Comex To Release Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.2.1 Before Christmas

JailbreakMe 2.0

When MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team revealed that he has managed to get untethered jailbreak to work on iOS 4.2.1 earlier in the day, he had hinted that Comex was also working on an easier untethered jailbreak method.

Comex, developer of jailbreaking tools like JailbreakMe and Spirit has indicated that he plans to release a userland based jailbreak method before Christmas.

Comex revealed his plans via the following tweets:

iCykey: @comex I want a 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak for christmas 😛

Comex: @iCykey you’ll get it.

JailbreakMe 2.0 released by Comex for iOS 4.0.x was one of the easiest method to jailbreak iPhone. Let’s hope that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 is as easy to use as JailbreakMe.

As always, we will let you know as soon as it is released so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Have you been waiting for a untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1? Tell us in the comments section below.

[via Comex]

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  • Koomoo

    Sounds like good news….

  • iURLas

    ooh yeah! great news. have been holding out for the longest time not tempted to upgrade.

  • Anthony82

    This is good news 🙂

    • Shazam

      Cesar Aceves – first you make a remark that the jailbreaks should come out no more than 1 week post the firmware update. Then you ask for community help on what to do with your jailbroken, unlocked iPhone?!

      You should first give thanks to the people that spent their time, and you probably never donated a dime towards their work, to enable you to have that phone on t-mobile, then do some research on your own to figure out the solution! It’s people like you who piss off the hard working coders and give the rest of us “hackcustomers” a bad name!

      • Bibo

        Hmm really funny. Yes really good news. For latest on iPhone,iPod,iPad,Apple,Android and Jailbreak visit www. Thanks

  • Cesar Aceves

    Of course we need the jailbreak we should get them no more than a week when new firmware comes out dont know why it takes so long.

    • hacking into something that’s been intentionally secured is a lot harder than one knows, and takes only a special kind of person to understand how to do this, not every programmer out there can do it, so this limits the time; plus people have jobs/lives and cant be at the pc 24/7 hacking away at something with no tangible gain except from the gratitude from fellow users unable to do this themselves.
      So please show some gratitude and don’t complain if a jailbreak hasn’t be released yet, show some respect to the dedication to these guys to provide something to you for free.

      • Jcm800

        Well said.

    • Failtastic

      Go fuck yourself, you stupid entitled spoiled piece of shit. Let’s see how long it takes you to create a jailbreak, let alone contribute ANYTHING to humanity.

  • Desucca

    Beat it, troll

  • simon

    awesome,so this mean,its could jailbreak on any devices,right

  • jailbroken iP4& on 4.1

    good news! But there was a rumored release of 4.3 by mid december remember. i prefer waiting on that update & d devs hack on that. It myt have better features

  • Plafta

    Great news!

  • Borat

    Like i said in the last topic. When will there be an ETA on an un-official bundle for the people like me who have a 3G with a baseband of 05.13.04 on firmware 4.1. Talk about half a job bob.

  • fas

    Apple should help the iphone 4 users who have locked phone to unlock or take their device back and return money.

    • take some responsibility for your actions.

      Sent from my iPad

  • iPhone 4 guys

    All these are the great news ….. But unlock for iPhone 4 would be awesome. Keep working guys….. Thanks in advance

  • Dennis

    Good News i hope , the gonna make à Easy jailbreak to unlock it .

  • Daniel

    I learned something a while ago,do not update your iphone otherwise you will end up waiting for the jailbreak and unlock for a long time or you can switch to android.

    • Eric

      LOL Switch to Android? No thanks. Great potential, but no thanks.

  • anonimen

    I just wanted to share what happened to me….
    I have 3gs, curently updated to 4.2.1 / 16.15.00
    I used Redsn0w to jailbreak, the I put in an original AT&T sim card (active and working), but i couldn’t get any Internet connection. Was able to connect WIFI to instal ultrasn0w and now i have UNTETHERED, jailbroken, ulocked iphone. The only thing that happens is, i am getting a new voicemail alert when i power off/on my phone. Dont know for sure how it happened but works great for me.

    • Eric

      Is the SIM card that you used registered for an iPhone? I had the same situation, and had to change the profile on the phone.

      I think it’s an APN issue or something.

    • rainer

      you need a 3g sim card

    • SpecialOpZ

      be careful when using an official active AT&T card on a phone with 6.15.00.

      AT&T will see that you are using an IPad and not an IPhone with that sim card will be flagged as high risk.

  • Carlos Aceves

    NEED HELP!!!!!

    i have an iPhone right now and the silent switch is broken. i use it with T-Mobile so i need it unlocked the thing is if i get a new iPhone i will come with 4.2 preinstalled so should i just stay with the one i have or get a new iPhone and wait for a new jailbreak or do you think one will even come out with an unlocked my warranty for my phone expires the 26 of December so i need choose right now

    • anonimen

      I think that your worranty has expired soon after you jailbreak your phone. Sorry dude

      • Borat

        Anonimen, Im not sure but i dont think Apple can tell if you have jailbroken your phone as long as you restore it.

        • Jcm800

          They didnt detect mine had been Jailbroken when i took it back to a store after a restore 🙂

      • Carlos Aceves

        just restore it and they will never find out but what do you think i should do

        • Borat

          I think you should restore it and take it back to the store. I don’t think there is anyway they can tell if you have ever jailbroken it.

