DisplayOut: Jailbreak App Brings iPad 2’s Video Mirroring Feature To iPad, iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4G

DisplayOut - Jailbreak app

One of the new features introduced in Apple’s second generation iPad is video mirroring, which allows users to mirror slides, movies, photos or everything else that they see on the iPad 2 screen to a widescreen TV, video projection screen, or any HDTV compatible display using Apple’s new Digital AV Adapter accessory.

If you were disappointed that mirroring is supported only on iPad 2 then we’ve some good news.

Jailbreak app – DisplayOut brings iPad 2’s mirroring feature to the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4G. It is developed by Ryan Petrich, developer of popular jalbreak apps like ProSwitcher, Rotation Inhibitor, DeepEnd, Clippy etc.

It comes with the following features:

  • Mirrors screen on connected monitor, projector or television.
  • Detects orientation and connectivity
  • Supports game and video content
  • Customizable zoom and aspect ratio

We just played iPhone gamesTiny Wings (currently the top paid app) and Real Racing 2 by mirroring an iPhone 4’s display to a TV using Apple’s Component AV cable (and iPhone 4 also works as a wired controller) and it worked flawlessly.

DisplayOut costs $2.99 on the Cydia App Store.

It’s quite a useful app if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch 4G and a video cable for presentations, gaming etc. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • InkFest Live

    Much cheaper than a PS3 LOL! I can’t wait to try this!

  • Maaseja

    Sounds Good!

    I just tried the Screensplitr app from cydia on my iPhone 4 and iDemo on my Mac to mirror the iPhones screen over WiFi. It did the job but with some lagg. And I only got the trail that allows you to only show 1 min at the time.

    I hope apple brings video mirroring to all idevices

  • kkkkk

    sorry for asking stupid question? what is this app do.

    • Yes, you SHOULD be sorry. Now go back and read the article again. Maybe a third or fourth time will help, too.

  • Huh?

    Ok, this app had been out for quite a while. Why are you reporting on this now?

  • iDroid7

    reporting now because apple thinks they’ve accomplish something that was previously impossible…..what a joke..

  • iDroid7

    also why pay $30 for something achievable for $2.99…. this is why jailbreak will live on… steve jobs wants to b a dictator…but opposition will prevail…….. soon we will have android and window running on all idevices, just to prove a point..

    • Justin

      Us Apple fans have been accused of being arrogant but I have to say that the droid fanboys bring it to a new level. You know that by “justifying” what your hardware can or should do you just make us think that you don’t even believe in it, right?

  • LzrdKng74

    Are people trippin’? I’ve been doing this for over a year on my IPod Touch 3rd Gen with the TVOut2 app in cydia with Apple’s component cables. Everything mirrored fullscreen on my 42″ LCD HDTV. People have to wake up and smell the Jailbreak coffee!!!

    • i too have tvout2 but it wasnt that gr8 on 3gs. i havent tried it on my iphone 4 yet. my only question is…hows the lag for games? since only rage hd supports tv out feature, tvout2 wud be very useful if practical. thanx, in advance.

      • Didn’t notice any lag while playing games.

    • Andrew D.

      Thanks for the tip! Installed TVOut2 today and it works like a champ.

  • Nad1mak

    Will it work on iPhone 3GS?

  • fas

    This app rules 🙂

  • jim

    it doesn’t bring mirroring…it brought it ages ago before apple even brought across the idea of iOS4.3 and display mirroring!
    Good app..been using it for months 🙂

  • Phosphorus

    There should be an option to use this with Airplay (hence the Play in the name) The only issue might be a slight lag.

    Apple obiously made the AppleTV for this function: to make an Apple console. If the lag is small enough, people will play their iPhone games on their HD TV’s and beamers.

    Cool concept and I’m sure this will be worked on by Apple.

  • Gabe

    The article failed to mention it doesn’t work for 4.3 yet.

