New iPad 2 Case Reveals SD Card Slot & Mini DisplayPort

iPad 2

In the last few weeks, we have seen quite a few purported iPad 2 cases, which have revealed that the second generation iPad could get an iPod Touch like form factor, wide range speaker, smaller bezel and front and rear cameras.

Folks at AppleInsider have found a new iPad 2 case from Chinese accessory manufacturer, which has revealed that iPad 2 could come with two additional openings – a left-upper slot and a top-middle slot.

It is being widely speculated that the left-upper-slot is for the SD card. The current version of iPad does not come with an SD card slot although users can utilize the $29 camera connection kit to transfer photos from an SD card to the iPad.

The second top-middle slot could be for mini DisplayPort jack. AppleInsider speculates:

Apple is perhaps more likely to add video output via mini DisplayPort, which is around the same physical size as mini HDMI, but supports more sophisticated signaling, and is already used across the company’s MacBook and desktop Mac product lines.

Apple’s mini DisplayPort connectors function as “dual mode” ports supporting HDMI output, so the inclusion of a mini DisplayPort on iPad 2 would enable both output to HDTVs via HDMI as well as, potentially, connection to a full resolution monitor such as Apple’s 27″ LED Cinema Display.

A third potential advantage to using mini DisplayPort is that the standard supports video input, as Apple has implemented on the 27 inch iMac. If supported, this would enable iPad 2 to be used as a very high resolution external display by any Mac with mini DisplayPort output.

Interestingly, the position of the two slots seen in the purported iPad 2 cases match up exactly with leaked design document that was subsequently removed after a takedown request from Apple.

What do you think about the possibility of additional ports in iPad 2?

[via AppleInsider]