Apple May Unveil iPhone 5 And Announce iOS 5 Release Date On June 5th?

iphone 4

Folks at AppleBitch have spotted that the Moscone center has been booked for a Corporate Meeting between June 5th and 9th.

Since the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is typically a 5-day event, which Apple holds at the Moscone center, it is being widely speculated that this year’s WWDC will be held between June 5th and 9th.

This means that Apple may unveil the next generation iPhoneiPhone 5 and also announce the release date of iOS 5 at a Keynote address on June 5th.

At last year’s event , Apple had unveiled iPhone 4, renamed iPhone OS as iOS and announced the release date of iOS 4, which included features such as multitasking, folders, retina display, enhancements to mail, camera and photo apps, much deeper enterprise integration and 100 new features.

We’ really hope to see Steve Jobs who is currently on medical leave, to take center stage at the event with the likes of Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and Scott Forstall to tell us about their latest creations.

It will be interesting to see if iPhone 5 will be support both CDMA and GSM networks, which seems to be a possibility based on yesterday’s Verizon iPhone 4 teardown, which revealed that it comes with a Qualcomm “Gobi” MDM6600 wireless chip, which supports both GSM and CDMA.

We can’t wait to find out the new features and improvements in the fifth generation iPhone 5 and iOS 5. What’s on your wish list? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via AppleBitch]

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  • Bui3

    This is the best monopoly ever first i4. Just 6months later the i5… Wen they gonna put the iPhone open to all companys…..I
    Love iPhones but f$&@ apple..

    • ItsyourBoy

      It’s not 6 months iPhones come out a year a part

  • Zang

    It is open… Buy the unlocked versions… Simple to be honest…

    Just those few stupid people who don’t know about them that need the unlock, or those who want it and they want it now kind of attitude.

    Also monopoly? Apple develops and create the “Apple iPhone” it’s not called an apple product for nothing… just like how Nokia produces “nokia” phones… Unless you mean networks, in which case look above and you’ll see there is unlocked versions anyway…

  • Miezl

    At this moment I use a iPhone 3Gs and I have decided to go for an iPhone5 and not the iPhone4!
    That’s because of the fact that the iPhone4 contains a fault in the antenna-design. I don’t want to buy a product of which is known that it contains a design-error 😉
    And therefore I’m happy that I don’t have to wait too long 😉

    • Bradley Kelly

      Yeah I got 3GS as well but upgrading to the iPhone 5 as it’s best to stay up to date on things and also I heard that O2 are trying to get the license so you can use your O2 account and iPhone as a payment scanner for making payments at shops.

  • ZG

    On the other hand… At this moment we all here are trying to sell our iphones. Let them sell iphone 5 each other. Do anybody know any other phone that users try to fill holes of… This began with copy/paste, and it’s over. Never will buy any iphone 5 or 6 or 9… (Dont forget that iphone was selled all over the world in many countries people were unlocking phones. Otherwise they should pay much more… Ok… Will not pay anymore 🙂

    • Eric

      I am not sure if you have a question or comment there. Maybe both, but I don’t understand anything you just said. Maybe you could try to touch up your grammar a little bit, then post again.

      • Brett

        Agreed. Touch up on the english a tad and then explain yourself.

      • Chaz

        I swear I didn’t understand nothing he just said. hahahahahaha. I was like WHAT????????

        • TS

          “anything” not “nothing”, retard.

  • Adeeb

    MORE BATTERY LIFE IS ALL I WANT !!!…and also a larger camera sensor would be great !!!!!!!!

  • cristov

    1.Overhaul notification system
    2.Better Maps app with free free turnbyturn like andriod
    3.Better method for multitasking… the task switcher sucks
    4.Change location of ipod controls

  • peter the great

    1. Put in a bigger vibrator…
    2. Allow more bluetooth access
    3. increase the battery life before having to have a new battery put in….

    • Eric

      I think you can get a bigger vibrator at adam & eve dot com.

      • mohacs


      • зло

        Ha ha ha so true 🙂


      “BIGGER VIBRATOR” LMAO!!!!!! *ok, now to get my head out of the gutter*

  • Nelson

    My wishlist is: Although I have a IP4, i have no intension on getting the 5…

    on to the wishlist:
    1) Micro SD card.
    2) remove Home button and slim down design.
    3) Better Battery life
    4) better Camera sensor

    I can’t think of anything else.

    Also, it has been said that the iPhone4 does not have a design flaw. The problem is AT&T ! Get over it. I have an IP4 on Rogers in Canada and I have NEVER dropped a call. I’m on that thing like it’s the last piece of technology i will ever have.