        • Borat

          I think you should restore it and take it back to the store. I don’t think there is anyway they can tell if you have ever jailbroken it.

          Whats the worst that can happen? If they do find out you have jailbroken YOUR iPhone what can they do, its legal to jailbreak.

      • rainer


  • Randy Stewart

    Great thanks for your hard work!

  • Lee

    You go Comax but how about the unlock? Should it come in a package? 🙂

  • jd

    Does not needs to be as easy as because it uses 3 userland JB’s that means 3 untethered jb are gone in 1 JB. Or you can choose use 1 userland jb and limera1n exploit so we can have 3 new updates working with a JB!
    Would be better doesn’t it?

  • pebrow

    Will this jailbreak my Apple TV 2, so that I can install Plex?

  • Yeah! I Have been waiting for a untethered jailbreak for my 3gs iOS 4.2.1? Its hard to reboot the iphone. Please just release the new tools to jailbreak 3gs phone with out boot tethered. Thank you so much.

  • skeem

    GOOd news i got stuck with 4.2.1 by mistakenly upgrading to it good progress!!!

  • Tommy

    Fuck apple ..

  • Tommy


  • Mrplumber333

    Oh great news I can’t wait for it….. 🙂

  • Pingy

    release it NOW! =)

  • 4.2.1

    How come all jailbreaks & unlocks needs to be online? I have one AT&T Iphone 4 IOS4.2.1 that I would like to jailbreak & unlock. But AT&T does not work here in Greenland so I cant go online. When do we see a jailbreak & unlock where you just download the software to your PC without going online with your phone?

    • Jason

      Not guna happen bro! Think about the updates for each app tweak and theme!! U couldn’t keep up with it! trust! Unless u mean a website a bite like cydia were u jst download from then ash in to your device????? Could work! And should b done

  • Jason

    Yes pls! Thank u

  • Jason

    Really can’t wait! Jst made my Xmas

  • Sesi

    Comex for pres. Great work for a real jailbreak instead of geo’s!!

  • Q.p.

    Does anyone know if there is still a way to jailbreak the first gen iPhone it’s my bros and I’m not sure of the bootrom or version yet I have not got may hands on it just wondering if there’s something out there for this that still works any advice is appreciated thanks

  • golden egg

    I am having a non jailbroken panic attack

  • nirav


    when Release of Untethered break For iOS 4.2.1 with baseband 5.15.04 is expected ?

  • currymucher

    wow this is brilliant and sex is great!

  • yeah to bad they forgot to jailbreak 4.1 any one know what the deal with that was?

  • Conecting

    Please untethered jailbreak now!!! 😀

  • jolly

    Big Old Saint Nic won’t arrive until 24th (xmas eve) i doubt we will see comex until then either! I look forward to it tho! These guys go out there way to make us jailbreakers happy, in my eyes comex dev-team use are lords!

  • Bob

    Release the F**@ӣ jailbreak.

    You’ve done it— release it….!

    I have had to restore three times because of F^*%£@ redsn0w, just release the untethered god-dammit.

    I am seriously pissed right now…..

    • Jebus

      you are such a moron. who gives a shit about the fact that you had to restore 3 times. downgrade to 4.1 using Tiny Umbrella and wait until the jailbreak is released or shut the fuck up.

  • Hero Yamato

    Hi iphonehacks i glad that the Dev-team is giving important the taste of iphone users around the world & they are helping together to speed up cydia and other apps.

    Thank you

  • Hero Yamato

    i hope very soon the unthetered unlock will come out.

    Thank you

  • Yea

    Beat Your Meat To The Beat. Beep, Beep!

    • Katie


  • That is really Good News. Keep up the good work guys ! We really appreciate it.

  • I have been waiting for Two Month a untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1? as my 3gs iphone. So thank you so much Dev-Team hard working and I hope to lease soon..

  • stanna

    It looks like we will have to wait a little time longer, as comex quoted “i thik i am going to miss my christmas deadline” its a shame i know! It will be here soon enough im sure! Dev Team have there own release, will reqiure u to have SHSH blobs saved tho. Keep up the good work comex! I look forward to your version!

  • chase

    its too bad comex didnt get the 4.2.1 jailbreak out by christmas. i got an ipad and it would have been nice to jailbreak right away

  • Hate apple

    Well he did not say Christmas 2010 and by comes comments on tweeter I would thing maybe Xmas 2015

  • Hate apple

    Come = comex

    Dam ipad

  • Codeman862

    Comex is waiting until apple releases iOS 4.3

  • Ben

    Is it out yet

  • rando

    P.S. JailbreakMe didn’t support 4.0.x, it supported 3.1.2–>4.0.1. 4.0.2 patched the exploit needed the jailbreak.

  • Jayson

    Chronic dev beat comex!

  • Holden

    Is there any new news about the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 (4.2.1)? I’m just getting into the scene and saw a friends old 3GS iPhone that was jailbroken. Awesome stuff! And I’d like to join the club. Any deadline at all?


  • Alex

    Ok and then when is iOS 4.3.1 coming out for jailbreak?