iPhone 4 Most Reliable But Less Durable Among Smartphones


Just a month after SquareTrade, a third-party warranty provider released data, which compares accident rates of iPhone 4 and the previous generation iPhone 3GS, they have released the results of a new far broader study of over 50,000 smartphones covered by their warranty program.

According to their previous report, the iPhone 4 was found to be far more accident prone than iPhone 3GS

According to the Square Trade's latest report, the iPhone 4 is the most accident prone device compared to other smartphones but when it comes to non-accidental malfunctions, the iPhone 4 is the most reliable smartphone. 

Square Trade reports that only 2.1% of iPhone 4s will fail after 12 months of usage. Note that this is an extrapolated figure based on current trends.


This figure turns out to be the best in the industry with the iPhone 3GS and Motorola having a malfunction rate of 2.3%. In third position was HTC with a 3.7% malfunction rate in the first year of ownership. BlackBerry scored the worst amongst these devices with a rather worrisome 6.3% of its devices ending up being broken. 


Coming back to accident rates, it is likely that 13% of all iPhone 4's would suffer an accidental damage in the very first year. This figure is considerably higher than that of the iPhone 3GS with 9.4% accident rate. Thankfully for Apple, HTC and Motorola both haven't fared much better than them with accident rate of 12.2 %.

Are you concerned that iPhone 4 is more accident prone or do you use a case to prevent accidental damage?

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