Activate iPhone Without Official Carrier SIM And Also Fix Poor Battery Life Issue After Unlocking Using SAM

Unlock iPhone 4

We had reported yesterday that iPhone users who had unlocked their iPhone using a combination of PwnageTool or Redsn0w to update baseband to 06.15.00 and Ultrasn0w 1.2 for iOS 4.2.1 were observing poor battery life.

Developer @sbingner (author of popular jailbreak app – TetherMe) has figured out a way to fix the issue. He has released a jailbreak app called SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module). It tricks your iPhone and iTunes into creating legitimate activation tickets even though you’re unlocked with Ultrasn0w.

Thanks to SAM, you get the full benefit of push applications, and it also addresses the issue with poor battery life that was reported by some users after unlocking their iPhone. iPhone Dev team had this to say about SAM on their blog:

Developer @sbingner (author of TetherMe) has made some excellent progress devising a new hactivation method that kills two birds with one stone for all you ultrasn0w unlockers.

You can follow these instructions to install SAM on your jailbroken iPhone:

  • Add as a repo in Cydia
  • Install “SAM” and “SAMPrefs”
  • Follow the steps in Troubleshooting/Hacktivated with redsn0w or PwnageTool
  • Go to Settings > SAM and touch “De-Activate iPhone”
  • Activate with iTunes

If iTunes says invalid SIM, you will need to manually select the appropriate carrier under one of the methods besides “Automatic” and click on a SIMID.

If you had hactivated your iPhone using PwnageTool or Redsn0w then you can follow these instructions to revert back to the stock lockdownd for SAM to work:

  • Option #1: redsn0w for iPhone 3G or 3GS on firmware 4.0 or later
    1. Download redsn0w 0.9.6b6 or later from
    2. Run redsn0w and select the “Deactivate” option
  • Option #2: my custom stockify program – works on any phone 3.0+
    1. With SAM and SAMPrefs installed; install openssh and secure shell into your phone. Run “stockify” and it will revert your lockdownd to a stock lockdownd
    2. Reboot your phone

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments section below.

[via Binger]

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  • idroid7


    • Knight

      First on taking up the A.S.S!

  • will

    i was experiencing the battery drain issue after using Redsn0w to bump my baseband from 5.14.02 to 6.15.00, but i’m staying on 4.1 for the time being. I used the SAM app and successfully activated my iphone 3gs. I’m currently syncing my iphone and will report back to let you guys know if this has, in fact, resolved the battery utilization issue.

    • will

      well, i see very little traffic going out via the cellular data network and my battery utilization appears to back to normal for the time being…looks like it might have just fixed it… 🙂

  • Jasonjason

    I don’t understand this? When I get the new redsnow do I have to do the whole jb/unlock process again?

  • Zeks

    There is no deactivate option in redsn0w!!

  • dreamer

    if i de-activated my iphone 3g with redsn0w.. how am i gonna use SAM if i cant even enter into cydia to enter the repository since the phone is deactivated? anyone could come out with a detailed step by step for 6.15.00 iphone 3g because the battery life of my phone is currently at 3hrs MAX..

    • Fauji

      I think you could just deactivate using the SAMprefs (without deactivating thru redsn0w)

      • dreamer

        thanks dude!

    • Norman

      As Dev-Team has said, you must install SAM and SAMPrefs first BEFORE you you redsn0w to “deactivate” your iphone.

      I followed the instructions and it works.

      • rafeelr

        I accidentally deactivated my iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 now I m stuck in emergency call and my iPhone have pass-lock also so I can’t open iTunes to sync it… so pls help me I m stuck in emergency call window

        • Bunda

          How did you solve the problem? I did the same thing and I also have a password and I’m also stuck in emergency call…

  • Fauji

    Acc. to Dev-Team:
    “To help make it easier to try out @sbingner’s tool, we’ve updated redsn0w to include a new “Deactivate” option for the 3G and 3GS. Use this option *after* you’ve installed SAM…it will remove the normal patches made to lockdownd and let SAM take over. (sbingner plans on making a button to do this within SAMPrefs too). Great work, @sbingner!”

