VoiceActivator: Jailbreak Tweak To Enhance iPhone’s Voice Control Feature; Will Allow You To Launch Apps, Open URLs & More

IS Drive iPhone app

Thanks to the Voice Control feature, you can tell your iPhone to make calls to people on your Contact list or dial a number and even can ask your iPhone to to play a specific album, artist, or playlist or activate the Genius feature.

It’s a very useful feature while you’re driving.

chpwn, developer of jailbreak apps such as InfiniboardInfinidock, InfinifolderProSwitcher has announced that he will be releasing a new jailbreak tweak called VoiceActivator to enhance the voice control feature, which will allow you to launch apps, open URLs and also use Activator actions.

chpwn revealed his plans for the jailbreak app via the following tweet: and has provided the following details about the jailbreak tweak:

Custom Voice Control commands! VoiceActivator is a new tweak by chpwn (http://chpwn.com/) to let you take full control of the Voice Control feature of your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions: it’s all here, in one tweak.

You can also checkout the preview video of the jailbreak tweak below:

chpwn hopes to release the tweak sometime this week. As always, we’ll let you know as soon as it is available on the Cydia App Store.

Do you use iPhone’s Voice Control feature? What do you think about the new teak? Do you think its useful?

[via Twitter]

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  • Tank


  • dev

    Another great app. Can’t wait to use it. 

  • dev

    I mean tweak….

  • fas

    What is the price of this app.

  • Hernan

    Very nice!
    I just will be happy whit an app that do this:
    You Say : “time”
    Iphone respond: “ten hours, ten minutes, am”
    I would be awsome

    • aka

      it has time command unbuilt. ask iPhone “what time is it”

      • aka

        stupid auto correction. I meant built in

  • oh Yeah?

    chpwn is “da bomb”

  • :-)

    Nice to see this site posting tweaks and hacks again. Can’t remember the last time this site posted things like this.

  • Dan

    That guy’s voice is kindo of scary sounding.

  • very excellent app

  • Karen

    “Download Xmas 4.2.1 untethered Jailbreak”

  • And someone will release somthing better…like with infiniboard, etc. and folder enhancer. That’s the reason why I’m not going to buy it…

  • badboykilla

    really good :D. looking forward to it.

  • Me

    THAnk you

  • jordan

    really sucks we have to jailbreak, tweak, hack and buy stuff that comes stock on Andriod..Im getting tired of this BS

  • deuce

    glad to see that cydia takes forever to load other phones too

  • yeah I gonna try this later looks good

  • Voice control seems to suck for the most part, to me. I can get it to call a few folks, but not all, and not all the time. And, I can NEVER get it to play the artist I said (Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, Metallica – popular bands it won’t recognize for me).

  • Fara

    would be great if it would have speech to text like android does.

  • Manuel

    I think this is a great idea! I always use voice commands on my bike for iPod controls and “What time is it?”. I’m wondering if you can make it to read your calendar entries..

  • bill

    It is now available in Cydia.

  • Richard

    Anyone know where the database file are located? I use Backboard and switch between themes often. Backboard makes a backboard of all settings and data so you can cutomize settings for each theme. Result,I have to enter all voiceactivator commands for each theme each time I add a new one.