Ultrasn0w For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G Will Unlock All Basebands, Including iOS 4.2.1 Baseband 05.15.04

Unlock iPhone 4

We had reported yesterday that iPhone Dev Team plans to release the eagerly awaited unlock for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G for iOS 4.2.1 on Sunday.

However, it is not clear if the updated version of Ultrasn0w will unlock baseband 05.15.04 that was shipped with iOS 4.2.1.

But we have some good news for users who have accidentally updated their iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1 and updated the baseband to 05.15.04.

MuscleNerd has just confirmed that the updated Ultrasn0w will also unlock baseband 05.15.04.

ssstephD: @MuscleNerd will the new ultrasn0w unlock be able to unl0ck baseband 5.15.04? made the big mistake of upgrading it =/ !

MuscleNerd: @ssstephD it covers 05.15.04 too — but yeah, really need to stay vigilant about not updating 🙁

So users who have accidentally updated their iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G to iOS 4.2.1 (not using the official iPhone carrier SIM) should be relieved as they will soon be able to use their iPhone.

The updated Ultrasn0w should also work on iOS 4.1 or earlier firmwares.

iPhone Dev team had mentioned earlier that the unlocking solution for iPhone 4 users will need more effort and were not in a position to provide any further information.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as the updated Ultrasn0w is released so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.


Unlock For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G On iOS 4.2.1 Released

[via MuscleNerd]

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  • Michael

    Yay! Thanks! I cant wait

  • Pussyman

    Great for all of us with a jailbroken iphones, RESPECT!

  • so i can unlock my iphone 3g ios 4.2.1 on sunnday ?

  • Yes, you should be able to unlock your iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1 (baseband 05.15.04).

    • Abhishek

      iphone 3g 4.2.1 baseband 5.15.04 sim is not working
      plzz help

  • ok 🙂 thanks but wich jailbreak can i use ?

  • Hi..
    Will ios 4.2.1 run smoothly on my 3G iPhone? as I'm still on 3.2.1. Thanks

  • psyherin

    yeah …. its working like 3.1.3 …. i am using 4.2.1 in my 3g,3gs and i4 …. its good …

  • Lee

    Will this new 4.2.1 work with the iphone 2G and will it running slow?

  • iOS 4.2.1 is not compatible with iPhone 2G so this post is not applicable for iPhone 2G users. If you have jailbroken your iPhone 2G then current version of Ultrasn0w should work.

  • VC

    Thanks for the news, I have waiting to unlock my 3GS/3G phones running 4.1 baseband 5.14.02 from past 2 months.

  • uppdate it to ios 4.2 its faster 🙂

  • v

    So is it safe to update to iOS 4.2.1?

  • Ty

    Great job! I hope iPhone 4 4.1 (02.10.04) is next.

  • We would advice you to wait for Dev team to release the unlock before updating to iOS 4.2.1.

  • Lee

    how would I install a ios4.0 firmware on an iphone 2g? pls provide links to the ipsw file thanks

  • T1m3band1t

    What about the Iphone 4G 🙁 am i the only one 🙁

    • Grime

      You are not alone, I and millions of other iphone 4g owners are patiently waiting for an unlock also. I can’t shake this feeling of being left out. What have I done that I must suffer this unbearable pain. T-mobile I miss you and your $10 data plan and I’m sorry I jumped ship, can you ever forgive me. lol

  • Mickey

    Great news to all iPhone 3G/3GS users but still we i4 users have to patiently wait for an unlock…but still great job Dev team

  • taat@birla.com

    what do u mean by "(not using the official iPhone carrier SIM)"

    3g and 3gs Users who have not updated to 4.2.1, can they update and try the jailbrak and unlock???

  • Frank55

    FYI. Ultrasn0w does not work with 2G iPhones for unlock. You must use bootneuter or the two BL files during jailbreak with redsn0w 0.9.4.

  • Frank55

    Moreover the newest firmware you can run on a 2G is 3.1.3.

  • Bryant24

    What about for the iphone4? When will they release the ultrasnow for the iphone4? Ive been patiently waiting too long Feels like i have a wheel less ferrari in my garage!

  • Zeks

    I am having iOS 4.1 baseband 5.14.02 the upcoming unlock is gonna work with it, but if I want to upgrade it to 4.2 or 4.2.1 the new baseband I should stay for a while to get sure that it does work with it ?????? Am I right?

