Unlocking iPhone After Updating Baseband To 06.15.00 Causing GPS Issues?

Unlock iPhone 4

iPhone Dev Team had released PwnageTool and Redsn0w that allowed users to update their iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS’s baseband to 06.15.00 along with Ultrasn0w 1.2 to unlock it few days back.

Some users have reported significant loss of GPS signal after upgrading to baseband 06.15.00. iPhone Dev team has also confirmed that though baseband 06.15.00 is capable of GPS, it might require further hacks.iPhone Dev Team has published the following update on their blog:

Unlockers have been reporting mixed results about GPS functionality at 06.15.00.

Until we can track down what differentiates those who retain GPS vs. those who lose it, be conservative and assume you’ll lose GPS at 06.15.00.

As we work on finding the cause (and possibly a fix), please report your personal findings in our comments section.

(Update: early indications are that while 06.15.00 is capable of GPS, it will require some further hacks. But please still be conservative and assume you will lose GPS at 06.15, in case the hacks don’t work).

So if you are planning to unlock your iPhone then please proceed with caution as you might end up losing GPS on your iPhone.

If you have successfully unlocked your iPhone using the combination of PwnageTool or Redsn0w and Ultrasn0w then please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with GPS on your iPhone in the comments section below.

[via Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Leo

    Yes, I do have the GPS issue after updating Baseband to 06.15.00.
    Hope there is a fix soon… 🙁

    • Nick kara

      Everything works fine 3GS 4.1 jailbreak (limera1n) b.b 6.15.00 t-mobile

      • Hello nick. this sounds like good news… can you please test this with GPS Status to see if you really get a good fix…

        Will be good to test it with wi-fi off, cause wifi helps gps acuracy, and at the mountain we have no wifi.

        Thanks for your help!

  • ben

    Really… All that for an upgrade that doesn’t bring any significant updates? I’m staying on the old fw and not upgrading to anything that’s not reversible.

    • martin

      ….’all that’ for an upgrade?..well to some unlockerss who had ‘accidentally’ upgraded, it came as a very welcome development to be able to use the iphone as a phone again. i guesss they’ll be happy to live with it untill a fix is found. Keep it up Dev team

  • Sukhish Puri

    Yup…mine is also not working, looking forward to the fix! 🙂

  • Alan

    Glad I stayed away from this baseband/unlock. Nothing but problems. And the worst thing for all of you who did: It can’t be undone. Ouch

  • Markkkk

    Everyone is losing it and you guys and like 3 days late on the news….

  • mydan99

    Yes I’m having these problems too… Annoying because location apps do not work properly nor does tom-tom… Hoping for fix soon…

  • jay

    And i thought i was the only one having this problem. i immediately checked both mobile maps and papago after upgrading the bb. both have problems getting a signal. maps and xgps however dont seem to have that problem. push doctor and sam didnt fix the problem. hope they find a fix soon. i always use my gps.

    • Zlatko

      Helo there loking your post i saw that you Are hawing a gps problem 6.15.00 like mine ,and j was wondering is there are any solution after half ear on downgrading or fixing 6.15.oo bb, thanks a lot man

  • Diezel

    Same problem here also not working GPS after updated the baseband. Hope for a patch soon.

  • jack

    i apreciate dev team hard work but this is the worst iphone unlock i have seen since my first iphone in 2007 and jailbreaking with ziphone zibri!!!!!!!

    this unlock literary brick u r iphone

  • Mad

    I lost wifi after updating a 3G to the 6.15 baseband. Which means I can’t even unlock it, or use it on Att because it’s hacktivated. I need a no wifi unlock!! Or the link to the .tgz dispose file with the latest ultrasn0w so I can add it to a custome firmware.

    • Wraithers

      Hey Mad, try placing your iPhone on/next to your wireless router and you might be able to pick up a signal – it worked for me after creating a custom IPSW with Pwnage Tool 0.9.6b and updating to iPad baseband.. It’s not a fix, but at least it will allow you to get hacktivated and then get SAM =)

      We need a proper fix for this Dev-Team..

  • vee

    Use SAM module and your GPS prob will be fixed. Mine had the prob with GPS and now OK. Thanks devs team great job. like to see an udate to ios 4.2 for UNLOCKED 3GS base 6.15 3gs.(WINDOWS)

    • rayvandy

      hi vee, do u have ur push notification working? coz mine dead since i update to 06.15.00 even though i installed SAM and push doctor 🙁

  • Abdul

    Will there be any other unlock that does not updated the baseband to the ipad baseband 06.15? Cause i real rather not update it and then end up having problems and that it is unreversible.