  • fas

    Will this work on iPhone 4

  • Marty

    Okay so I added the source to get SAM and downloaded both requirements from cydia. Ran redsn0w 9.6b6 and fully deactivated the phone. After the reboot, went to cydia and installed ultrasn0w to unlock (again) after reboot (yet again) went to settings and opened SAM and deactivated. While remaining connected, opened up iTunes and fully activated. I do however get this annoying pop up from iTunes still stating the need to check carrier software and how to set automatic check. Anyone else get that pop each time? It started right after I ha upgraded iTunes. So annoying. OH! and going back to SAM, I assume it worked since it read “wildcard activated” and status “loadedOK” my battery however still drains like a bitch. Which only started happening after I ran the new redsn0w…

  • Koomoo

    U guys need to download the new redsnow for the deactivate option

  • IamIphone

    So I downloaded SAM and SamPrefs. Now I have no signal. what do I do next? what does he mean with -Follow the steps in Troubleshooting/Hacktivated with redsn0w or PwnageTool??

  • iPhone 3GS FW 3.1.3 Unjailbroken

    Help out there… I’ve studied recent & current posts so far regarding 4.2.1 update w/ JB & unlock on the side, & i can tell that its quitedcomplicated. I dnt think i want to update to 4.2.1 especially w/ main issues of tethered/untethered JB dependent on ur “bootroom”. Guys, what i want to know is if its anyhow possible to update to iOS 4.1 ??? Since iTunes offer the current 4.2 only right?? Anyone please… i prefer 4.1 update & JB, where can this b found as of this time? tnc much!

  • Dco

    Im on 4.2.1 on unlocked iphone 3g. Ran redsnow 9.6b6 deactivated phone. Went to settings then SAM and deactivated phone. Plugged into iTunes and got the iPhone activated message on my phone but still only get about 3.5 hours of battery without even using my phone or the Internet. Also still no push notifications. Was I supposed to restore, jailbreak, and unlock again? Or just reboot?

    • Geelob

      Having the same issues. the SAM update doesn’t seem to do my battery no justice. I get the same battery life as you. Updated to 4.1/06.15.00 BB/unlocked/Sam update/redsnow deactivate/activated through itunes with and w/o SIM card and battery drains in 3 hours. Frustrating. SAM update does not work.

      • Daniel

        I have upgraded my 3G to 4.2.1 with redsn0w and unlocked with ultrasn0w 1.2 BB 06.15. I am not experienceing battery issues. I traveled by train yesterday 3:30 hours, the phone was fully charged when I left. I watched videos 90% of the time spent. When I arrived, I had over 60% battery. And the reception was not so good because the train was travelling through the mountains. So no battery problems. I guess not all users are affected.

      • thejaycan

        I’ve got the same issue as Dco and Geelob above. I installed 4.2.1, then Redsn0w’d it, installed SAM, it says “activated”, but I still have terrible battery life, like 5% eaten in 5 mins.

        I then switched off notifications under Settings>Notifications and the battery life stabilized. So I think it’s something there. So one by one, I tried turning on individual notifications in apps to see if I could find the problem child, but if any one of them is on, the battery life plunges again.

        I’m wondering about a couple things.
        1) In SAM, is there a difference between “Activated” and “Wildcard Activated”? I can only get “Activated” to show up.
        2) Also, every time I reboot, SAM activationstate says “MismatchedICCID”. I plug in iTunes, and then I get “activated” again. How do I get it to stick?

        Using 8G iPhone 3G w tmob SIM

      • Madice1970

        Same here – my battery is dead within 3.5 hours: used redsn0w to update to 4.1 with the 6.15 baseband, installed SAM, deactivated w redsn0w, activated using SAM.

  • doby

    id like to second that, my batterys still draining… or is it cuz of the damage before hand that weakened my overal battery life?

    • Geelob

      That’s a negative doby. My iPhone would take forever to drain from 100% to 99% and so on. I know this was because it was not using any signal/network but either way. It should not have damaged the battery like the way of what is occurring now after this update that began causing this. All in all, the SAM update and supposed fix, does not fix nor solve this issue of the battery draining the way it is. We need a definite fix to this. It is frustrating. There needs to be a better fix to this.

    • Geelob

      I was still using my iPhone, basically as an iPod Touch for email, iPod, Twitter and etc. The Battery life was amazing. I know the prolonged battery life was due to the signal/network not being used, but even prior to the accidental update that locked my phone, my iphone still had awesome battery life. I was using a Droid phone in the time being before the update came out. This battery issue is due to the update.

  • Arnie

    What has happend to the so called release of limesn0w for 4.1 on 05.14.02 this would save us all a lot of trouble.This is why, although i am desperate to unlock my 3gs, i read that so many people are having issues with this new unlock (respect to dev team and all involved) and its irreversible if your on new bootrom once upgraded to 06.15.00 bb i am reluctant to go ahead with this incase geohart decides to release limesn0w and then theres no possible way to downgrade from 06.15 to use limesn0w which is safer.



