella, and it fails to kick me out of recovery!!!

    Any one else having this issue??

    Had to restore to 4.1 and it works fine kicking me out on that 🙁

  • busted

    sorry alex i was thinking about airprint – about air play I think you need the device already installed for it to appear.

  • busted

    I resynced and they all there.

  • busted
  • Zang

    How about putting into DFU mode then restoring device…

    If that don't help then try twice then kick out and still nothing take back shop

  • Zang

    Yep that's the major, minor version with it's first revision!

    So yea 4.2 is corrected as the third number us just a revision…

  • fas

    So now we wait for jailbreak which should come today and ios unlock for new basebands?

  • samual

    i often found so many mature and philosopher like personalities here….

    so soon will be turn into…


  • Mutato

    Lol apple has anyone noticed the sign of the fruit of knowledge is represented by the adom and eve, take a bite out of the apple,look at that imagery next time and think about the Adam and eve story, the fruit of knowledge , it's not even an apple.

  • joy

    My battery life has dropped since upgrading to os 4.2.1. Is it the Mobile Me/Find my Phone service? I’ve got push and wifi off, lights low etc . . .

  • Alex

    I’m dying to try iOS 4.2. So please dev team, release a untethered jailbreak and unlock for iPhone 4 yeah? Thanks.

  • mark

    I have Ipad 3.2.2, if I upgrade to 4.2.1 will I be able to jailbreak later? Should I wait to upgrade or go for it?