  • Meeee too buddy….I m also want to know about 4.2 or 4.2.1 for my iPhone 3GS,,,,,I m on Windwos, so can some plz suggest me the best tool to jailbreak 4.2 not 4.2.1,,,,,,
    I m living in New Delhi, so m not an official carrier user of AT&T,,, can somebody plz help me in solving my problem.. I dont have iPhone Activator sim or Phonebook sim, just normal Vodafone Sim, is it must that I need any Activator sim to Jailbreak……
    Pleaseeeee tell me about my Qs,,,,,, M SURE THESE 2 QUESTIONS ARE MUST AWAITED QUESTIONS BY MANY OTHER USERS…..Big Thanx to DevTeam and iPhoneHacks….HELP MY Qs to OTHER BUDDIES…..lots of hope….!:)

  • Alterian

    Good good I'm goun to wait before I update though.

  • Everybodd…ieeeeeeee – cant wait here.. Awaiting for Ultrapowered – Ultrasn0w…. 🙂

  • Alterian

    it's unlocked already so your not worried aboutbthat right just jailbreaking if u understand correctly. Depends if you want a tethered JB or not

  • alterian

    sorry about the misspelled words im writing from my phone. But yeah here read this.


  • alterian

    I know i cant wait for an unteethered JB and unlock on old 3GS. thanks dev team.

  • Javieruipr

    Well I'm one of the many people that has an iPhone 4 running 4.1 with 02.10.04 firmware, so I hope dev teAm don't forget about us, cuz I can't wait to unlock this baby. Please let us know at least if they have good updates about this firmware! Thanks cuz I know dev team are working hard to get the solution!

  • pauldta

    Help. I have an Iphone 3G 4.1. Model MB705LL. Is possible to JB it ? and how do i JB it ? Please

  • asif

    wen is unlock for ios 4.1wd baseband 05.14.02 releasin???

  • chunkitchin@gmail.com

    yes you can.. just download the firmware.. http://limera1n.com/

  • Rachel

    I am still waiting for the unlock of iphone 4 but you are doing the great job, Iphone Dev Team and thanks!

  • ifonix

    you guy's did it, BIG TIME!!
    respect!! from all the jailbreakers.
    keep doing hwat you doing best… make people HAPPY

  • Unjailbroken 3GS 3.1.3

    How would you know if ur iPhone 3GS version 3.1.3 is under an old/new bootroom pls?? thanks very much! So i'd knnow if i can use an untethered JB b4 upgrading to 4.2.1?

  • Meidas

    Hey, guys. Quick question. Is it possible to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.1 using this PwnageTool now? I know that during iOS upgrade iTunes contacts apple server to check if it is the newest version.. and now we already have iOS 4.2.1 released. I need unlock, so I cannot upgrade to 4.2.1. Thank you in advance for the answer 😉

  • The Spaniard

    Great. But JB for 3GS with new bootrom will still be untehtered I understand – correct?

  • Waiting….

  • fas

    No one seems to care about the iPhone 4 unlock, whose users are more waiting for it.

  • alterian

    What do you mean? Im sure there are more users or older phones. On top of that how difficult it must be to unlock it. Give them time. There doing you a favor.

  • jimmy

    tomorrow sunday

  • jimmy

    it will unlock 4.1 baseband 5.14.02

  • jimmy

    4.2 and 4.2.1 are the same there no diffrent between them, upcoming unlock will work for almost idevice except iphone4

  • jimmy

    yes you can

  • Joseph3gs

    Does the coming unlock iOS 4.1 baseband 5.14.02? how can i upgrade my phone from 4.1 – 4.2.1 without uupgrading my firmware?

  • Soso

    Seriously looking forward this one.
    Also I need some help here guys! I have an Iphone 3Gs that I did jailbreak it with the "jailbreakme" link that you was released few months ago. My problem now is that I don't know what happened down the road, but with that Jailbreak I couldn't send MMS. So after 4.1 was released, I decided to update my iPhone so I can be able back to send MMS. Almost after I did so, my iPhone is acting weird regarding Battery Life. I mean sometimes my iPhone is at 70% of battery life and while i'm doing things on it, Tweeting, Calling etc.. sometimes the phone just died on me and for me to open it back I need to plug it thru my computer as I was about to charge it back again.
    And since then it has been happening a lot. and even when 4.2.1 was released I thought maybe this might fix and help my situation and just yesterday the phone was fully charged and my nieces arrive home (and they love taking picture, video), I shooting a little video and booom suddenly shuts down, had to replug it back again.

