Camera+: Popular iPhone App Returns To The App Store With New Features And Improvements

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Camera+, a popular iPhone app is again available in the App Store. It was removed from the App Store by Apple four months back after the developer, Tap Tap Tap revealed an easter egg to enable a hidden feature, which allowed iPhone users to use the volume buttons as a camera shutter button, which is against Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.

Before Camera+ was pulled from the App Store, Tap Tap Tap had revealed that they had sold over 400,000 iPhone apps and had generated more than $500,000 in the first two months since it was released.

As expected, as soon as the news of the hidden feature made its way to the tech blogs, Apple removed the iPhone app from the App Store. Though the idea of using the volume buttons as a camera shutter button was a good one, trying to sneak the feature when Apple had previously rejected an update to the iPhone app, which included that feature seemed to be a short-sighted move by a prominent developer like Tap Tap Tap.

After waiting for four months, Apple has approved the new version of Camera+. It goes without saying that Tap Tap Tap has removed the easter egg from version 2.0 of Camera+. Camera+ 2 also gets more than 50 new features and improvements. Tap Tap Tap is currently offering the iPhone app for $0.99 instead of $1.99 to celebrate the launch of Camera+ 2.

You can download Camera+ from the App Store using this iTunes link.

Its one of the best camera apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch 4G, so we would recommend you to check it out.

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