  • Ela

    Hello. Does anybody know if I can use this method if hacktivated with sn0wbreeze? I mean can I deactivate with redsn0w anyway? or should I use the openssh method? I’m on Iphone 4 4.1 jailbreak and unlock. Thanks.

  • yalin

    made it worst and never had this draining before! I swear to god it was really better before SAM. Thanks dev team!!! Thanks bingner!!!!!

    • Ben

      That is what I’ve experienced with SAM so far. It noticeably drains my power faster than it was before SAM installed.
      iP 3G, iOS 4.2.1, BB:05.12.01

  • marv

    I tried using SAM and deactivating with redsn0w, but still doesnt work. BTW, is the phone part still suppose to be able to work after the deactivation?

    SAM now says:
    ActivationState: WildcardActivated

  • Varesh

    I have tried no. of times to activate my Iphone 3gs on 4.1 bb 06.15.00 with this new SAM procedure but I didnt succeed. However my battery drain problem has vastly improved since this bb update. SAM Activation State: Factory Activated which I am not sure would have enabled it to take control properly of my device. I have tried to activate my phone viz itunes atleast atleast 10 times repeating the whole process again n again but of no use. Dont know the reason behind that. I have given up for the moment and dont even bother to try again as somehow my battery issue has resolved to a great extent for the moment. Good luck guys who still facing this problem.

  • warbeast

    my wife has a 3g on 4.2.1 running 06.15.00 unlocked she is on orange witch have just merged with tmobile to increase signal anyway shes been moaning at me about push not working on ebay and facebook ect so i tried this out…

    1st time itunes said wrong sim then the 2nd time a box poped up on phone saying activated and itunes worked with sam saying wildcard actiavted is this correct because shes still moaning its not working lol but only been 5 mins

    is there any tool to test push is working??

    • jrl

      There is an app called iPusher at the App Store

  • biP

    In my iphone 4 it’s not showing deactivated options what sud i do ?

  • newbie

    after I used Redn0ws to jailbreak my 3GS, i got stuck at the Itune Logo and USB cable. I did try to hold down the power and circle buttons but still didn’t work. Any help, please????

    • Varesh

      My friend … Use Tiny Umbrella to get your phone out of recovery mode. Try again to jailbreak your phone with Redsnow in XP compatability mode if at you are using windows7. Try n let me know if it solves your purpose.

  • martin

    hello all,
    i am using 3GS new bootrom ios 4.1, jailbroken with pwnage tool and still on 05.13.04
    when i point redsn0w to my firmware it doesnt recognize it.
    What do i do? My battery doesnt drain so badly though so i could wait for other JB tools, but any help woulb be appreciated. Thx

  • kevin

    I am on 3gs old bootrom with 4.1 / 6.15 baseband and JB with redsn0w. I installed sam/samprefs first then de-activated via redsnow. Connected it to the computer, opened itunes, and now it keeps opening and closing the itunes app store. The “phone is activated” notification doesn’t show on my iPhone.

    But in sam it says “wildcardactivated” does this mean my phone was successfully updated? Thanks

  • cybervie

    Do I have to install ultrasnow too?? Doesn’t work on my i4 4.2.1..Nothing at all, help please. thank you in advance.

  • Steve98uk

    Had the same draining problem on 4,2 to the extent that when it was plugged into my laptop charging it still drained!!! Went back to itunes and did a normal restore that failed at the last hurdle and left phone in recovery mode- used snowbreeze 2.1 and that failed too!! then used redsnow and a 4.1 restore file and that worked-now my battery charges when plugged in to laptop usb!! Result after about 4 hours! (i hope) lets see if its still on in the morning- if it is you tell me whats causing this? By the way i did NOT use SAM — Regards

  • sexyeyez02

    I also have no deactivate option in redsn0w. Could someone help me please?

  • ksamj

    my carrier in not on the list. is there any updates for the carrier list????????


    please anybody wish explain how long is battery life on standby as well using it
    on standby it should last at least 10 hours fully charged?correct

  • Steve98uk

    Update on my comment above–
    What ever i did my phone is back to normal-if not better than it was- left on all night on standby and stil had 89% charge- result- and no i have no idea how i managed it- Regards

    • Dco

      @ steve98uk…was your phone unlocked already then you had the battery drain issues? so you restored your iphone in itunes then jailbroke with the new redsnow using a 4.1 IPSW not 4.2.1?