    Is this normal or could it be due to something else?

    Thanx in advance for anyone who care to help 🙂

  • JD

    🙁 No untethered Jailbreak for 3GS new bootrom yet. Need that first and after that I will upgrade to 4.2.1 but 4.3 will be released half of December soo it will be patched by then 🙁 It would be better to wait a few weeks till they release it. 🙂



  • davidj

    what is about the iphone4 with IOS4.1 and BB 2.10.04? can this new ultrasn0w unlock the phone or still have to wait for awhile?

  • Yeah Yeah I love it Sunday Tomorrow I am should be very happy to get Unlock Modem Firmware 05.14.02 with news Ultrasn0w 1.2.0 to Unlock it. I was waiting for two month already after tomorrow I will be happy with iphone using T-Mobile again. Thank you so much Dev-Term and Iphone-Hacks.
    Best Regard.

  • Joseph3gs

    can i update my iphone with 4.1 to 4.2.1 baseband 5.14.02, then jailbreak and unlock it?

    • jailphone666


    • iPhoneHacks

      It might be a good idea to hold on until Dev Team releases Ultrasn0w.

      • Joseph3gs

        thanks! 🙂 im looking forward to unlock my phone.

  • Will ultrasnow work on 3gs 4.1 5.14.02… limera1n jailbroke it but still not sure about unlock?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yes, it will work.

    • Joseph3gs

      how did limera1n jailbroke yours?

      • yes it worked just go to limera1n.com and it will guide you…i jus cant get it unlocked tho??????any solutions?????

  • Joseph3gs

    Its Sunday and still waiting .. 🙁

    • alterian

      dude, give it time.

  • Sam23

    Man I’m so exited… I been waiting for two weeks, it’s just 12:00 n I’m already checking lol!!

  • xcomet

    man…its sunday…where is the ultrasn0w…

  • flyezz

    lol waiting here also. its sunday indeed

  • mkm


    its sunday isasn0w release to unlock 5.14.2 ultra

    • PuckIT

      If you read the previous comments, they said yes

  • alterian

    i know its 1900 that 7PM sunday night here. but patient

  • CJMM

    This is like waiting for a paycheck.. lol.. cant wait!!! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY… just hope its not released at 23:59pm.

  • jeff

    wheres the unlock from ultrasnow? its not a sunday/funday its a sunday/bullshitday

  • boobee

    my iphone 3gs Baseband 05.15.04

  • marioo

    i am waiting to………i can not waiting anymore!!:))))pleaseee

  • waka

    where is it guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hekit47

    What’s up guys!!!! Be patient)))
    I’m from Russia and i will be able to unlock my 3g just only tomorrow, because we have +8 hours!!!

  • CJMM

    Not long now!.. Heard should be with us by 6pm!!

  • tom

    is that Sunday today? or it is Sunday someday?
    Where is the ultra unlock?

  • Me

    YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH iphone unlock day everybody throw there android Google phones awayyyyy:P

  • ruskytec

    Any news on the unlock yet ???

    You guys are just awesome!!!!

    • iPhoneHacks

      No news so far but we’ll let you know as soon as it is released.

  • poor my phone

    any body home ????????????????? we still watting ^_^”

  • xcomet


  • Tico

    Current firmware and unlock 4.1 makes battery on iphone 3gs and iphone 4 go away very fast. This was not noticeble at 4.01

    Anybody else notice this and any posibility this new version of ultrasn0w might fix it?

    • andras

      yes, my battery was dying quick. same on iphone 4 too. it must have something to do with restoring the phone from a backup. I hope 4.2 won’t have this issue.

  • kaluto

    IphoneHacks what about an unlock for iphone 4 firmware 4.1 BB 02.10.04 when will the unlock sim supposed to be released ???

  • webguy

    12:00 pm here any news on unlock? i`m gonna lose my freaking mind. lol

  • Luong Xuan Tang

    Dear iPhoneHacks,
    Ultras0w will be released today…when???
    Its 12:20 am (Monday..GMT+7) :(:(

    • MrPatience

      Have some patience!! Sunday is not over yet!! Geeesh!!

