Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Golden Master For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch To Developers

Tethering on iPad

Apple has seeded iOS 4.2 Golden Master (GM) and iOS SDK 4.2 GM to developers of its iOS Developer program.

The Golden Master version means that it is the shipping version of the software that developers must use to develop and submit iOS apps that are compatible with iOS 4.2.

Steve Jobs had given a glimpse of some of the new features that will be available in iOS 4.2 at the September 1 special event such as:

  • iOS 4 features such as multitasking, folders, Game Centre for iPad users.

  • AirPrint: Apple’s Wirelessly printing technology

  • It will also bring the AirPlay feature to iDevices, which will allow you to stream video, music, and photos over Wi-Fi especially useful if you have the second generation Apple TV.

The beta versions of iOS 4.2 have revealed some hidden features. iOS 4.2 Beta 1 has revealed the following features:

iOS 4.2 Beta 2 has revealed the following:

  • Developers had observed speed improvements and more reliability in iOS 4.2 for iPad

  • Game Center compatibility indicators added to the App Storeapp

  • The app switching (multitasking) feature for iPad gets a new animation

  • YouTube app that comes pre-installed on the iDevices will finally allow users to upload a video as public, private or unlisted

  • iOS 4.2 will allow users to tether iPad’s 3G data connection to another device like the laptop (though the option was removed in iOS 4.2 beta 3)

  • iPod Touch 2G was dropped from the list of devices that supported the AirPrint feature – Apple's wireless printing technology

iOS 4.2 Beta 3 has revealed the following changes:

  • Apple has added some more text tones that can be set to individual contacts.
  • Enable/Disable alert sounds for New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts, Lock Sounds, Keyboard Clicks for iPad users
  • Minor graphical changes

Users who want to jailbreak and unlock their iPhone should avoid upgrading to iOS 4.2 GM and wait for iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev team and Geohot to release updated versions of their hacking tools for iOS 4.2.

Apple had indicated that iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will be released in November.

With today’s release of iOS 4.2 Golden Master, it looks like iOS 4.2 will be released to users next week or at the end of the week to fix the annoying Daylight savings bug before it affects users in the US who will be switching back to Standard Time on November 7.

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