      • Steve98uk

        Hi- Thats a yes to all– but itunes restore got right to the end and errored-Then i used snowbreeze and 4.1 and that failed as well-as a last resort to get my phone working again i used redsnow with 4,1 and activated phone on itunes with a old (not live) o2 sim, then unlocked via cydia-replaced my sim (t-mobile) and went back to itunes and it accepted it-battery back to normal and all functions work including my tomtom (via cradle) at no point did i use sam– maybe luck but i am now happy!! Good Luck

  • Warezchewy

    3GS 4.1 BB 6.15. Phone is phone is flashed with custom firmware made with sn0wbreeze when. Click deactivate with SAM nothing happens with the phone and nothing in iTunes either can I deactivate with redsnow even tho myphone wa flashed with iTunes and snowbreeze? I’m having gps issues ad I hers that this was also fixing that issue can someone help

  • Same with me … I have installed both SAM and SAMPREFS…but when I run redsn0w….can’t see the de-activate option…plz sum1 help…thnx

  • Max

    Guys from TypePad or anybody else, I need you help!

    I have Iphone 3G with ios 3.0(7A341) installed (baseband 04.26.08). I couldn’t upgrade ios because I moved out from US and didn’t have original AT&T sim card. As I read here now I can do it with jailbreak app SAM, but how can I jailbreak and unlock my Iphone? I have Cydia installed on it.

    Thanks in advance for any reply!

  • Mode

    Hi, I had the battery draining problem but SAM was not able to help me. But I read about Push Doctor working from some. I installed from Cydia and it fixed my battery draining problem. I was not sure if anyone had posted this info, I hope it helps others.

  • Ayin

    Hi. I used sn0wbreeze to jailbreak my phone, updated BB using redsn0w and unlocked using ultrasn0w. I tried using SAM to activate my phone several times already but it does not work. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

  • Brittney

    I did exactly as the instructions said plus installing push doctor, Battery drained two percent in about 3 mins and still having large amount of data to and from in cellular data. did i need to deactivate within sam as well as deactivating with redsnow? Im 3gs 4.2.1, 6.15.00. Please help cant have phone dying all the time with tethered boot! i have rebooted the phone twice as well!! still watching battery and cellular data numbers.

    • Brittney

      update: deleted and reinstalled push doctor and rebooted again and thus far im not seein alot of cellular data moving in or out, will watch battery life but hopefully i have this fixed!!

  • Cre8e

    SAM solves the problem of syncing and youtube if your iDevice is jailbroken with Sn0wbreeze.

  • sjohnson

    I have a 3GS, on 4.1 (via Redsn0w). Unlocked and activated. Also installed UltraSn0w and SAM/SAMPrefs. Now ‘phone says “No Service” or “Searching…”. In “About” iPhone knows everything about SIM except the number (i.e. carrier/bundle etc…). Any ideas how to fix this?

    • paco

      Check ur base band, I had the same problem and the only way I found for fixing it was updating the baseband to 06.15.00.

      • Fernando

        I had the same problem. how can I update my baseband from 4.12.01 to 06.15.00?

  • JS

    Does anybody have ANY clue what anything in the SAM settings means? I currently have ELEVEN bars of information and have no idea if the thing is even working.

  • ME

    I had the same problems, battery drain and no push notifications (3G with iOS 4.1.2. JB by Redsn0w and unlocked with Ultrasn0w 1.2). I installed push doctor and suddenly the battery life was back normal. Push notification is also working again. (after a couple of hours)

  • Panty Guy

    You may also need to remove then reinstall all your applications which use Push Notifications before they will work

  • sam

    i have a problem with sam.
    when i install this app and use redsnow and deactive my phone.after restart and back to sam there is no de-activate option in sam program and only exist hachacktivate option.
    what i can to do ?

  • Julie

    Yes i have the same problem…there is no de-activate iphone option. I’m not sure what to do either

  • Marijn

    I tunes just wont activate the sim, doesnt matter what sim i use :S just doesnt work.

    Now i have the problem that i can’t sync music becouse it needs to be activated..

    i have the new bootrom 4.2.1 and the 6.15.00 bootrom (god why di did i ever jailbreak in the firstplace….)

    anyway i kinda can’t live without push notifications and just only recently noticed it that i wasn’t getting my messages from ping & whatsapp. wich are services i use many times a day.

    I have to use a custom rom to get this phone to work nowadays. use pwnage tool for that and i have had checked activate otherwise it just wont start, can’t do anything then.

