iPad 2 Data Plans: AT&T Vs Verizon

iPad 2

If you’re planning to buy iPad 2 with Wi-Fi+3G in the US, then it is important to remember that you get an option to select the model that either supports AT&T’s network or Verizon’s CDMA network – not both.

Though Verizon was selling the original iPad along with AT&T, the original iPad with Wi-Fi+3G only supported AT&T’s network so Verizon had to offer the MiFi mobile hotspot with the original iPad with Wi-Fi only model for 3G data.

Verizon’s iPad 2 3G Data Plans:

Verizon has announced data plans for iPad 2 while AT&T has made some changes to the existing plans. Verizon is offering no-contract monthly data plans for $20 (1 GB), $35 (3GB), $50 (5GB) and $80 (10GB).

AT&T’s iPad 2 3G Data Plans:

Meanwhile, AT&T has announced that it will also be offering postpaid plans along with the prepaid plans. It will continue to offer the no-contract monthly data plans for $14.99 (250MB) and $25.00 (2GB). In case of the prepaid plan, you are charged $14.99 per 250 MB and $25 per 2 GB for overages while in case of the postpaid plan, you are charged $14.99 per 250 MB for overages and $10 per 1 GB for overages.

It is also important to note that AT&T has confirmed that it will allow the original iPad users who had opted for the discontinued unlimited data plan to transfer the plan to a new iPad 2:

If you were lucky enough to snag one of those coveted unlimited data plans with your original AT&T iPad, you won’t have to toss it when upgrading next week. The carrier has confirmed to us that those who currently have the aforementioned plan will be able to keep it on their account when upgrading to the iPad 2, which in turns gives you no reason whatsoever to turn down the opportunity.

Folks at All Things Digital have compiled a chart that breaks down the respective costs:

So if you are a heavy data user then you’re better off opting for the Verizon iPad model if you don’t mind the slower download speeds on Verizon’s network as it would be cheaper and considered to be more reliable unless you’re an original iPad users who had opted for AT&T’s unlimited data plans for iPad when it was launched.

We would love to find out which iPad 2 model you’re planning to buy along with which data plan (if at all), so please drop us a line in the comments section below.

[via All Things Digitial, Engadget]

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  • Assy McGee

    I know it’s obvious, but really tired of companies screwing us with 3G data. Unlimited should be unlimited. If I have unlimited data on my iPhone, I should be able to use it on the iPad without paying more. It would be like my ISP charging me separate data charges for each freaking device I have it hooked up to. My xbox, ps3, computer, appletv, and cable box. I know they don’t give a crap and get away with it. Glad we got JB alternatives to avoid paying for ‘extra’ unlimited data. Assholes.

    • Eric

      I kind of agree in a way, but you said it. You are paying for unlimited data on your ‘iPhone’. Not on your iPad. So if you want 3G data on your iPad you have three choices, buy a data package for the iPad (legit way). Use your iPhone as a personal hotspot (jailbreak) or wait for next release of iOS. Or take the SIM out of your iPhone and put it in your iPad. Unless of course you have verizon, then I guess your option is to tether.

  • Ohjayp

    I have been searching for a article like this but what I really want to know is which one is faster??

    I live in Houston and would really like some feedback on this. ATT or Verizon?

    • Dustin

      Get the wifi version and get Sprint’s 4G mobile hotspot. I think they call it clear? i would LOVE to have 10Mbps 4G on my iPad….

      • Jeremy

        The mifi option is great, as it allows you to use “wifi only” features on your iPad (like face time, and high quality youtube videos).

        However, if you just get the wifi iPad, you lose GPS. Might be worth the $129, depending on your needs.

        • Carol

          do you mean buy an external gps for use when a sprint customer? where do you get that?

        • Mike

          Both my ipod and ipad use the GPS built into the GPS from the verizon mifi unit. No need for internal GPS in the IPad.

      • Carol

        I’ve been between the Ipad2 and xoom…leaning toward Ipad. Will get it unlocked or whatever you call it and use my sprint mifi. Anyone know if that can work. BTW….I’ll be using Ipad to download their NOAA charts app to bring boat up Atlantic Coast from GA to NH. I’ll actually have it as a backup to my Chartplotters.

    • Sfgf

      Att has great speeds and coverage in houston

  • Gary

    I can’t wait to get a AT&T iPad 2. Currently using s verizon MiFi in Wash. DC and it just sucks. Streaming video is of poor quality and often hangs while it is buffering. Verizon has better voice but data speeds sucks bawls.

