Apple May Have Patched Limera1n Bootrom Exploit In Newer iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch To Prevent Jailbreaking


A forum member of ModMyI claims that he was not able to jailbreak his iPad that he had bought recently using Redsn0w.

This has led to speculation that Apple might have patched the limera1n exploit that has been used in Redsn0w to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 in newer iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches  that are being shipped.

To give you some background, back in October, Geohot had released a jailbreaking tool called Limera1n to jailbreak iOS 4.1 using a bootrom exploit. Since it was a bootrom (hardware level) exploit, it meant that Apple couldn’t stop the exploit from being used in existing iDevices to prevent them from being jailbroken but could do so in newer devices by patching the bootrom exploit.

ModMyI’s forum member believes that Apple has done just that and patched the exploit in newer iDevices. He writes:

I made a trip to the Apple Store today to get an iPad for my old lady (Christmas present). She told me she’d love it jailbroken, so I sat down in front of my computer to redsn0w this 4.2.1 iPad.

One problem–redsn0w 0.9.6b6 could not upload a pwned iBSS (hanged at the white screen on OS X, upload timed out and rebooted into jailed state with Windows).

Furthermore, the device constantly stalls when attempting to dump its bootrom. This leads me to believe the injection vector used via USB has been patched in DFU mode.

Case in point: Any iOS device with a serial number xx050 (this week) or higher might be unable to be jailbroken via the limera1n exploit. Slightly older devices may be invulnerable as well.

You can find out if your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is jailbreakable using the limra1n exploit by checking your serial number to find out which week your iPhone was manufactured.  You can find out which week your iPhone was manufactured from the serial number (seen in iTunes summary page or Settings App –> General –> About –> Serial Number). The first two digits of the serial number tells you the factory ID of where it was manufactured and the next three digits (Digits 3-4-5) tells you when it was manufactured.

Example: xx050xxxxxx – the 0 means 2010, and the 50 is the week of 2010 that it was manufactured.

So according to the speculations, new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad manufactured from the 50th week of 2010 might come with updated bootrom. It won’t be the first time Apple has done it to stay ahead of the cat and game with the iPhone jailbreaking community, in October last year, Apple had started shipping iPhone 3GS with newer bootrom to prevent jailbreaking.

Please note that these are still speculations at this stage, we will let you know as soon as any further information and a confirmation from the iPhone Dev Team.

Let us know your thoughts about Apple’s latest attempt to prevent jailbreaking (assuming the speculation turns out to be true) in the comments.

[via ModMyI, Redmond Pie]

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  • No surprises here, it’s to be expected. The Cat & Mouse game continues……………….

  • Stanna

    I have serial number XX036X so I am okay! This might be bad news for some people, but for others like geo hot it’s something else he can get his teeth stuck into! Keep up the good work!

  • Spanky

    My iPhone 4 was made week 45 and Redsn0w jailbroke it on 4.1.

  • Week 46 here, bought last week, jaillbroken. Looks like I got it just in time!

  • samuel

    I am so over jailbroken phone. I left mine zzas normal. I w ill never ever jailbrake my phone. It just all your data get lost then you have to do everything again. Mate so better not jailbroekn.
    What you need facebook tweeter all for free.
    Just pai 89 $ for tomtom and you got it fopr life.

    Am sure apple wil do a better UI interface slowly . and you have to update it from itunes and you will never loose your apps and information.
    Thst it.

    Trust me jailbreak is waist of time . Soon apple will add themes to and that it

    bye bye jauilbreak

    • Hendog

      Good for you. Enjoy your run-of-the-mill-look-like-everyone-else’s iPhone. For those of us who llke having somthing more personalized, jailbreaking is a very kick@$$ tool. Don’t come on am iPhone jailbreak site spitting your dislike for jailbreaking.

    • smash

      can you facetime over 3g?

    • supersquirrel

      Go F*** yourself

      • supersquirrel

        The above is for samual

    • moz

      Weird… I’m jailbroken and yet:

      – I loose NO data (thanks to PkgBackup & Chronus) when restoring a Jailbroken iPhone
      – I did pay for a legit license of Navigon
      – Apple does take cues from jailbreaks (proofs: wallpapers, folders, rotation lock, sbsetting/switcher, apps, copy&paste, auto-correction, MMS, tethering…) and will still take cues from Jailbreak!

      Trust me jailbreaking is definitely not a waste of time.

      While you wait for Apple to finally incorporate jailbreak features I’ll enjoy them and more right now .