    Soo i click deactivate in redsn0w. use sam to once again deactivate (current version lost that button and renamed it to restock…… something can’t exactly recall)

    anyway itunes just says the iphone doenst have a valid sim and cant activate 🙁

    please help!!!

  • Jonnie

    i dunno how i manged it but my phone is pucker!!! 3g 4.2.1 , ran redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 and SAM , not sure where i unlocked my phone as well but woop woop, everythings fine

    you people are what dreams are made of!! ty DEV-TEAM. and of course @sbingner !!!!! legends x

  • Angel

    I unlocked mine using SAM and it is working very well! Thank to bingner group

    • Funk

      Are you on ios 5.0?

      • Skypici

        I have iOS 5 and i can’t do anything to activate my iphone with SAM. I have baseband 4.10.01, no operator SIM but i know it is blocked in Canada…I’ve selected all careers from sam from canada but still in itunes says the sim card inserted in this iphone…

        • Hassan

          i have the same problem. io5 and from canada and 4.10.01. do you have the solution now?? plz help

  • sebastian

    Hi i have the iphone 3GS with IOS 4.1 and i have installed SAM but push notifications still don’t work, do i need to have it with IOS 4.2.1 or what do you recomend

  • Alex

    iphone 3gs, iOS 5.0.1
    used SAM, de-activated, stockification, launched itunes, didn’t promt anything, but it says wildcard activated.
    didn’t solve battery drain issue :\

    • George

      Iphone 3gs, ios 5.0.1
      Used SAM 1. deactivated 2. Ran latest redsnow jailbreak with all options off
      Only problem is that I get Factory Activation under activation state. And SAM cant take it off. But other than that everything working right and no more network problems because of location services ON. Dont have battery drain problems either.

      • George

        Does anyone know if there is anything wrong having it in Factory Activation mode?

      • lewo

        And whar about PUSH? Does it work on your iPhone?

  • Rob

    I have an iphone 4 which I had upgraded to 5.0.1 and jailbroken with baseband 4.10.01
    This is an iphone locked to a canadian cell provider. I am using it with T-mobile USA using Gevey.

    SAM and SAMPrefs revert lockdownd to stock completely messed up my phone.
    1. Now when I connect to itunes with the T-Mobile sim on a Gevey tray, iTunes tells me that this is not a supported SIM.
    2. When I reboot the phone it asks me to activate it then tells me the SIM is not supported.

    I am up a creek without a paddle. But blog after blog I’ve read that if I run ‘Stockify’ using SSH, it will undo the revert.

    Yet there isn’t a single instruction anywhere on how to actually find and run this program – it IS installed on my phone. So if you’ve successfully run this program, please let me know how.

    Otherwise any help on activating this phone without original SIM is appreciated.

  • erm

    Help needed urgently….Please….
    I have a problem with the SAM thing. Here is what happened. I wanted push notification and imessage on my recently jailbroken iphone which uses Gevey Ultra for unlock. So I installed the SAM and I started following the steps. I went as far as clicking the ‘Revert lockdown to Stock’ which gave me a successful message, then I was supposed to sync with itunes, but I tunes said that my sim was invalid and stuff but I was still using the iphone. So I tried again and again no luck. Then I thought it would be a good idea to uninstall the SAM thing and then I rebooted my iphone. Now just when the iphone is on, it says connect to itunes and makes me choose wi-fi networks. When I connect to itunes, it says, ‘The sim card inserted in this iphone does not seem to be supported’. Im living in Africa, so there is no way I can get the official sim card. What can I do please tell me. My iphone is unusable for now. Should I try to restore from a backup or something…?
    The phone is iphone 4, ios 5.0.1, Gevey Ultra unlocked, baseband 4.10.01, and was jailbroken.
    Please HELP!!!!!

  • Martin

    Have to say, followed a tutorial like this to the letter and it worked perfectly.

    Running an iPhone 3Gs (old Bootrom) on ios 5.0, with iMessage working perfectly. Piece of piss to do, would reccomend you try if you are a bit worried, don’t be, worked flawless on this model anyway.

    Thanks for the tips.


  • Martin


    i didn’t have to TOUCH redsn0w – i did it all on the device.

  • Badmash khan

    I Finally got the factory unlock code for sprint iPhone’s 4S/5S/5C/6/6+ ##873283# send this you need to use it with ” non-sprint ” activated Simple mobile SIM card After you insert the sim then do it quickly before it take you to activation screen ! So please don’t forget to comment below