  • webguy

    I heard 2:30 am on sunday for ultrasn0w release, what timezone is that in, it`s 12:00 pm here in Ontario, Canada. thanx dev-team and iphone hacks keep up the good work guys. wooooot!!!!

  • Hekit47

    Dear iPhoneHacks,
    Will Iltrasn0w unlock baseband 05.14.02?
    When it will be relised?
    Everybody can’t wait anymore)))

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yes it will unlock baseband 05.14.02.

      We are waiting for Dev team to release it, should be very soon.

  • Pio Chip

    when? I can’t wait!

    • andras

      I’m sure they are hard at work on it. They are great for spending their free time and their Sunday with this!!!

  • kamote kah

    how will i know if the ultrasnow unlock for 05.14.02 baseband has released?is this will automatically update in cydia?
    thanks and sorry for asking

  • Koomoo

    Just give them time guys…. U act like it’s the end of world for iPhones lol but just to speed up dev team I have 10 iPhones that need to be unlock I’m willing to donate 5% of my profit when’s it’s sold! I promise that!

  • CJMM

    Donations all round when this is released .. This is a biggy !!

  • kamote kah


    os the new ultrasnow will automatically update in cydia?

  • Yeah, ideally it should and you should see an update badge on Cydia.

  • bleh

    i’ll believe it when i see it.

  • emily

    Does is matter what SIM I have in the phone when I use the ultrasn0w? Will it work if my phone has already been JB by limera1n? Thanks!

  • Harsh

    can i unlocke my iphone 3g 4.1 and baseband 05.14.02 ??

    • Yes

      • Abhi

        i can’t unlock my iphone 3g 4.1 with bb 5.14.02
        wat to do??

  • khan 951

    guys have some patience!!!! where we waited for this long so we can wait little bit more its 2:20pm in us……. lets see lolz

  • spectreblood7

    it’s 1917hrs here in london and still waiting

  • Hekit47

    guys, does anybody know?, at what time in US dev-team will relise ultrasn0w?

  • dragos

    wooww…unlock day….i ve expect this day for a long time:X i hope guys from dev team will made a good job…

  • sam23

    i have a question does anyone know for sure if this new Ultrasn0w will unlock iOS 4.2.1 Baseband 05.15.04?? cus i dont want to update till i know for sure!

  • davidj

    i am anxious waiting as well but be patience is the key here, and i am sure it will be released today…from now to 11:59PM Sunday is still a long time and please give the Dev team some breaks here…

  • davidj

    well…i am also anxious to unlock my 3gs as well but be patience is a key here, and i am sure that the Dev will release the ultrasn0w today. now to 11:59PM sunday is still a long time and please give them some break here….

  • tazzbem

    in portugal, i´m still waiting 20:20

  • H2O2H

    OK, I want to jailbreak my phone, but not with sales, likes and BS fillers. I mean, to jailbreak it without so much junk I don’t want or care about attached to it, like it’s not even there. Sorry if I offended. Any recommendations? So, I can get ready for this unlocking ability, that may come today… Thanks!
    Oh, I use windows XP.

  • where is it for 05.15.04 ? 🙁

  • hello :=(

  • flyezz

    this sucks, where is the unlock, this is taking forever. 🙁

  • CJMM

    Whooooo !!! IT’ HERE !!!

    • andras


      • As far as we can see, it is still not out.

  • spectreblood7


  • Ali Salih

    come on guys for god sack it’s Monday in Iraq where is the unlock..

  • Specimen

    Guys, Dev team is playing with our minds! The tool is ready to be released some weeks ago. they know we need it thats why they make it a hot soup. Any way! we pay nothing but it was better if we were paying and be sure to get things on time and as desired.. improve this Dev Team…

    • andras

      well, I suppose they could’ve said something if they were delayed.
      if they are doing this on purpose then it is really sick.

  • Tacoma

    It already out go to Cydia and install Ultrasn0n 1.2
    Got problem with BB 5.14.02, doesn’t work with Tmobile

  • CJMM
  • Michael

    its released now check Cydia

  • Busybee

    Guys, Waits over.Its Just popped up in cydia !!