      Bye bye Samuel…

    • Rockin Robbie

      Sad boy

      • Rockin Robbie

        Sad boy comment is for Samuel…..

    • You obviously don’t know a whole lot about jailbreaking. The jailbreak scene has multitasking, folders, custom UI, custom background pictures, lockscreen, etc a few years before Apple decided to do it.

      There are several Cydia apps that will back up your Cydia store apps, and custom settings made through Cydia. One app is called AptBackUp. It saves to iTunes, and is restores everything jailbroken by a push of a button.

      I respect people not wanting to jailbreak there devices, but stop being ignorant about things. Do some simple research. There will need for jailbreaking until Apple gives the user complete control over customizing their Apple devices.

    • Florence

      Wow, way to sound like an uninformed fucking troll. Go troll some other site. If youre statements WERE genuine then you are a fucking dipshit. Either way your words have no power, just some homosexual troll trying to piss people off for self gratification.

    • Jonathan

      Your mother (the old faggot) was a waste of time and so are you. If your going to say something spell it right. I spent 10 minutes of my life trying to decipher what you wrote.

  • Fear

    My new iphone 4 (4.2.1) has XX047XXXXXX i tried to jailbreak using redsnow the process was successful but nothing changed, i have no cydia icon and can still boot without pc/mac it’s like i never jailbroke it!

    • winkerwatson66

      Quick one
      Done my iPad 4.2.1 thought the same, have you told redsn0w to
      “boot it tethered”
      otherwise cydia wont show

      • Fear

        my bad just repeated the prosses and i managed to get cydia as tethered not a big deal to get it as untethered for me as i dont turn off my phone so mutch…

  • winkerwatson66

    iPhone 4 week 47,
    jailbroke with greenpois0n rc4 no issues
    came with 4.1 so no shsh blobs, so hoping for the untether on 4.2.1 if any issues and need to restore.

    Also replacement on my broken ip4 serial 5K047 (5K = manfactured recon as new came with 4.1)
    also jailbroke

  • Grime

    You gotta be kidding me, I didn’t see that one coming lol.

  • DiabloZoe

    This is incorrect information! It would take upto 6 months for Apple to patch the exploit! And this information is coming from some one who tries to JB a new ipad! And its unclear if he even knew what he was doing!

  • smash

    I’m getting tired of apple. I’m still on 4.1 because of that. Thinking about goin to android..

  • Keigo

    Not true…my new iPhone is week 50 and I have o problem jailbreak it.

  • Tonyjab

    Just purchased mine today at best buy mine was done on week 49 ios 4.2.1 and i just jailbroke it tethered using redsnow b6

  • BigBossSnake

    Somehow my iphone 3g cant be jailbroken on 4.0 and above…redsnow just hangs halfway..and limera1n just hangs as well and doesn’t detect the phone in DFU mode. Only able to jailbreak on 3.1.3..odd..

  • iStevejobs

    Yea .. I’m lovin this game ..

  • Jimmy

    mine iphone 4 on 4.21 xxx047,can it jailbreak and unlock

  • Torres

    Jailbreak on ipad is not working for me on 4.2.1 using redsn0w it freezes during jailbreak then message pops up say close program

  • AnYtHiNg

    I got my iPad today and its serial no. xx059xxx i used redsnow and jailbroken it tethered…

    It works like a charm.. 😉

    • ?

      Aren’t there only 52 weeks in a year?

      • Willy31894

        That’s what I thought this guy is just bullshit

    • Willy31894

      Dude….there’s only 52 weeks in a year…..since when did they add 7 extra weeks??! Maybe u should be honest before u place lies here


      • JT

        Better yet, the idiot can learn to count 🙂

    • AnYtHiNg

      Stop commenting you all fukcing nerds

      If u have seen your keyboard once then watch it 0 and 9 keys are close it was typing mistake

      Its 50 not 59

  • Ng

    The whole story is bs, how would an iPad get from production to consumer in less than a week.

  • M

    Well, I’ve just about given up jailbreaking, which is not to say I’ll just take iphones for what they come with, I’m going Android. So are most of my work coleauges (IT guys). Why should we have to jailbreak a phone just to get it to do what it should already be doing and others allow you to do out of the box. Sorry apple, but this is rubbish, you have a great product, but you’re going to lose the market at this rate. Even people who know nothing about IT are starting to go Android. There are android phones all over the shopping mall this christmas, I hope Apple wake up to what’s going on and do something about it.