  • jay

    Got a question….is the weight of the ipad 2 same on At&t and verizon or different? Thanks

  • Bill

    I am going to get the 64gb iPad 2 on AT&T, i will probably chose the postpaid 2gb plan

  • iPad user

    Verizon’s pricing is smarter. Most people will opt for the 3gb $35 plan but use less than 2gb. ATT customers will only pay $25. ATT is leaving money on the table. They should both consider a $40-$45 unlimited plan. Many would select this plan fearing going over. Greater profits for the carriers and piece of mind for the customers.

  • Jrmedic19

    I’ll be getting the Wi-Fi only version. I can’t see spending the extra money for an extra data plan when I already carry my JB iPhone EVERYWHERE I go. As for the differences in carriers. Chevy or Ford…..Verizon or AT&T (lol) we can argue forever about which is what and better and why. It’s still a matter of opinion and personal experience and always will be.

  • fas

    Not great data plans by any stretch.

  • ordinary_guyz

    guys.. are the ipad2 3G model is the factory Unlocked?

  • josemir da silva

    ipad2 on verizon. AT&T is only edge where I live.

  • AT&T doesn’t make sense. You save more money with postpaid plan as oppose to the prepaid plan. Shouldn’t the deal be with the prepaid plan to lure the customer in?

    • dee


      • Karoline

        The reason they do it this way, is it’s easier for them to add overage charges at the end of the month (post-paid) as opposed to pre-paid when they can’t calculate for overages. If you go over and you pre-paid it so very inconvenient.

  • welbo

    The 3g version of the ipad has gps hardware built in that allows you to use mapping apps. So i got the 3g version even though I didnt buy a plan. I wonder if it will be the same in the ipad2? As for data, mywi from my 4 unlimited. Although mywi is starting to suck too. Had to buy it again when ios4 came out and now they want more $$$ to unlock more features. Maybe mywi really is a secret Apple product.

    • smartfuck

      are you sure that mywi is charging more?? Like what do you mean? I use mywi and everything works perfect!

  • Jeff

    I like the personal service I get with AT&T so I am going with the ipad2/32 with AT&T 3G.

    • Ladieb2

      I agree, I’m sticking with At&T also. 1. There service is great! 2.I’m scared Verizon will cut out features like they always do. 3. I rather have faster downloads.

  • iPad user

    Real competition will occur when one device can handle multiple carriers. Imagine being able to switch carriers on the fly as they fight each other. Buying either iPad 2 ties you in to a carrier. The jailbreak solution is best only if you already have unlimited data on your iPhone. No additional monthly fee, plus unlimited data on your iPad 2.

    • Carol

      I was on a loooong time with an Apple tech today and unless I misunderstood him, I can use the wifi, 3g, gps with my sprint mifi. Use my own carrier.
      Does anyone know differently? I hope I didn’t misunderstand him.

  • Jeremy

    I have an AT&T iPhone. So, I will be getting the Verizon iPad. I plan to do all my data over the AT&T hotspot with my phone, and only use the data plan on the iPad if I am in an area where AT&T does not work well.

    I am really just buying a $129 GPS receiver. I have a 1st Gen iPad 3G, and know how much I would miss GPS.

    • Carol

      Can you actually buy a gps receiver? Is it like a
      GPS puck? looks like a hockey puck? I’ve heard they use that at sea to navigate.

  • Brian F

    AT&T customer now and its service is the WORST i’ve ever had, NO and I mean ZERO bars on my daily commute to NYC from central NJ. Just not accessible at all, it goes in and out of service, dropes Wifi all the time…. I hate IT.

    I will buy Verizon as a 2nd iPad, and give the junker to my kid..

  • Alec

    Verizon sucks. You have to buy a plan for the ipad 2 upon purchase. On the otherhand, Att doesnt require you to buy a plan.

  • Tim

    Nobody can force you to sign up for a plan. I bought mine without a plan and told the apple salesman that I would sometime in the future when I am ready to travel. I do have a question, though. On the month to month Verizon data plan is there an activation charge added each time you sign up for it?

    • Rick

      No… i spoke with Verizon last night and it was confirmed that there is no activation fee. you can cancel anytime you want etc… just like ATT..

      im still debating… ATT customer service is one of the absolute worst… verizon on the other hand dont use sim card so that could be an issue for me if im traveling. other than that i’d go with verizon but sim card issue is making me think more