iPad 2 May Get Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body

iPad 2

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has indicated that there is a possibility that the next generation iPad, which is expected to be unveiled at a special event next week could get a lightweight high-strength carbon fiber body instead of aluminum.

However, Gruber who has a very good track record will Apple related news points out that he is only half sure about it as he has heard about it from a second-hand sources.

John Gruber revealed this in the footnotes of a blog post where he insists that there has been no last minute changes in the design of the iPad, which was reported by Engadget:

I could publish things I’m only half-sure about, like the iPad 2 switching from aluminum to a lightweight high-strength carbon fiber body, but I don’t, because I’m only half-sure and I’ve only heard about it from second-hand sources who themselves are unsure about it. And even if I were to off-handedly mention such speculation, I’d do so in a footnote and take pains to emphasize the uncertain nature of the information and the second-hand status of the sources thereof. What I would never do is take a flyer and report uncertain speculation as a fact, and, if it wound up not panning out, chalk it up to Apple having changed things at the last moment rather than the report being flat-out wrong all along.

Earlier in the month, iLounge had also reported the possibility of Apple using a new material similar to carbon fiber instead of aluminum in the next generation iPad to make it tougher and at the same time reduce its weight.

We feel that the iPad Wi-Fi only model at 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model at 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) is a bit on the heavier side so a lighter iPad 2 would be welcome.

Here is a look at the weight of some of iPad’s competitors to get some perspective: Samsung Galaxy Tab weights only 0.37 kg, BlackBerry PlayBook which is expected to be released soon is rumored to weigh only 0.41 kg while Motorola Xoom weights 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg).

We would love to hear your opinion on the weight of the iPad, do you think its heavy? If so, how much should iPad 2 weigh?

[via Daring Fireball]

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  • Mackie

    Aluminum with scratch protection would be great

  • billmon

    undetectable by radar.

  • Neil

    Can’t put all the weights in pounds? Getting lazy there?

    • Lavender

      THANK YOU SO MUCH IPHONEHACKS!…for the metric SI units of the civilised world! Phew! What a relief! 🙂

  • Simon Cowell

    Titanium with a black Crome coating with changeable lighted apple logo

    • Dustin

      B4 you post comments like that, make sure you know what your taking about, titanium blocks rf signals, carbon fiber doesnt.

      • unreal

        CF *does* attenuate RF – It’s electrically conductive (from one who has seen a sh*t lot of power go through a carbon electric car body)

        Should be less than metal, though.

  • blix

    best would be reducing weight with helium-filled tanks. that’s what we are used to by apple engineering right? 🙂

  • Crow

    It MAY get dual cameras for 3D pics, it MAY get voice recognition, it MAY wipe my ass for me, it MAY cause the world to end in 2012 and be the start of SKYNET. Until the actual specs come out, all these “mays” are just smoke and mirrors.

  • billmon

    carbon fiber is pyrolized acrylic and then it is chopped into strand and is dispersed into a secret solution and and be made into paper at desired thickness and epoxied into desired product.

  • billmon

    stealth bomber. it is a very tough material.

  • fas

    Another rumour, this will push the price two folds.


    this is why the “end of days” is coming… everyone is so caught up on technology and advancement, they think its insane to consider… what if the end is near? what if the earth gets its population reduced to 500,000,000? how can we effectively continue and what will dictate the value of the new dollar after the fact? instead of budgeting for the gas prices next month and what you will need, consider looking into seeds… that is what will be of most value if the end of days come!!!

  • gil

    It’s WAY TOO HEAVY. After 3 or 4 yours of reading it with one hand, your rest starts to ache. CF is the way to go and whatever else you can do to make it as light as possible for us massive readers.:)