Apple Working On Smaller, Cheaper iPhone, Revamping MobileMe Service

iPhone nano

Couple of days back, Bloomberg had reported that Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone, which could be priced at $200 without requiring a contract.

Wall Street Journal who have a good track record with Apple related news, seem to have just confirmed that Apple is indeed working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone nano, which may be released this summer.

WSJ reports:

One of the people, who saw a prototype of the phone late last year, said the device is intended for sale alongside Apple’s existing line. The new device would be about half the size of the iPhone 4, which is the current model.

The new phone would be available to carriers at about half the price of the main iPhone repertoire. That would allow carriers to subsidize most or all of the consumer’s cost, putting the iPhone in the same mass-market price range as rival smartphones, the person said. Apple currently sells iPhones to carriers for $625 apiece on average. With carrier subsidies, consumers can buy iPhones for as little as $199 with a two-year contract.

WSJ also reports that Apple is planning to revamp its MobileMe service and considering to make the service free. The revamped MobileMe service might allow users to store photos, videos and music online, eliminating the need for the iOS device to carry a lot of memory.

According to WSJ, the smaller and cheaper iPhone nano and revamped MobileMe service may be released this summer.


iPhone Nano To Come With Edge To Edge Screen; Revamped MobileMe Service To Offer Wireless Access To iTunes Library

Would you be interested in buying an iPhone nano? Would you dig a free MobileMe service? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via WSJ]

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  • Tha Reaper

    Free mobile me would be great if apple wants to compete with google and others for the “cloud”

  • jdb

    Wow, that is going to make a lot of mobileme subscribers very angry! I’d love to have mobileme, but it’s not worth a hundred bucks a year for it.

    • Lavender

      They won’t be angry if they can continue to enjoy the service free … surely if they’ve been paying for it, they’ve appreciated the service, so now they’ll be able to continue to have the service without any further fees.

      • jdb

        I thought that too, but did you read the reviews when Apple started the “find my iPhone” service for free? It was ridiculous. Literally hundreds of people complaining that they now give it away for free and they’ve been paying for it for however long it was. I think they’ll be pissed.

  • Robman

    That makes sense, MobileMe being free that why they built that huge data center.

  • Xavier

    I would love to ditch google exchange in favour of MobileMe. Wgich is 100% cOmpatible with iOS devices. I’d love to see that free. Google is offering a LOT better cloud services at the moment – in terms of price hehe – so why pay? Unless Apple makes MobileMe a free feature – I mean come on, we are paying shitloads for your products Apple – it will remain fairly uses, like it is now.

  • i was hoping they would make a larger screen i phone… oh well

  • Kwopau

    I highly doubt that Apple will make a smaller version of the iphone as I don’t really see it necessary. Sure may be useful for those who have tiny hands. I prefer the size as it is.

    As for as the Mobileme. That would be great if it was free.

    • Brains530

      Like the article said though, it’s in order to reduce the initial cost to the phone companies so they can in turn offer it for free to the consumer, competing with other smartphones that you can get free with a two year contract. Some people can’t just fork out the extra 200. I find this a very reasonable business move

  • Maaseja

    I don’t cera about a smaller iPhone ( but my GF might ).

    I hope MobileMe will be free. But I hope I still can get 32 gb iPhone ore even more internal storage. Could is good only when you have Internet access.

  • Fingers21

    Half the size of iPhone 4 would be ridiculous! Pretty much unusable for most! You’d need the hands of a 5 year old! Never used or found a need for MobileMe, apart from the tracker, so no bother there either for me.

  • misterlab

    I would be be on CLOUD 9 if Mobile Me went free.

  • Kiwiholden

    A smaller model would be gr8 because here in australia it would be about $160 on pre-paid network locked until we spend $80 but it would be available on all networks.
    At the min the iPhone is one of the only fones that doesn’t work that way

  • Justaguy

    MobilrMe or some type of online service should be free. Apple is the only major tech company thatvdoes not provide some level of online services. this is way overdue

  • Shalashaska

    I call bull on the small iphone…i donno…just doesnt feel very …ummm…apple like…dont you agree ?

  • This makes sense (iPod Nano) because I think Apple wants to give VZW enough time with the iPhone 4 in order to be on the same release schedule with AT&T. Therefore, we might not see an iPhone 5 this summer, but instead a Nano on all carriers. Then the iPhone 5 will be either this Fall or next Spring at the latest.

  • Jeff

    I wouldn’t care for a small iPhone. As of present, I wouldn’t trade my phone storage for cloud storage due to our present AT&T fuckhead crisis. Not being able to make a call, browse, etc. is one thing, not being able to access your own music/data because you don’t have internet? I would have to shoot myself. Getting free mobileMe would still be legit tho. google calendar deleted my entire calendar on iCal (both iphone and macbook) and on google calendar leaving me shit out of luck for… the rest of 2011, according to my calendar.

  • carrie b

    A serious no to a nano iPhone and a definite yes to a free MobileMe. I’ve experienced lots sync problems with my MobileMe account and am using some free alternatives. They may not offer MobileMe’s convenience, but they are FREE and quite reliable. Check out Dropbox, Google, XMarks, Picasa, Flickr, and Wuala, for starters.

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