    Since then I have also bought a MacBook and waiting on the iPad2 to be available in canada.

    • Kattman

      This is true. I live in Canada too and everyone I know that has an ip4 nevr had this antenna gate issue. Ever. I was worried too, but I have no complaints, this phone is perfect! Only problem…none. An improvement on the back glass in case I drop it

  • Brooks

    all i want is MORE storage!! 64gigs PLEASE. if the touch can have it why not the iphone?? ughh

    • Jahnn Hendriks

      Due to the iPod Touch 4 not having a cellular system, there’s more actual room for a larger hard drive.

  • flyez

    seriously you people need to get a life with your wish list.

    dumb axx fxxkers.

    • Eric

      What’s wrong with stating what is most important to you on the next version of the iPhone? I am sure Apple and/or the mobile phone industry wants to know what the consumer wants. Doesn’t mean they are going to do it all, depending on the cost to make vs the revenue generated from the upgrade.

      Unless you just think the iPhone is shit and you’re trolling…or you’re just happy with the first generation iphone.

    • WhoNeedsToGetALife?

      Trolls! That’s who!

  • Lg1

    I want mine In pink with the bunny ears… Ohhh please Steve … I’ll make u feel better…

  • Chris

    1. Significantly improved battery life
    2. Bigger screen, at least 4″ diagonal
    Fully compliant Bluetooth stack for at least v2.1 + EDR
    3. True camera stabilization
    4. At least 1.2GHz dual core (Cortex A9 or Tegra 2)
    5. Standard micro or mini USB connection instead of the proprietary dock connector
    6. Micro SD slot

  • Mintymark

    Bluetooth! White model from launch, longer battery life and removal of home button please!

  • JayRolla

    F**K the iPhone4 or 5. Im going with the Motorola Atrix

    1ghz Dual Core Nvidia Tegra w/8 core GPU
    4″ qHD screen
    1080p video Capture and playback over HDMI out
    Fingerprint Unlock
    1GB RAM

    Can I say more!
    16Gb Storage w/32gb expansion

  • ItsyourBoy

    @jayrollA no matter what specs a phone may have it’s still not better than the iPhone the iPhone has way more developers which means more and better apps and a bigger hacking community which means all types of good stuff for jailbraking if u look all over commercials, Internet all these companies advertise the iPhone kuz it’s here to stay and not just a phone that will be outdated in a few months the only other phone that I think is side by side with the iPhone is the htc evo the only down side I would have to say is when u don’t jailbreak kuz then the phone sucks once u have a taste of all the goodies of jailbreaking like tweaks themes and countless other things u can’t go back to a regular iphone

  • ItsyourBoy

    Wish list hdmi port
    Bigger screen
    Interactive wallpaper
    64 gb hdd
    I guess basically an apple version of the evo those 2 combine nice…
    A more open platform on the iOS so that you won’t have to jailbreak nomore they can have like a tweak section in the app store Team up with Cydia apple!!! Meet us half way that way we can have the stuff we like and your phone wont more prone to have apps pirated if we can use the phone the way we like

  • ItsyourBoy

    Oh almost forgot of course i would love 4g speed, and a sprint iPhone so that it can get unlocked and used on boost 50 dollar unlimited everything plan

  • fas

    Maybe iOS 5 would come but mostly iPhone 4GS would be here by then not 5..

  • Hasan fahri

    I want the new iPhone to have wheels and a steering wheel so I can sell my car and also to have an integrated house and pool. An office would be nice too, this way I only need an IPhone and I can do everything. … And it must be named iworld. Just kidding but this is ultimately what apple is trying to do. Then people will start breading with apples and we will all be bread out and apples will rule the world.

  • Dave

    – 64 Gigs. 32 doesn’t cut it anymore with bigger games, books, music, videos etc.

    – 1080p Video quality, and up the megapixels on the camera.

    – Faster processor. Multitasking on iPhone still kinda of wonky.

    – New design. iPhone 4 looked like a block and seemed more prone to accidental damage. I dropped my 3GS many times (on concrete & asphalt, with a case of course) and it hasnt suffered any serious damage. Also adding glass on the back of it was asking for it.

    – Better battery life. I’m sure this one will improve.

  • Bradley Kelly

    I would really love ‘Complete My Ablum’ feature on iTunes like on the destop version. I don’t understand why the iPhone version of iTunes don’t have it yet? ): And why can’t you download anything over 200MB on 3G? Maybe include that as well.