    • Zeeshan

      Yes u can use redsn0w to install ios5 without upgrading baseband!
      I used Sn0wBeeze to cook custom ios5 and used redsn0w to put the iphone 3gs into pawned DFU mode and all is working great!
      only bad that currently its tethered jailbreak
      hope untethered will come soon

  • iGotNoGps

    After upgrading the baseband to 06.15 GPS not working. 3GS ios 4.0.1 unlocked with Ultrasn0w. No battery draining problems on 4.0.1 for me.

  • apple hater

    I have 3Gs fw 4.1, bb 06.15.00 …..Yes I have GPS not working and battery drains

  • Triniboi

    I have no GPS issues but I do experience some freezing up and my phone runs sluggish at times..

  • Spiky

    Lol you all got fucking owned, i really hope there wont be any fix as all of you fucking idiots are whining babys.. Aww fix jailbreak now, aww my battery is poor, aww dev-team come o ne, aww cydia aint working.. Please! Jailbreak ur own fucking phone with your own fucking program if you cant be happy for what ppl do during their free time.. Dev-team can stop their makin of jailbreak any time they want and they wont listen to new fags line you guys anyway!

    • Nigel

      You seem like a very joyful person.

    • Shandooga

      Away: go there.

  • MM

    i recomend all iphone user with baseband 5.14.02 do not unlock your iphone with this new 6.15.00 is no going to work 100% wait for some thing out

  • TONY

    I have problems but with the telephony network .. usually lose a lot of signal, even pull me messages “unable to activate mobile network”

  • Luong Xuan Tang

    Dear all,
    I have GOOD NEWS for you. iPhone baseband 06.15.00 can use GPS normally.
    After I update my iPhone 3G to baseband 06.15.00 my GPS has problem. But when I install “SAM” to Hackactive as “Active iPhone Without Official Carrier SIM…” of Dev Teams.
    My GPS problem is fixed. Now it works fine.

    • where can i find SAM ? what sources on cydia ..thanks

    • Vinh Dang

      Hi Luong,

      i have baseband 06.15.00 on my iphone 3GS
      can you please send me some details how to fix my GPS issues… i noticed u said u installes SAM?

      please Help


  • iURLas

    yes, confirmed. use SAM to hactivate. but be careful read the instructions. got mine working but had to do it twice. cheers.

  • fas

    what about iphone 4?

  • stringman

    GPS and Bluetooth are not working after updating my 3GS to 4.2.1, BB 06.15.00 and unlocking with ultrasn0w!

  • Bobsun

    Just use SAM but activate and de-activate few times and GPS will work. Go to SAM setting and activate and de-activate. Еvrey time you activate start iTunse to activate den close it deactivate and again… It just work 🙂 GPS fix

    • stringman

      thanx! I tried 10 times but nothing changed…will keep on trying!

      • Bobsun

        Update WI-FI must be ON. When I turn WI-Fi off the GPS go off.
        Try with Wi-Fi ON.

  • Bobsun

    And i’m with 3G

    • tacoma

      SAM doesn’t fix GPS things, don’t give out false info. Turn off your wifi and 3g n see if you GPS will work with Tomtom and Navigon or not. You don’t need wifi or 3g to use with these apps, it uses global positioning system GPS

  • ifonix

    work with SAM deactivation.
    the same as Bobsun when WI-FI is off GPS don’t work.
    so it is half selution but we looking for some thing better…

  • rzon

    hello dev team can u plz let us know, r you releasing the unlock for baseband 5.14.2 without updating to ipad baseband?Need to confirm YES or NO

  • I have poor gps also,
    Old bootrom

  • German

    I have 3GS (MB715LL) on 4.1 and made the Jailbreak on 4.1 upgrade to 06.15.00 and unlolck with Ultrasnow. Every thing is working fine. No problem with Battery, WiFi or GPS

  • michael

    i need a iphone 3g custom bundle so that i can upgrade again to 4.2.1 anyone knows where i can find it. i have windows not mac

  • tom

    I have iphone 3gs still in 3.1.2 can someone tell me if I can upgrade to 4.1 and keep my BB no change? if so what do I need to use?

