Cydia – Jailbreak App Store Should Be Faster Now

Cydia App Store

One of the major complaints about Cydia – the unofficial App Store for jailbreak app is that it’s quite slow.

The “loading data” and “updating database” activities take quite sometime when you launch Cydia. However,  Jay Freeman aka Saurik – developer of Cydia has been working hard for the last three months to make things faster.

He just tweeted that things should be much better now:

Just switched Cydia’s www over to the new “CDN->ELB” stack I’ve been building: requests to / from my apartment are down from 0.45s to 0.25s!

He has also revealed three graphs to show the results of his “3 months of server work”. As you can see from the graphs below the response times have come down over the last three months.

Have you noticed the performance improvement? Let us know in the comments.

[via Twitter (Saurik)]

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