Steve Jobs Calls Developer Of Rejected iPad App


In an age when a simple one worded e-mail reply from Apple CEO Steve Jobs to various people who write to him with their Apple related issues or grievances makes news headlines, a phone call from the man at the helm of things at Apple is bound to create ripples.

Well, that is exactly what has happened with Ram Arumugam, an iOS developer who dashed of an e-mail to Steve Jobs after his iPad app was rejected from the App Store. He actually received a call from Steve Jobs!

Arumugam, a former Microsoft Employee quit his job back in 2008 and started his own iOS app developing company called Cascade Software. He was working on a new app for Apple's iPad – known as Economy for iPad (iTunes link).

He was almost done developing the app when he hit an annoying keyboard bug, which made it impossible to dismiss the keyboard using approved/public methods/APIs.

Since this bug was caused due to an issue with Apple SDK, this was something Arumugam could not fix. He had one alternative though – using a private API  to fix it, which is not allowed according to the terms of the iOS Developer agreement. He used the private API and submitted his app for review and was soon greeted with a politely worded rejection letter. Unperturbed, he filed a review appeal and talked at length with folks from Apple to get his iPad app approved.

After submitting the review petition, he wasn't sure how much time it wold take for Apple to respond. That was when he decided to tell Steve Jobs himself about his plight. Two hours after sending the e-mail, while out at a kids arena, he received a call from Apple with the person at the other end saying, “Ram, this is Steve”.  Ram writes:

A couple of hours after I sent the email, I was at a noisy soccer (for kids) arena when I heard my iPhone ring. The caller-id, the caller saying “Ram, this is Steve” and that he was calling from Apple did suggest that it could really be Steve Jobs. He confirmed it when I asked.

The two talked about the reason for the rejection. After the call, Ram decided to remove the private API, after which the App was approved to the App Store. Since then, the app has gone on to become the number one  App in the Finance section of iPad apps.

Like we mentioned before, Steve Jobs is known to reply to e-mails from customers – but a direct phone call was totally unheard of – until now. Senior Vice President of Apple, Phil Schiller has like Steve, replied to e-mails and has even called people up in rare cases related to App Store issues.

It is great to see the hands on approach of Steve Jobs, CEO of the second most valuable company in the world. What do you think? 

[via Cascade Software Blog]

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  • hxclos

    So what happened to the keyboard bug??

  • Shrivatsa

    i think this is really fantastic. Jobs really does not have to do all this, but just a few incidents really bring the company's image up by a LOT. The personal touch is something every company should strive for. I dont mean that every CEO should reply to email, but at least strive to make their image so.

  • axis

    its probably still there since he has removed his API

  • Scotty

    Jobs probably couldn't get a signal out until just now. Maybe AT&T put up a new tower, or maybe Steve put a new bumper on his iPhone and then got a good call signal.

  • Economy for iPad is a good app. I've been using it for a bit and it is a comprehensive one-stop shop for Econ stats. I also requested an UPdte to sort by release date.

  • MikeyB

    It was also reported that their initial call was dropped because of poor service.

  • Jesus & pope

    Fcuk this !! Where is ultrasn0w .. Jobs u need to concentrate more on the updates !!! Where is ios4.2 ??

  • Tristan

    If other CEO's did the same thing, I wouldn't have such a problem with them all making 200-300 times what the average worker does. Honestly, is it so hard for them to actually EARN their pay?

    Steve Jobs needs to run for President, he'd probably win and make America better again. At the very least he'd get rid of the 30+ different and incompatible computer systems our government uses and replace them with one unified system. And it'd be on Mac so we'd be like a thousand times more secure. 😛

  • hahaha, that's funny. I wish I get a phone call from Steve Job. I can sell that on ebay. Lol

  • Charles

    Wow, Steve Jobs can NOT be an arrogant dick sometimes.