  • Justin

    I have 4.1 jailbroken on my iPhone4 and just installed Display out. I am looking for a way to display video from the MLB app on my TV. I recently purchased the Apple AV adapter that allows for HDMI output and 30 pin pass through. DisplayOut allows me to play audio and video from apps that have specifically added the TV our API to their App (Netflix, iPod, YouTube).

    My problem is this, when I try and watch MLB (in this example) I get excellent video on my screen but NO audio. I have tried hooking up with my Apple AV HDMI adapter and I have tried the A/C Cord in my car that goes to my in dash screen. In both cases when I tried apps like Netflix I got audio and video. When I tried MLB I got video only. I even tried hooking headphones up to the iPhone4 while using the HDMI adapter and I didn’t get audio that way either. Please help??

    • Wendell

      I had the same problem and my phone was on mute. Unmute the phone and you should hear audio.

      On another note, DisplayOut works great on the 3GS for apps that don’t have the TV out api built in natively. Before I jailbroke my phone I could play the native apps perfectly on my car display (Pioneer AVIC Z130BT) but I couldn’t play netflix, etc. Now I can mirror the display EXCEPT for the native apps (like video in the ipod section of the phone) Anyone know why or how I can get this to work again???

  • roadsider

    Everything worked beautifully for me. I have an iPhone 4, and this extension ports MLB.tv out nicely. It isn’t HD, but it’s good enough to stick it to the man.

    • levi

      What rare you watching it on? Trying to get mlbtv as well… What kind of cable?

  • Ed Arroyo

    I guess I came late in the game. I have an Ipad 1.
    I can’t find the displayout app on Cydia.
    I really need the mirror feature on my ipad.

    Can anyone sell me, link me to where i can get it??

  • Eccheli David

    It looks like an awesome app but I have a question, does it mirror at full HD (1080p) like ipad 2 or only HD Ready like on normal ipad, iphone 4 via video?
    Thanks forward for your answer

  • Wifiguy

    I have not found a single program that allows screen mirroring over the wifi. Why do ve need a cable ? Thats no progress. Anybody know how to mirror my ipad1-screen on my appletv2 ?

  • Glenn macinnis

    Question, i have 5.0.1 jailbreak, newest tvout2, newest resupported4, and a 3rd party component cable, everything i read says i should be able to mirror to my tv, but why isnt it working? Is it the new jailbreak, cydia tweaks, what ami doing wrong??

  • jondh

    Does anybody know if this works for video streaming on NBA game time?

    • ryan

      I’m wondering the same thing too, if not I’d like to find a hack that allows me to run gametime over airplay by way of hdmi to my tv. I can only get audio, no video.

  • Alex JC


    i’ve ipad 2 with ios 5.0.1 jailbreak connect to LCD with HDMI. when i enable the displayout on my idevice, my lcd screen goes blank, showing the the dot touch when i touch my idevice. but when i disable the displayout, it’s back to normal (but not in fullscreen)

    whats wrong with it, relly need help.
    it’s that mean the displayout is not supporting for ios 5.0.1??

    • Van

      Do you have tvout2 also on your iPad? I had the same problem today and what I did was just cut tv out off in ssh and just run displayout and that should do the trick! You also may have to many tv out apps on at the same time.

      • Alex JC

        hi van, thatnks for replying..
        how to cut off tvout in ssh?
        whats the command promt to type in ssh?


        • Pleaseee how!!!!!

  • Badi


    I’m wondering if this app will allow me to display out wireless via apple tv? I’ve got an ipad 1 with 5.0.1 and Jailbroken!


    • sharpenednoodles

      No, learn to read, it is possible to enable wireless mirroring to appletv2 on ios 5, but it requires a different tweak.

      Hint: Google is your friend.

  • levi

    Can this tweak make my phone play videos on my kenwood cd player in the car? Flip screen? iPhone says playing on monitor but theirs nothing playing on the kenwood… Using regular iPhone cord

  • Benjamin Dancy

    i have the app…how does it work.? no instructions