  • Andym

    I Jailbroke with Redsn0w and unlocked via ultrasn0w and lost use of my GPS, tried loading 2 different satnav apps but neither work 🙁 I use satnav daily for work. Pleeeease find a patch

  • T.A

    I have got GPS problem after unlocking and changing basband no GPS signals, I hope Dev team fix it soon.

  • Unjailbroken iPT3G & 3GS (New Bootroom) both on 3.1.3

    I thought so, 4.2.1 update, JB, & Unlock are lousy that comes w/ greater hazards than supposed productivity. battery issues, Microsoft Calendar, & now GPS loss. What’s next to be discovered?? I love the 4.1 update better, & saurik of “cydia is right” by saying that he uses 4.1 & have no plans of updating though it takes years. Where the hell can i DL or update my unjailbroken iDevices to 4.1? I just want 4.1! Great & very smooth exploit from geohot’s “limera1n”!!! 4.1 please! anybody know hot to update to 4.1 cming from a 3.1.3 version???? Least i can hope & pray for is a smooth update of 4.3 when they rumored to be out by Mid-December. & a furnished Jailbreak as well to the said version. Where art thou Geohot!? A lot needs ur genius exploit!

  • ekon45

    I updated my phone when this new unlock got released.Im on 4.2.1 and 06.15.00 I run t-mobile i tried att and also works. I have no problems what so ever. My gps works normal and also my wifi phone is basically like if i was on 3.2.1 just a tad slower. I have a 3g and only thing it was running slow due to spotlight and multitasking. Other than that now being removed it runs great. No issues on my end.

  • Nick kara

    People you should have waited to hear what happens to other people when a new hack comes out. I waited and after listening to the problems. I just upgraded my b.b To 6.15.00
    My 3GS was already jailbroken so I left everything alone just upgraded to unlock. No problems what’s so ever ( god willing I won’t have any)

  • Warezchewy

    ^___. Sn0wbreeze 2.1 to make custom 4.1 firmware and ireb to make the phone take it in iTunes

  • Nels

    Will there be an unlock for baseband 5.14.02?

  • Ryan

    I have a new bootrom model iPhone 3Gs that I used Redsn0w to jailbreak iOS version 4.1(8B117) and update the modem firmware to 6.15.00. I then used ultrasn0w to unlock the phone. My GPS does not work now. I have tested it with both the Maps app and the MotionX GPS Lite app. The wi-fi and cellular triangulation work but I can not get a GPS fix. I just wanted to let people know what my experience was.

    • I guess finding useful, reliable ifnmoration on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  • xico said

    Yes, I have the problem after the upgrade the GPS baseband 06:15:00.
    I’m waiting for the solution because I’m lost in the world with my iPhone without GPS

  • Sparkytl4

    I have now completely restored my iPhone 3gs 5 times trying to isolate what i do that makes the battery drain begin. The best I can tell at this point is that when I add my mobile me account the drain begins if I do this immediately after the jailbreak and even before the unlock over wifi the drain becomes immediately apparent. I am not sure if there is a fix for this or not but just to help anyone else out that is what i have found.

  • Amanda

    I have just JB my iphone 4.2.1 to the 06.15.00 on rebooting after installing Ultrasnow the phone has frozen to recovery mode. I cannot plug in to itunes to restore now, any ideas how to activate phone without itunes??? Or have I just ruined my phone that I still have to pay for??

    • karl

      still bricked? if so, email me. i have a fix.

  • dane11666

    I’ve just up grade my iphone 3gs with the 4.1 firmware and to 06.15.00 baseband.
    before i do that i still can used my gps but now
    it doesn’t working anymore, my iphone always asking about the cellular data network.

    i’ve already turn on the cellular data but still the same, i can not the gps.

  • HuesoNet

    I have an iPhone 3G, GPS is not working since update BB.