  • I hve a 3GS-4.1-5.14.02 I upgraded the ultrasnow on cydia and it still will not work it.when I put my t mobile sim card in it jus says ” wait for activation”!!!!help pllllleeeaaaasssseeeee!!

  • khan

    hye guys did anybody unlocked 3gs 4.1 5.14.02. doest it work with tmobile?

    • Sam23

      you gonna have to wait for Dev Team to release the new RedSnow to update your baseband to 6.15 For Windows or if you are on MAC you can use PwnageTool to do so!

  • khan

    thanx sam

  • well when will they release the redsnow…

  • zindagee

    when it will come???? which date will be released???? how much we have to wait?
    i have 3g updated 4.1 baseband 5.14.02.
    is locked and unable use for any sim carrier.
    who will guide me???????

    • CJMM

      I had ios 4.1 on 5.14.02 – updated to BB 06.15.00 to unlock.

      Used Pwange tool unlock version which I used. or google Ipsw file for 6.15.00 and DFU update.

      Once updated you can update in Cydia http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com or as I didn’t have wifi i used diskaid ( google ) and put both files ( ultrasn0w.deb & mobilesubstrate_0.9.3366-1_iphoneos-arm.deb )which i googled and downloaded
      opened up diskaid and put both files in : var/root/media/cydia/autoinstall.

      Rebooted and now Unlocked

      • The Waiter

        Ok sounds good but Can u Make A MAP :p



  • so when can i unlock my 3gs 4.1 5.14.02 because at the moment i cant somebody plz tell me something….


    Will there be an unlock for the iphone 4 running on OS 4.1 with a baseband 02.10.04 coming soon?

  • now i upgraded to 4.2 and its stuck in recovery mode…plz comment if u can any suggestions….:(

  • Sam

    Hey, Can I unlock 3G iOS 3.1.2 baseband (5.14.02)? thank you

    • The Waiter

      i Have the same question here

  • The Waiter

    What About baseband 5.14.02? they will leav it on the air?

  • ERROR 505

    here is detailed instruction STEP BY STEP:

    Step 1: Download iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone 3GS or 3G.
    Step 2: Update/Restore to iOS 4.2.1 firmware using the IPSW file you just downloaded via iTunes 10.1.
    Step 3: Start Redsn0w 0.9.6b5 and point it to iOS 4.2.1 firmware to proceed with the jailbreak.(obviously u need to google it)
    Step 4: Now select “Install Cydia…nbsp; & “Install iPad baseband…nbsp; options and then click “Next…nbsp; to continue. Redsn0w will now fetch the exploitable 06.15.00 baseband from 3.2.2 firmware and will replace it the baseband in iOS 4.2.1 / 4.1.(
    Note: Install iPad baseband option is applicable to iPhone 3GS & 3G users only who rely on a carrier unlock which is U)
    Step 5: Now make sure your device is both OFF and PLUGGED IN to the computer before you click “Next (follow the redsn0w instruction)
    Step 6: Sit back and enjoy while Redsn0w will do all the rest for you. Once done, your iPhone or iPod touch will restart automatically and you will find it jailbroken on the latest iOS 4.2.1 firmware, with the unlockable 06.15.00 baseband.
    For iPhone 4, 3GS (New Bootrom), iPod touch 4G / 3G / 2G, iPad ONLY:
    Step 7: Now from here onwards, whenever you want to do anything related to jailbreak like SSHing into your device, or running Cydia, you must first run your device in the so called “jailbroken state…nbsp; on every reboot by using “Just boot tethered right now…nbsp; option in Redsn0w.

    sooo now you know how to unlock your iphone 😀

  • Raja

    Hi, This is the first time i am trying to unlock my new iPhone 3G(OS:4.2.1 – Baseband:05.15.04). So i think i am in the right forum. But i am not sure what is the version of Ultrasn0w i have to use to jailbreak and unlock it. Can somehelp help me..


    Umm i think its monday today so where’s the Unlock:(

  • pat

    so what will i have to do to unlock my iphone 3gs?
    i’ll just have to come back here on sunday and download it?

  • mehool

    iphone 4g 4.2.1 V when can am get software.

    Mehool sheth

  • Klausimai ir atsakymai

  • Julio

    See at the date. Today´s not available yet an ultrasnow capable to unlock the baseband 05.15.04