The Biggest Apple Product Leaks Of 2010

Apple rumors

Apple is a company that is constantly under media spotlight. One major factor that has contributed to this level of media scrutiny is the secrecy that Apple manages to maintain ahead of its new product launches. No wonder then that product leaks often generate massive debates in the blogosphere.

Here we will take you through the biggest Apple leaks over the past one year and what it has brought to the iPhone users’ community.

iPhone 4 Leak

In April this year, Gizmodo published pictures and videos of what they claimed was the next generation iPhone. The device reportedly belonged to an Apple employee who lost it in a bar in Redwood City. What followed was a massive crackdown from Apple as the company filed a case of theft against Gizmodo. This however did not deter writers at TaoViet, a Vietnam based blog to publish more photos and videos of the next generation iPhone. Finally, in June this year, Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4 at a media event in San Francisco, which looked exactly like the lost iPhone.

Apple rumors

Apple Tablet Rumors

Apple rumors

The earliest rumors about Apple launching a device with tablet form factor were published back in late 2009. The speculations grew stronger after Kaifu Lee, ex-President of Google China wrote on a microblogging site about the imminent $1000 Apple Tablet that will look “like a large iPhone. There was also word that Apple had booked a conference hall at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco for late January. Eventually, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad at a packed media gathering on January 27, 2010.

Smaller iPod nano

A number of mockup images of a small 3cm x 3cm Apple branded device was leaked in the middle of this year. These pictures suggested the imminent launch of a new iPod nano that could be significantly smaller than the existing model. Apple finally launched the new-look iPod nano at a media event on September 1.

Apple rumors

iPod Touch 4G With Two Cameras

Accessories and part supplies put up for sale on Chinese eCommerce websites have often been a major source of fodder for Apple-related rumors. One such posting in early August revealed a number of interesting details about the forthcoming iPod Touch model. There were speculations that the new iPod Touch could come with cameras on the front and back side of the device. These speculations were proved right when the actual device was unveiled during the September media event.

Apple rumors

These leaks and rumors have without doubt kept the anticipation level among Apple enthusiasts high through the year. With rumors about a CDMA iPhone and next generation iPad already doing the rounds, we hope we will get to see a lot of such revelations moving into 2011 as well.