iOS 4.3 Vs iOS 4.2.1 Safari Speed Test

iPhone nano

When Apple previewed iOS 4.3 at the iPad 2 media event, it revealed that one of the major improvements of iOS 4.3 is faster Safari performance.

Apple had explained that the faster performance was due to the new Nitro Javascript engine, which runs Javascript twice as fast as iOS 4.2.1.

Folks at iSpazio have carried out some tests to find out the real world performance improvements of Safari browser in iOS 4.3 GM compared to iOS 4.2.1.

You can checkout the video to checkout the results:

Gizmodo also carried out a similar test, unfortunately their video has been pulled as it probably violates iOS developer agreement to publish videos of iOS 4.3 GM but they observed that ‘iOS 4.3 GM was just a few seconds faster than iOS 4.2 loading the NY Times in Safari’.

As you can see, it’s not a major improvement in speed but it is definitely faster. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[via iSpazio, Gizmodo]

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  • Chaos4Life2U

    still am improvement,through not quite,still better than nothing

  • Nisan

    You do have to consider that Java Script is just the client side process.

    You have to consider Server side, network latency, Browser speed of actually break the HTML code and have visual representation,

    So java script is a small portion in all of these.. and twice as fast might be accurate for the client side processing..

  • pacomac

    Since when was loading web pages a test of the speed of javascript. Some of these sites probably don’t have much in the way of javascript anyway. Show me a proper test please… not amateurs not knowing what they are doing.

  • Ros

    I use atomic web browser – its atomically faster then safari (both of them)

    • Ausri

      Me too! Not much faster tho

  • WantUnlock

    JavaScript is like the foundation on web pages man….you Create a web page using JavaScript after all including a little bit of HTML…..the current page the text boxes are all a visual form of JavaScript…..the code is debugged for this webpage and displays in the form of what you see….hence its important to consider the above factor

  • fas

    Nothing great, could have been faster.

  • Anonymous

    This video contains content from UMG. It is not available in your country.


  • DMoney

    First of all. With all due respect. This test is bogus and simply not accurate? What are you measuring? Loading web pages on two devices an measuring the time is about the most inaccurate way possible to measure performance.

    You have to consider that these pages run php, which is server side and builds the code on the server. Depending on the hosting accounts, server load and network traffic in general a test like this is just not correct.