    • koen

      Just to clarify.
      I have a 3GS with an official carrier.
      I restored my iphone to factory specs= 4.2.1 BB 06.15
      Official Tom tom installed.
      NO GPS . Maps NO GPS.
      So I doubt if it is because of the JB or a BB issue only

  • Shaz

    I upgraded my 3GS(later firmware)to 4.1 in Nov 2010 jail-broke it with Limera1n but due to non availability and long wait for waited unlock I upgraded to 4.2.2 Jilbroke with redsnow and got the phone unlocked with Cydia where GPS was also functioning with no battery problem. Unluckily due to tethered jailbreak to reduce the battery consumption in order to avoid reboot I put the notifications off from setting and when I needed GPS after few days I put the notifications on but alas there was no GPS acquiring and signals which few of my applications also confirmed to me – Brilliant IPhone Develop Team just come up with the final solution soon plz-

  • Russell

    My iphone’s GPS went out when i upgraded to iOS 4.2.1 and ipad baseband 06.15.00 (with the help of redsn0w_0.9.6b6 and ultrasn0w). Today i fixed the GPS problem as well as came back to iOS 4.1. This is how it was done:

    1. Run TinyUmbrella and start TSS server
    2. Put the phone in DFU mode
    3. Open iTunes and restore the phone with iOS 4.1
    4. Error 1015 comes up, and the phone boots into recovery mode
    5. Use TinyUmbrella to put the phone out of recovery mode
    6. the phone boots and comes in the ’emergency call’ state
    7. Run Limera1n (version RC1b) and make it rain and phone got unlocked.
    8. Use redsn0w redsn0w_win_0.9.6b5 to install Cydia in iPhone
    9. Add repo666.utrasn0w.com in Cydia source-list and install ultrasn0w.
    10. Now the phone is in 4.1, with baseband 06.15.00, GPS is working fine

  • Shaz

    Thanks a lot Dear Russell, I am going to try your recipe 🙂 and will give a feed back Take Care

  • Shaz

    Dear Thanks a lot my 3GS remained partialy successful, as I got rid of Tethered Boot however GPS :_( yet not working , it just show arrow above but cannot obtain its position on map and coordinates – Thanks again –

  • midkidd

    any more feedback on russell’s recipe?

  • Shaz

    No Yar , midkidd not encouraging for GPS and tonight Cydia is also crashing , anyhow I have got the cell service back through ultrasn0w after Friend Russel procedure but without GPS i am not enjoying and feeling good , this ipad basebasnd has rogered GPS of my device – let us see the developing teams what they do on Eve of Christmis – Few more additions I can give than u even need not to run redsnow and can install cydia through limera1n , other then tiny umbrella u can use IREB4.0 x4.1 to go both in DFU mode and nullifying error 1015 these are additives to Russels Recipe ha ha 🙂

  • tug

    yes my GPS is not working too.
    3G, 06.15.00, 4.1
    so, I want to upgrade to 4.2, but no luck

  • roro

    Tried Russell’s method and did not successfully get my GPS working. I’m on 3G, downgraded from 4.2.1 to 4.1 on BB 6.15.00. Maybe it’s a hit and miss?

  • Ryan

    Had major issues with my jailbroken 3G on 4.0.2. Eventually restored and attempted to jailbreak with latest redsn0w. Baseband updated to 6.15.00 but no cydia. Restored again after got the apple and spinning circle. Restored again to 3.1.3 still with 6.15.00 but can’t seem to jail break on anything vie tried. Should I upgrade to 4.1 or 4.2 and try again? Is there a way to jailbreak 3G 3.1.3 with 6.15.00? Any suggestions? Jail break seems to hang up on “downloading jailbreak data” or just peters out and resets phone but keeps current fw.

  • Stephane

    Since I updated to baseband 6.15.0. on my 3GS runing iOS 4.1. I lost GPS and cannot record video anymore. I restored again with 4.1 and still have the same problems.

  • Vince

    I just used the Russel method described above and…TADA!!! 4.1 with GPS enabled. Factory activated with my original SIM, and unlocked to boot.

  • Vince

    I should mention that I did not use limera1n as described in Russel post. I used Redsnow instead since it exploits with limera1n.

  • Vince

    False positive. I don’t have gps back. It was my wifi that was showing me as pinpointed. When I went around the block, no dice.

  • bmac

    I unlocked with Ultrasn0w. I’m running a 3gs with baseband 6.15.00 and on software 4.1. I lost my gps functionality.

  • Michal

    yes, it was weird, that after the jailbreak i used the tomtom app for about maybe 3 days.. The google maps were no use, and after that, the whole gps stoped working, i know i got my selfe into this, but i realy hope you guys help us out,

  • Henk

    I hope there will be a way to downgrade the 6.15 modem firmware.
    Have a 3gs end no gps.
    software 4.1 with 06.15.00 baseband.

