Multifl0w 2.1 Brings WebOS Cards-Style Multitasking Interface To iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Jailbroken iPhone app lets you multitask like Palm Pre

Aaron Ash, developer of Multifl0w – a popular jailbreak app that brought Palm Pre Exposé-like multitasking to iOS back in November 2009 (even before Apple introduced the multitasking feature in iOS 4) and then released a revamped version of his app, which was compatible with iOS 4 or later has recently released a new version of Multifl0w (v2.1).

The updated version brings back WebOS Cards-style multitasking interface to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Multifl0w is an app switcher for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is a lot better than the default app switcher as it shows the snapshot of the running application. You can close the apps running in the background by either clicking on the X button or flicking the app snapshot up or pulling it down.

The revamped version of Multifl0w for iOS 4 or later came with the following features:

  • Multifl0w shows all open apps (up to 9) on the same screen, for easy and quick task switching. This makes it more intuitive and it also quicker to close the app compared to Apple’s implementation as you can just tap on the cross button.
  • The apps can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange them.
  • In iOS4, Multifl0w can work alongside or totally replace Apple’s task switcher by going to Settings –> Multifl0w –> Activation Methods –> Home Button – tap on Double Press
  • Its also compatible on iOS 3.1.X (but you need to install the free Backgrounder jailbreak app).

You can checkout the video of Multifl0w with the new WebOS Cards-style multitasking interface in action below:

You might have noticed in the video that you can select between Exposé or Cards interface via the Settings app (Multifl0w –> Switcher Style –> Exposé or Cards). If you want to use the default app switcher with Multifl0w then you need to set Multifl0w’s activation method to something other than Double-Press Home.

Multifl0w is available on the Cydia App Store for $4.99.

We would love to find out what you think about Multifl0w and if you plan to replace the default app switcher with it.

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  • wolverinemarky

    idk 5 bucks is a lot, i think i will stick with apples version now if it was 2 bucks i would definitely pick it up

  • I like it, but not enough to buy it, at least not $5. I pretty much know what my open apps look like or are doing, so it’s really just a cool-factor, which I’m not willing to pay much for.

    • Killerapp

      Yes good App but should have been cheaper. For latest on iPhone,ipod,ipad,apple,Android and Jailbreak visit


  • iosx

    5 bucks for this is not justified. Never know, apple might include this feature in the next release of iOS.

  • Nicacolo

    5bucks?? Cmon now!

  • Mackie

    99 cents maybe

  • Fingers21

    I bought it, it’s great! Well worth the money IMO.

    • Joe

      How is it well worth it? It doesn’t actually do anything. It just changes the way multitasking looks. There is no real functionality here. With that said, this is a cool mod. IMO, $5 should get me an app that actually delivers functionality. A mod, like this, should go for $2, max.

      And before any haters jump on me…yes, $3 is a lot of money.

      • it IS alot of money considering cydia and the likes were based off of a free open source community that didn’t sucker money out of people to get the most out of their devices. Something or someone very greedy really fucked over the cydia habitat right after ios 4 and decided to charge money ( not even a fair amount of money mind you ) for apps that to be honest, aren’t worth paying for.. It’s kind of one of those things where if I would have known i’d be suckered into having to pay for shit that was once free, I wouldn’t have bothered.. i would have gone to another phone where I didn’t have to pay out the ass for every experience. They sometimes forget that that was the energy that spawned jailbreaking, now they are becoming greed infested like apple, the company they rag on constantly. Now it’s just a question of lesser of two evils but I know the defense will be all the hard work that goes into it but you have to realize, charging a significant amount for something that was once free is misleading and hurtful to people who believe in the movement to begin with. It’s just GREED, the source of alot of suffering these days.

  • Man cydia really went down the shitter once they started trying to capitalize on making money off jailbreak apps.. I’ve read the argument but I still feel it’s ultimately going to murder the jailbreak scene, or at least make cydia incredibly unpopular. $5 for this shit when right before ios 4 everything was pretty much free… fucking greed is what’s killing our freedom

  • apple hater

    F*** that shit … $1.00 still too much, i’ll wait for free in sinfuliphone

    • sinfuliphone needs to pick up the fucking pace

  • oh and another thing i’ve noticed is jailbreak programmers have integrated pretty offensive cracked detection which displays fear tacticts like “Your information has been logged and if you continue to use this app without paying for it you will be prosecuted” something to that effect for some of the most promoted jailbreak apps as of late. These programmers are turning pretty scummy and it’s disheartening to be put in that position now.