  • hacker

    well the hackers are getting bored of apple thats why geo hot is going to buy a windows 7 phone i heard.for those who dont know who geo hot is hes the guy who first jailbreak the iphone and who is getting sue by sony playstation for jailbreaking it.i also heard there might be a cydia like coming out for it as well and for pirating apps well you can do that for all phones right now.the iphone has been copy by all companies just about but the only thing that apple will have over theses phones is more apps but eventually everyone will catch up and most of the apps suck anyways.the one thing i like about the evo is the big clock that flips but i already have that on my iphone thanks to cydia but the clouds dont move 🙁 like evo so basically we need to see a animation display of the time and weather like the evo and they should have different ones to choose from at least 5 different ones that we can pick.another thing they should have is video ringtones i already have that on my iphone 3gs thanks to cydia basically when someone calls you u can have a music video play which i currently have about 6 different videos for different people .the other thing i have on my iphone is video wallpaper which is the coolest thing of them all so when you look at my phone you see video running in the background where that the apps are which you also get in cydia and you can make any 10 sec video and it will playback again and again my favorite one is the video wallpaper of fire and the one with actual water moving on your phone where the apps are but the only problem with that is battery killer and sometimes the phone would freeze on my iphone i took it off but i did get a look at the future.on a computer you have a screen saver so why not a screen saver on our phones or video wall paper.another thing that might beat apple is playtion phone because if you dont know this but the psp has the best graphics for video games on the go right now so why not just make the psp thinner and make it a phone but guess they are already working on that the new psp will be graphics like the playstation 3 which is crazy that the graphics are going to be as good as the ps3 didnt think it was possible so soon but technology is advancing to fast so playstaion will provide the best gaming experience for our phones and dont forgot Microsoft who sells xbox 360 they will also defeat i iphone gaming they already have the windows 7 but i know there going to come out with another version maybe call something xbox phone but iphone cant not compete with these video game companys because where ever they go the hackers go like myself unless we get some more female hackers to make the dream facebook phone which is coming out soon too lol but i think microsoft is going to win easily cuz more people have xbox and the money that microsoft makes on xbox live i pay 50$ a year and i been paying for years and the money Microsoft made on copies of windows 7 operating system like i said before Microsoft will win the war besides most people dont have apple cuz its so expensive and iphone works better with apple computers and windows 7 phone works better with windows everything transfers easier.i hate that i have to use itunes just to transfer things then again i know there is other programs u can use but why does it have to be so difficult with apple all the time.i do believe the video games will be a major factor because of you think about the other stuff doesn’t matter why you ask will did you know that you can port htc operating system to an iphone because it is a computer u know so basically if you have a smart phone like an iphone you can make it a htc phone or you can make an htc phone into an iphone because it is a computer phone and if you have a computer phone it can be any phone get it?i think the iphone 4 is to small as well it needs to be bigger glass cuz i watch netflix movies on my phone and i like using it as a computer as well the the bigger the better the evo is a perfect size i think why dont they make a slide keyboard or a slide glass so it becomes a tv or i heard about the phone that is a projection i heard it projects a 9 inch tv cool right but i like i said microsoft is going to come out with something much better then the iphone game angry birds app the gaming is like playing Nintendo again so wait till playtion and microsoft release there phones cant freaking wait till then im jumping to windows phone 7 cant wait to jailbreak it the games are a little better but not there yet but very soon it will be.


      MR. HACKER
      u really want to make a bible out this iPhone revolution don’t you?

  • Hasan fahri

    The phone should Lso have a built in lazer disc player cause they look cool like a record size cd. And I want the iPhone 5 to have a built in VCR and popcorn machine. Jobs I hope ur reading this… These r golden ideas!!!


    I am expecting a new upgrade with better reception, more Bluetooth capabilities ( the option of pairing devices that aren’t from apple in general)
    IPhone that has integrated voice comand from settings allowing to fully control the device.
    Also, much faster, thinner, lighter, smaller ok.
    Verizon must work hard next to apple for all this gadget improvements.

  • Montana

    My wishlist:

    1) The ability to permanently close an app easily.
    2) Better push notifications.
    3) The ability to create a new calendar in the Calendar app.
    4) Please bring all the built-in apps from iPhone 4 (compass,weather,stocks,etc.) to the iPad 2.
    5) Let the user delete built-in apps. If a user doesn’t use them, they’re just unnecessarily using their storage.
    6) The ability to sync/update over WiFi wouldn’t hurt, if done right.

    For iPhone development:
    1) Allow us to make apps for our own devices, and distribute them, without paying $99.