Mod Turns iPhone 4 Transparent

iPhone 4 transparent mod

This has to be one of the coolest iPhone mods we’ve seen.

One enterprising user has taken off the front and back glass panels of his iPhone 4 and converted them into clear panels by removing the paint using a paint thinner.

As you will see from the images after the break, the results are quite amazing as you can see the insides of the iPhone 4, which surprisingly look quite good.

There is some debate whether the mod was achieved with a paint thinner or clear case mod kit for iPhone 4.

You can admire the mod in the photos below:

It would have been even more awesome if we could see the processor and other components.

What do you think of the mod? Planning to tinker with your iPhone? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Uwants via TUAW]

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  • this would be really cool if this was done through paint thinner. Can someone verify?

    • KeyMastur

      umm……..can you not read ?? “One enterprising user has taken off the front and back glass panels of his iPhone 4 and converted them into clear panels by removing the paint using a paint thinner.”

      • KR

        umm did you not read the whole article Dickhead Quote “There is some debate whether the mod was achieved with a paint thinner or clear case mod kit for iPhone 4”

    • dRuEFFECT

      this can’t be a mod with paint thinner. it has to be a custom replacement part. the rear glass panel does not show a diffuser covering the camera flash. i purchased a replacement white glass battery cover, and it too came without a camera flash diffuser, showing the yellow of the camera flash LED.

  • Jk

    Ur both gay

  • Adeeb

    I love my iPhone 4 too much……never going to do this!

  • pigsy101

    wee bit of an anti-climax for me. Clever idea but it doesn’t look that good. Shame there isn’t any old school green circuit boards showing 😉

    • Kotch

      Couldnt agree more… It would’ve been awsome seen the green boards , now all u can see is the battery and couple of components, not worth voiding warranty

  • Rip


  • Tash

    Thats real cool….

  • Branden

    It would be even more awesome if they placed a picture or a decal behind the backplate.

  • Kane


  • Cromexican

    Perfect phone to match our Transparent Christmas untetherd jailbreak for 4.2.1!

    • Matt B

      Haha!! Good call.

  • Supaa Stahh Marioo

    man needs to upgrade his pc ……………

    • pat

      I bet his pc is an old school mod as well

  • Aaron

    I think i would replace the back plate, but keep the front black

  • los

    hmmmm i dont think its paint thinner iphone logo still there

  • fas

    Looks really awesome, I think one of the best mods in aesthetics.

  • JamesCameron

    ummm!!!! there is no thing on the picture that seems very interesting….. if you see on the first picture the apple logo is black and then when the iphone is fully armed with it pieces.. the logo is white…………

    what the heck!!!!!!
    maybe its a toolkit……

    but it looks really cool from the back but not from the front….

    • Locutus

      The logo is mirrored, the black is on the reverse side of the logo.

      • JamesCameron

        if you look very close you dick head…. the shadow of the image is stilkl black … if you said that the image is reversible…the shadow should be white and not black… you fucking dumb ass

        • Replying to Retard

          Hes not saying that the image colors were reversed or mirrored you douchebag! the apple logo is reflective… like a mirror genius, similar to that piece of glass above your bathroom sink that shows your fucking ugly mug each morning…

  • Dan

    Sorry, but, really ugly.

  • Spacely

    Ive done clear casemods before and the novelty wears off quick. He should repaint it another color and it would be 100 times cooler.

  • Gee bad luck if the solvents ate away the cover or something.More pics on the link to this story too.A cool one of a iphone pulled apart

    • Locutus

      You would need to be using something like hydrofluoric acid not thinners before you start worrying about dissolving glass

  • iBoy

    This is cool. It has a Terminator feel.

    Maybe Apple can forget about white iPhones if it is so hard to make and make this transparent ones instead.

  • mydan99

    This is actually quite a good mod. Something i would want one my iPhone.

  • ?confuse

    What is after the break? Why does every article say that? To be hip? I dont see any break.

    • Thor

      Don’t feel bad I had the same confusion after getting the iPhone. I finally googled it and it is used in blogs etc. Where the full web page show only the first section of the post with a “read more” link befor the next post. Many of the mobile versions do not show this break. I have no opinion the matter but I saw seveal assertions that using the phrase was very old school and considered “bad form”.

      I show my age.

  • James M. Shih

    It made the iphone look pretty ugly. Really.


    It looks like a clear case mod to me as it appears the the glass covers the camera lens . But to the electronically or mechanically enclined this would be a cool mod. But like mentioned earlier if you used thinner the writing on the bottom of the glass and the apple logo would have been damaged if not removed. Could also be photo shopped .

  • mr523

    naa change the color to like red or something clear on this phone looks garbage

  • Brett

    Had a spare Black back laying around, Paint thinner did not work. As for removing the metal casing that is connected to the black sides i sliced my finger open trying to remove that.

  • Go the extra mile and take a photo of the phone with the screen removed…you could then use the screen section of the image as the wallpaper so the whole phone looked transparent (with the app icons floating on the guts)

  • Basin2007

    And you need to woory about your bones if you start splashing Hydrofloric acid about!

  • Karen

    Cool mod, is that on Cydia?

  • Blah Blah blah

    So the white iPhone can’t come out because of paint issues and the camera conflicting with each other. But a clear one isn’t having these same problems? I’m guessing this mod will have some bad consequences. Just stick to black all you metrosexuAl apple fanboys with too much time on your hands are scary.

  • wow it look different and looking awesome, this is really a nice phone.

  • guest 87281721

    ai karamba

  • dgarrett

    i am about to do this to my phone its soo kool

  • tuan

    thats awesome, where can i get those plates?

  • Kevin Griego

    Its obviously not a paint thinner mod because the iPhone logo is still on the back glass.