  • Bazza

    You can use multiflow with backgrounder for true multitasking. I like it. But I agree $5 is way to much, so I found the “trial” version on another repo.

  • fas

    Too expensive but real cool, I would not mind, but that is almost as much as the NFS HP game.

  • Nosferatu

    FYI there are repo’s that have it “cracked” already if you look hard enough if you still believe in it being free. 😉

  • I also bought this app, it’s good but they again miss some good features like we can do change brightness, volume and songs when we use apple multitasking. Now I really think this waste of money, I thought that in this upgraded version they will fix that stuff too bcoz many users of multiflow are saying the same which I hate about it…..I cannot change my songs and also not able to fast forward them….Y they don’t include these kinds of basic features from apple, these are very useable for every ibuddy….|:)

  • Pegger

    Used it on my iPad, since i don’t use it for music, it’s nice. I removed it from my ipod Touch 4 since you don’t have music controls and th

  • Pegger

    oeps, something whent wrong, was saying, and that is pitty, since that’s a handy option. I got it bought way back when i only had an ipod touch 2 for multitasking, since ios4 never used it again, but now on my iPad it has some use 🙂

    Indeed $5 is alot compared to Apple apps and other Cydia apps that offer more for less $.

    its free there

  • Flame Red

    I think it really sucks that the Chronic Development Team work so hard for free while Saurik and these app writers earn some coin. It is getting harder and harder for the Chronic Developers to figure out how to make it possible to stick it to Jobs. They deserve a taste!

  • MacOhreak

    $5 = No Buy
    $2 = Buy

    Devs need to think these things through before pricing their apps. I understand they put a lot of effort in and need to be compensated. However, don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Look at the real app store. You will earn more in the long run if you place your app at the right price point. Overprice it and people will run to the cracked version faster than you can fix the exploit. However, I always pay for all my apps if it is a reasonable cost and the app is something I would use day to day or find valuable. This is one of those apps I would have bought. But, not for $5 with no iPod control and you can’t swipe anymore to see the apps that are not necessarily multitasking, but have been used recently (like the built-in Apple multitasker)

    Just my two cents and hopefully the developer will read this and see that they may want to lower the cost and get more sales. 🙂

  • blurredman030

    You can only say an app is value for money if it actually performs its stated purpose. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite make the mark – which is a shame as I am one of the guys who would have been happy paying his 5 bucks if it did. Unless I didn’t set it up right (quite possibly), then for me the biggest problem is that Multifl0w will not close apps properly. Fire up the native switcher and they are still there, even when closed in MF. I run Backgrounder on a 3GS / 4.01 and no amount of tweaking with either Multifl0w or Backgrounder seem to get around this. When I want an app dead I want it to stay dead. So, with a sigh, I am disabling Multiflow and going back to the ugly, but reliable native app switcher.

  • VoIP

    I would pay $5 for this tweak .. but then again I do a lot of multitasking so it would be worth it to me. I also paid $20 for MyWi, but I used to use it almost every day. Lost my jailbreak when I changed my root password from alpine and had to do a complete restore. Stupidity on my part for not thoroughly reading all precautions & now I’m stuck on iOS 4.2.1 with 5.15.04 baseband…and don’t want to do a tethered jailbreak..

    Bring on that untethering magic @comex! 🙂

  • yopichoi

    That’s a nice commercial.

  • Birdflew

    Multifl0w = $1
    Pretty Commercial = $4

    Just like how you buy clothes from designer stores, most of the money pays for the pretty environment

  • Mimizone

    The orientation lock option is really missing.
    When you install multifl0w, there is no other way anymore (as far as I know) to change the lock.
    At least the music controls are available via the headset or the ipod app.

  • Brad

    Bought it because I can’t stand the current applefail version. This is better but no where near worth it. $.99 is almost too much. I held off on jailbreaking because i didnt really see much need for it. And now that I have done it I don’t see it as very useful because a lot of the stuff on here is more expensive than apple wants to charge for stuff