  • dennis321

    Hallo ich habe kaum noch Netzempfang …
    3G Baseband: 06.15.00 Firmware : 4.2.1 Bootloader 6.2 brauche dringend hilfe!!

  • rayvandy

    my GPS is WORKING perfectly, but not for push notification. i installed SAM and push doctor but no luck. im running on 4.2.1 06.15.00 old bootrom at&t locked

  • lisp

    Hi all I am about to attempt to unlock my jailbroken iphone 3g using the (SAM)method, I understand that I am taking a risk of losing GPS once I update to b.b. 06.15.00 but unlocking would be worth it. Were I’m confused is when I run redsn0w 0.9.6cr8 and i get to the page were i click “Deactivate” do I still click “Fetch Ipad b.b” and “Install Cydia” or do I let the (sam) program do all the work? Also concerning the custom IPSW restore, I know Pwnage tools creates a custom one for you but I wont be useing Pwnage just redsn0w and ultrasn0w. I dl a restore of the os i currently have 4.2.1 and redsn0w recognizes it, but is there some other step to make it “custom” that I am unaware of? Sorry if these questions are redundant, this is my first unlock and I’m trying to avoid any stupid nube mistakes.
    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

    • stoner

      for iphone 3g u dont need ipad baseband, SAM or custom ipsw or wateva. update latest firmware n just jailbreak using redsnow or other jailbreak app n ur done 🙂 problem r usually for 3GS model n new bootrom. hope it helps

  • shom

    I got everything ok, But everytime my phone turns power off or goes dead (no battery) it will not get on again, unless I launch RedSn0w, plug the iPhone in and select “just boot tethered” to kick boot my iPhone 3gs.
    This is very annoying as it means I have to carry a computer with me.
    Anyone resolve this problem
    I am not sure if there is a fix for this.thanks

    • stoner

      try latest greenpoison, it fixes the tethered jailbreak. no more have to boot thru redsnow 🙂

  • Kaas

    Same problem here, no gps after ultrasnow

  • john boi

    what a cunt – wish they had a warning or i wouldnt have bothered

    • Mark Bartlett

      Exactly. This pissed me off. No GPS for few weeks now and i used it every day.

  • Anna

    I unlocked it now and its working perfectly fine 🙂

  • Dennis X W

    I have the same problem. Hope there is a fix. Thx a lot!

  • cosiaca

    1rst 3g bl 6.4 model mb046 everything worked fine on 4.1 06.15.00 custom pwnage. 2nd bl 5.9 model mb046 battery drains, battery percent erratic, gps lost but returned after ultrasn0w, I don’t trust on wifi while before it has lost in previous jb and unlock.

  • No Data

    I upgraded to 4.1 bb 06.15.00. Now if cellular data is turned ON, I can send and receive sms, mms, emails, browse, & make calls, but I cannot receive incoming calls. The caller will hear the line ring several times and then it goes to vm without any incoming caller ID/missed call notification on the handset, unless their is already another call in progress, then teh incoming call is noticed.

    If cellular data is turned OFF, calls can be made and received normally, sms works, but mms does not work, and no emailing or browsing or other data features without wifi.

    Will upgrading to 4.2.1 correct this or is there another patch I should use instead?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    • No Data

      BTW I’m on a 3GS, using tmobile and the battery discharges noticeably faster since upgrading from 3.1.3 to 4.1

    • stoner

      hey man, had d same prob b4 dis too. wen my 3gs was on 4.1 n ipad bb, the phone was very non responsive, batt drain, cellular/data prob and GPS lost.

      After updating to 4.2 n jailbreak using redsnow/greenpoison and also SAM, it fixes the non-resposive crap, batt drain, cellular/data problem:) but GPS and Push doesn’t work at all 🙁

  • Zeeshan

    Dear All,
    I am facing wifi issue with my iphone 3gs 4.2.1 new boot rom. as it can only be detected from a very short distance to router . is there any fix for it

  • dflatline

    my iphone 3g redsn0w /ultras 6.15.00 4.1 no gps no safari no wi fi says im connected on wi fi but dont work and cydia dont work right errors and cant get to the home page

  • cmoin

    do we know if the solution is to downgrade baseband or is it something else…(what are THEY working on)?

