Survey: 26% Of AT&T’s iPhone Customers Planning To Leave AT&T For Verizon

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Market Research firm ChangeWave has conducted a survey that looked at the possible impact of the Verizon iPhone on U.S. wireless service providers and their subscribers.

Published earlier this week, the survey provides some really interesting statistics. The sample size of the survey was about 4,050 consumers.

Based on the survey results, there seems to be a significant jump in the percentage of AT&T users (compared to the results of an earlier survey) who were planning switch their carriers in the next 90 days. While only 10% of AT&T users were planning to shift three months ago, the figure jumped to 15% over the course of the past few weeks after it became clear that the Verizon iPhone is indeed coming.

As for the other players, 10% of Sprint/Nextel users and 15% of T-Mobile users too plan to switch carriers (mostly to Verizon, of course) in the next 90 days. Meanwhile, only 4% of Verizon users said they plan to switch carriers in the next 90 days.

To make things worse for AT&T, people continue to remain unhappy about its poor reception with as much as 42 per cent claiming that they would switch providers to solve these problems. Dropped calls was another issue owing to which 27 per cent of the AT&T users surveyed were planning to switch carriers.

As per the survey, 16% of AT&T customers were planning to switch to Verizon if it began offering Apple’s iPhone. The report goes on to add that Apple iPhone users “are the most likely group of all to switch, with more than one-in-four (26%) saying they’ll leave AT&T for Verizon.”  It also says that two-in-five (41%) say they’ll do it within the first three months of the iPhone’s release – and another 31% within the first year.”

However, AT&T could take solace in the fact that it actually fared better in the call drop rates department compared to previous surveys. AT&T’s dropped call rate fell to 4.7 percent in December 2010 from 6 percent measured in September 2010. This still is way above Verizon’s 1.7 per cent. The better performance by AT&T over the past few months could be due to the fact that it has been working hard to improve its network infrastructure. However, we wonder if it turns out to be a case of doing too little, too late.

Howevever, it is clear that the Verizon iPhone might just cause a significant shift in the way the US Wireless Industry would move forward – with results clearly favoring Verizon.

Are you surprised by the results of the survey? Have you been waiting for Verizon to offer Apple’s iPhone on its network to buy an iPhone? We would love to hear your thoughts so please drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Bahram

    Both of them r waaay better than carriers in my contry… 🙁

  • trimmer

    dealing with verizon is worse than a night in jail.
    straight up dictatorship !!
    never use again………never

  • Brett

    As long as iPhone 5 is on AT&T and Verizon I’ll stick with AT&T until they don’t carry the iPhone anymore. Just my 2 cents

  • DigitalXtreme

    26% more bandwidth, and 26% less tower congestion. Sounds like a win for us AT&T users. Verizon jumpers enjoy paying that $325 early termination fee, price of new iPhone, higher rates, not being able to talk and use internet at the same time, and getting ripped off by a company that has been caught several times by the government doing just that. LOL


    ATT is gonna have to step up and offer better pricing along with faster / better service is they want to be competative. When the Berlin wall came down, they all rushed from the East (ATT) side to the West (Verizon) side. The walls (iPhone Monopoly) kept everyone locked in. This is all good…

  • LastBorn7198

    Ican’t wait for them to leave AT&T & leave US true AT&T loyalists!!!

    Totally agree with DigitalXtreme – a win for US!!!

  • peter the great

    had Verizon before… hated their billing practices…

  • Nj

    I hope verizon kicks ATT butt!!

  • Kai

    The only thing that’s stopping me from switching over to the Verizon iPhone is that Verizon doesn’t support using voice and data at the same time. So if you’re using an app that uses the internet or using safari and you get a call it’ll go to voicemail. And if you’re on the phone and you activate an app that uses the internet or activate safari your phone call will cut off.

    • Nottrue

      While it’s true VZ can’t do voice and data, your perception of how it affects users is wrong.

      If you’re using a data app, and get a phone call, the call WILL come through, you’ll just lose data access for your app. Similarly, if you’re on the phone and then try to use data, your call will stay connected, but you’ll get an error message in your app saying there’s no Internet connection.

      Calls will always take priority over data.

  • Frank

    So my question is after Verizon puts iPhone to work and they drop calls as many complain about AT&T do we then blame God (steve Jobs) or continue to blame the phone company because Apple can do no wrong? To many lemmings around here… lve my iPhone but it needs improvement .…I may be just about ready to try an Android…

  • I can’t wait to see how many Verizon iphone basher’s will get the iphone now that they can. They all said the iphone was crap, I’ll bet 10 to 1 that all the haters get the iphone, now that they will be able to. I can’t wait till Verizon gets the iphone, It’ll be better service for those of us that stay with AT&T.

  • Cooper

    Most of those people are blowing smoke. Relatively few people will leave AT&T for Verizon when all is said and done.

    A few dipsh*ts will think that they’re being rebels and switch right away. The rest will wait and see. Once they find out that Verizon’s 3G is slower, they can’t use the net and talk at the same time and that Verizon has dropped calls too, the rest will stick with AT&T.

    I bet no more than 5% will actually make the switch. 10% tops. AT&T will wait a few months and then offer a special to lure their old customers back. The ad campaign will be real customers complaining about how sorry they are that they switched.

  • John

    I can’t believe you people can’t choose your own carrier to go with your own iPhone??? Big corporations are sure in control of “you the people”.
    Sad but true.

  • Steven M

    For anyone going to Verizon, don’t let the door hit you. AT&T can use all of the early termination fee money to improve their network and get 4G going. That combined with the stress taken off of the network should help a lot. I’ll stick with AT&T for as long as they’re in the business. I had mobile broadband with Verizon in the past and would never deal with them again. Here in Houston, AT&T has never done me wrong.

  • wolverinemarky

    im sticking with AT&T always been good to me and they dont screw me as bad i heard verizon does people. and Verizon doesnt drop as many calls because they voice is on a separate line then there data. and since having my iphone 4 i have yet to drop a call so i think a lot of people blame their phone when actually its probably the person their talking to who is in the crappy service area.

  • Steve

    AT&T in Hampton Roads VA sucks. Our small business will move to Verizon, but I’ll wait until June for iPhone 5, which will be a combo phone that will run on either network.

  • wesleygr4

    IS all good.Let them go to stupid verizon,,,This way I can have even faster bandwidth.

  • Christopher A Williams

    OK..THE iPhone for Verizon will NOT be LTE..but..the iphone 5 for At&t..Will be Why switch? but i don’t have n e problems with At&t.

  • fas

    If Verizon was GSM, then that figure would be 100%

  • Rayray

    I’m glad people will switch to verizon. Means more bandwidth for me on Att. Verizon sucks at customer service and will never get a dime of my hard earned money.