  • fas

    Apple wants to run its monoply, not good knowing that Android is almost up there.

  • Unknown

    Here is what probably happened to the guy that was unable to jailbreak his iPad. He is probably running windows 7. Windows 7 freezes up redsn0w when it gets to about 75%. So it may have seen like the exploit no longer works. All you have to do is right-click on the redsn0w file. Go into properties and run as windows xp compatiable.

    This happens to one person and it automatically becomes a headline. Who is writing these headlines? Why so quick to jump to conclusions?

  • Birke

    This happened to me, too BUT I could figure out, that some iPhone / iPad Helper Tools (2Do Helper, Air Video Server Helper) caused this problem. Maybe a firewall is blocking the connection to Apple.

  • Christopher A Williams

    Soo How do you tell if an iPad can Be J/B? since the Numbers are Different. By that I mean..when I look @ Mine..Instead of 2 numbers it’s 2 Letters. So am I too assume that it’s the same read as the i4? cause if so..then xx044 means that it was week 44 for Mine.

  • cdnguy

    i just got a week 49 on thursday and redsn0w worked on it

  • Ordinary_guyz

    Hey guyz.. I think this is off the topic here..
    But I know u guys won’t mind answering my questions.. 🙂
    Do u know how to restore a custom firmware 4.1 on iPhone 3GS or 4 without having shsh 4.1 blob saved? Or it’s impossible? I try many times.. On pc I got error 3194. And on Mac I got error I’m not eligible..

    Your help meant a world to me. Thankss

    • w0lfkr3m

      Please point me in right direction but of my point of view it’s impossible to restore to 4.1 anyway since 4.2.1 arrived! The reason is that 4.2.1 has bootloader requirement implemented. Does your iphone run on 4.2.1? Or why you have to restore it??

      • w0lfkr3m

        i meant baseband not the bootloader! kind of wired personality today

      • Ordinary_guyz

        Well my iPhone 4 running 4.1 firmware and jailbreak by limera1n. It doesn’t have 4.1 shsh blob save. Only 4.2.1 saved. I need to restore because it just got some error and stuff.. I try to restore custom firmware 4.1 but I keep getting error 3194 on pc n not eligible on Mac.. I don’t want to restore to custom 4.2.1 because it would be tethered.. So my question is does anyone know how to restore a custom firmware 4.1 without having 4.1 shsh blob saved?

  • badboykilla

    AnYtHiNg said…
    “I got my iPad today and its serial no. xx059xxx i used redsnow and jailbroken it tethered… It works like a charm.. ;)”

    huh? there is 59 weeks in year?


  • Koomoo

    It’s impossible for u to go back to 4.1 if u didn’t save SHSH files not unless someone comes out with a brilliant way to do that but for now ur prolly stuck with 4.2.1 with a 5.15 basband

  • Koomoo to AnYtHiNg

    U still fail in life n stealing ur life savings to buy ur iPad it’s prolly not doing u any good lol

  • PDA

    There’s no bootrom change. It’s a mistake: orbyorb had a bad USB host controller. Anyone can make mistakes.

  • Eugene Johnson

    So is orbyorb the source of this “information” about the ipad or what?

  • Rockin Robbie

    Big Thanks to Dev Team & the rest of the jailbreakers for making it all possible.

    A standard iphone is soooo boring. Jailbreaking is the way to go.

    Does Steve Jobs think he can hold us all to ranson, Answer NO

  • VanzBadga

    xx049….. phew that was close!

    Iphone 4 by the way.

  • darkhorse

    well my iphone 4 is xx050 serial number and jailbroken it without any problem. its a tethered jailbreak but for now i’m happy with it

  • albi

    I just got my iPhone 4 and my iPad one for xmas and one for birthday , yesterday from NY and I jailbraked them both so… ? both were 4.2.1 OTB ( Out of box )

  • ReadThePosts

    Jesus Christ some of you guys dont even read before posting. It was a MISTAKE. It is not patched. Orbyorb had a problem with his USB controller. READ the articles and the posts and many of you will have answers to your questions before asking and looking like a noob!

  • abubasim

    Why is it that when Apple patches an exploit everyone feels that this is to stop jailbreaking? An exploit is a weakness in the security that can be taken advantage of by ‘bad guys’.

    You want Apple to stop patching exploits? Then don’t publish details about them!

  • the_Fall3N

    You never know, steve jobs might even had his iphone jailbroken.. And thinking, “damn!!! why the hell didn’t I think of this and that and that!!!”