  • MJ

    I have a 3g running 4.1 updated baseband “BAD CHOICE” I have no GPS issues like others, my problem is signal drops then it says NO SERVICE. Searching online I find out that those who updated iPad baseband (6.15.00) also updated bootloader to 6.4 which cannot downgrade. Then I found the following info: (Please read) iPhone 3G initially comes with bootloader 5.8 followed by 5.9, 6.2 and the latest is 6.4 The Baseband is the processor that manages all of the activities of the antenna from wifi to bluetooth and of course the cellular signal. So if you have updated baseband, all you have to do is wait for DEV-TEAM to come up with some app to downgrade this, so we all are without an iphone for a while….!!! I HATE THIS.

  • Alex King

    I’m Facing more than that, my Cellulare data is out of order. I can see the “E” on the reception buy no Internet Connection.

  • Gps not working.

    iPhone 3GS
    4.1 (8B117)
    iBoot: 359.3.2

  • NRV

    Same here, almost lost my iPhone to the wall the other day when I have had enough..!, GPS useless after upgrading to 06.15.00. Just trying to use ANY app that requires GPS loses me signal all together GPS and Phone signal.
    So staying away from GPS Apps if I want to be able to at least make phone calls.

    B.T.W. I am on “Orange UK”

  • stoner

    same ere guys…

    3gs on 4.2 jailbreak greenpoison, once updated the ipad BB, lost GPS and also push. SAM fixes the battery drain issue only. tried activating n de-activating a couple of times but still same result.

    hope there’s a fix soon 4 us whinney wankers :p hehehe

    cheers n keep up d good work iphone-dev team

  • cristi

    4.1 bb 6.15.00 hacked with ultrasnow – no gps signal, updated to 4.2.1 also 6.15.00 BB – hacked with ultrasnow – no GPS signal :(((

  • bert

    Yep no gps for me on 4.2.1 6.15.00 quick fix please

  • Lindsay

    After upgrading my Iphone 3GS to ipad baseband 6.15, There is tremendous battery draining in my phone. Have had it charged up to 100% and in no time it drops to 60%. Any fix for this? Please help!

  • huss


    I have iphone-3GS with BB 6.15.00 and ver 4.2.1 and my GPS is not wokring.
    Any patch so far ? please notify me.

    Many thanks,

  • Brack

    Running ios 4.2.1 and unlocked to 6.15.00
    Glad to see its not just my iphone that can’t get a GPS fix. Any updates on a fix for the problem would be much appreciated.

    • we need a baseband downgrade!

  • vivek

    after updating my iphone 3gs to 4.1 baseband 06.15.00 maps are working fine but the blue dot is not working. it takes 10-15 minutes to update my position…

  • gps-looser

    my gps stop working at 06.15.00
    plees fix it by hucking or downgreid

  • Richard

    Hi i also have no gps since 6.15.00.
    If i would have known it before i wouldnt have hady phone unlocked.i took it to a shop and now my gps is screwed.mot bad i used it daily for my work.so now im stuffed

  • cleber

    i have a 3gs iphone and i did a jailbreak and unlocking to brazilian carriers with the 4.1 version using 06.16.00, then i lost my gps signal. hope i can have a solution.
    anyway, i thank those who have worked to make it work, even in a half way.

  • C Cris

    my GPS is not working. only triangulation (a-gps).
    3G, 06.15.00, 4.1

  • drx

    have u seen the fucking date???!!!!! no fucking gps for 6 fucking months,so fuck iphone,fuck gps and fuck all of you incl.dev team an this fucking site and forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Came here to check on GPS issue after all this time, I was scrolling down the messages.I got to yours and at least I had the best laugh I have had for ages.
      Now fix the fuckin GPS problem you bastards.You sucked us in without testing that band!!!!

  • USER

    NO GPS on 3G, BB 06.15.00, FW 4.2.1

  • eddy13

    hi guys ,

    using 3G , 4.2.1 BB 06.15.00 BL 06.02 .

    No GPS for all appz , except XGPS that works fine … good signal …

    Hope it helps .

  • goneGPSgone

    3G , 4.2.1 BB 06.15.00

    GPS not working


  • Cristian

    iPhone 3GS with 4.2.1 and 06.15.00 lost GPS :((

  • Ali

    My WIFI is not working. I’ve Iphone 3g now with 4.1 06.15.00. Also it drains the battery very quickly.

  • Maarten

    iPhone 3GS was locked on at&t
    now unlocked on 4.1 and 06.15.00 ->lost GPS

    Does anyone know if a bb downgrade is still on the “todo” list of the guys we are counting on?

    Lets keep our fingers crossed!

  • ankur

    my iphone 3g with 4.1 and base band 06.15.00 was stuck in emergency call screen
    what can i do…downgrade ,jailbreak or else…

  • maverick


    I recently upgraded my iphone 3gs to IOS 4.3.3 on baseband 06.15.00 (ipad baseband with redsnow 0.9.6rc16 ). Now I am not able to unlock it for my carrier (T-Mobile). I tried to use a valid AT&T SIM but it doen’t seem to recognize that either. Have I missed something during the jailbreaking or unlocking (through ultrasn0w 1.2.3) ?

  • bobran

    Hello. Modem 06.15.00 gps stops working after you install ultrasnow is

  • tony

    GPS is not working for me ( 6.15.00 )

  • CarloV

    I just unloked my iphone and upgraded to BB 6.15 and my GPS is not working either.
    Any idea how to fix this?
    This is has been going on for more than 6 months.

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • Hector

    is there any hope on recovering the GPS functionality for us that we had to move to 06.15.00?

  • Ian

    Wouldn’t it be better if we were supplied with an email to send something like our phone’s serial or something to? Wouldn’t be happy sending IMEI number but if there was some sort of code that would help track down which models exactly are doing this with the low signal on GPS. As mine is… Just a thought 🙂

  • HZ

    I’ve just tried xGPS from cydia, which was mentioned in an earlier comment.
    it seems to be locating me successfully, any other feedbacks about that?
    what if GPS was able to send the coordinates to Navigon or Maps?

  • Dang tran

    I update to 4.2.1 with my iPhone 3GS. iPad baseband no gps signal on navigon and tom-tom. Not recommend to upgrade stay away from them .

  • addo

    when i update bb 6.15.00 4.1 my gps not working. when it fixed will available.

  • ngl

    Same thing: 3G, 06.15, 4.2.1, unlocked w/ Ultrasn0w, installed SAM – GPS still not working.
    All you guys that claim GPS working please make sure it really is. If you are in WiFi or cellular network you do get located but yet it doesn’t mean your GPS is working. You need further testing to make sure. Otherwise you are rather preventing the community from fixing it.

  • Paul Isaacs

    Same upgrade as the others, with 4.2.1, and GPS problems. I use TomTom and Google Maps the most. But my apps seem to get a first update as the app starts. It is not very accurate (up to 500m) but enough to download the area map in Google Maps. After that I get no more GPS updates, ever. I have noticed my 3G runs a lot slower with the new baseband so perhapsthat has somethin gto do with it?

  • Emery

    I have an iPhone 3G upgraded to 6.15 to use T-moblie (walmart family). I was on 4.2.1. I used redsnow to jailbreak and ultrasnow to unlock. Unlock did not work on 4.2.1 so I upgraded to 6.15 and the unlock already applied worked. It works great now – even GPS when I’m off wireless. Bluetooth does not work however. But I’m happy to use my iPhone for a good plan at $45 a month instead of AT&T overpriced services. I have the 5.09 bootloader so at this point I’m stuck here. I really appreciate all the hard work folks did so we can use our iPhones as we see fit – not as forced on use by a corporation with too much money and time on theri hands.

    Apple needs to find something better to do with their 80 billion cash reserves than screw with their customers iPhones – and no I’m not going to go buy an Android! So quit screwing with us Apple! Steve couldn’t take all that money with him, so why are you messing with your loyal customers? I’m just asking!

  • Scott

    Lost gps on iPad bb whats the eta on the fix? I see the 3GS has been fixed and the 3G kind of left on the back burner since the launch of iOS 5.

  • devin

    i lose my signal on offical carrior some times?

  • Billt

    my gps not working tried several navigation programs. They all stay on Looking for GPS signal.
    wifi and everything else is working.
    I have a jailbroken and unlocked iphone g3 8gb
    running 4.2.1 and BB of 06.15.00
    thanks for the help

  • Billt

    edit- bluetooth also not working. just looks never finds anything.

    • Billt

      bluetooth is working fine my error, sorry

  • Jordan

    Ok guys I’ve done the big mistake by updating to iOS5 via iTunes the other day, realised I should have used redsn0w etc instead but anyway I have baseband 06.15.00 and 4.3.3 but things are just going wrong still.

    So just to make sure, is this correct:

    I want to just ignore getting a Jailbreak for now and use my phone like normal. So I update through iTunes to iOS 5.0.1, (already got baseband 06.15.00) and then have my phone unlocked by the original network it came with (T-Mobile).

    Thats correct right? Just want to be able to use my phone like normal for calling etc, I can do without a jailbreak for now.

  • I upgraded the b.b to 06.15.00, and since then I m getting weak wi-fi signals on my 3gs running on version 4.1

  • louise collins

    i started with a secondhand iphone 3g that was locked into o2 network but would not activate with pay as you go sim, i jailbroke using redsn0w 9.6.6b5 updated bb to 06.15.00, cydia had eeor messages when update had done it fail to fetch some packages because of no data and invalid signiture but was able to install ultasn0w 1.25, how ever phone appeared to be unlock as mobile network appeared in left hand corner but message saying failed ot accitivate mobile network and was unable to use phone to make of recieve call, tried to restore in itunes error message 1015, after tryi few differant methods, ie: installing libusb, using tinyumbrella even tho i had no ssh file stored with cydia i managed to unbrick iphone, i then used snowbreeze to jailbrake but still no good so again restored then unbricked using recboot then jailbroke using redsn0w0.9.4 and restored to 3.1.3 still with ipad bb, still nothing so now im back to the 4.2.1 bb 06.15.00 only this time cydia installed with no errors and a messge came up after installing ultrasnow that iphone was accitvated, using tmobile sim card everything ppers to be working ie setting carrier tmobile reception bars there network name there but still i can not make or recieve calls, i ave iphone configuration on my pc and have some log files of what was happing to iphone as i was doing the above if your interested in this information ill be happy to forward that to you. please keep me informed of any solution that you come accross. thanks louise collins

  • Jr

    I have a MB model iPhone 3g on 4.2.1 and when I try to update to the iPad bb in redsn0w, an error tab comes up and redsn0w exits. When I try with Sn0wbreeze it shows that it is working while restoring the firmware, but when it finishes my iPhone just gets the “connect to iTunes” logo and shows a 1002 error code in iTunes and says iPhone cannot be restored. I need some help

  • sizzlemoon

    My experiences and restored GPS functionality on BB 06.15.00

    I looked at several articles, mainly about copying a cert file to FuzzyBand. When I tried FuzzyBand I found my boot loader version was too high. Also I saw articles about downgrading iOS thinking this would either A) Reduce the BB or B) Lower the boot loader function so I could use FuzzyBand to downgrade.

    I used Snowbreeze 2.1
    i-REB 5
    redsn0w 0.9.6b5
    iTunes ( not the latest version )

    I found the versions of these don’t seem to be too relevant, just what I used. I think the earlier iTunes might be for 4.1 support although in DFU iTunes doesn’t seem to care about version. Just put your iPhone in DFU mode and in iTunes select Restore + Shift (win) +Option (mac) to select an IPSW to restore. Mine ran fine until I got the 1015 error. I used i-REB to break out of this loop to start my iPhone. I worked. At this point I had iOS 4.1 and BB 06.15.00. I now used the standard update in iTunes 10.1 to update to 4.2.1. The same boot loop error 1015 occured and I broke out of it the same way. I then used redsn0w to install Cydia with options and then updated on the phone.
    At this point I am now back to 4.2.1 and BB 06.15 but with GPS functionality restored!!!
    *I got a white icon at first for Cydia. I found out this has to do with it not being updated correctly. Once I applied the updates it asked for the Icon appeared!!!!

    • sizzlemoon

      Oh it was a 3G. I would love to unlock it for PAYG 3 sim but haven’t figured that out yet. Still happy the GPS is back.

    • sizzlemoon

      Oh, also I first the first attempt has a patched IPSW by Snowbreeze. I got another iTunes error with this one. apparently it doesn’t like patched IPSW, however I used a tool ( snowbreeze, i-REB like ) to put the phone in a funny mode to overcome this. Can’t remember exactly but google it. Also if redsn0w can flash the iPad2 6.15 BB can’t it just extract BB’s from iPhone IPSW and do the same??