Tawkon Releases iPhone App On Cydia After Steve Jobs Closes Door With “No Interest” Response


We’ve written quite a few times about Tawkon – the Israeli mobile software company that had developed an interesting application for the iPhone that tells you the amount of radiation emitted by the iPhone.

We had first reported about the app almost a year back when it was rejected from the App Store and later when we heard that their application might be under reconsideration. Folks at Tawkon have just published a post announcing that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has closed the door on them.

Folks at Tawkon write:

We tried the front door via Apple’s App Store, including great discussions with senior Apple executives at their Cupertino headquarters who praised our app functionality and graphic appeal, and explored various technical solutions with us to overcome API restrictions and get tawkon onto the App Store.

But when Steve Jobs personally closed the front door with a curt 2-word email stating: “No Interest” (see original email below), we were left with no alternative but to climb through the Cydia window to let iPhone users see and lower their exposure to cellphone radiation.

You can checkout the screenshot of the email correspondence between Tawkon CEO and Steve Jobs below:

The Tawkon iPhone app uses a variety of parameters like distance from cell phone tower, signal strength, weather condition, terrain, antenna proximity from the body, antenna orientation and travel speed to analyze the iPhone’s dynamic SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). It is to be noted that the iPhone app only “predicts” the emitted radiation and may not provide absolute measurements. However, it can be highly useful to users who may want to ensure if calls from a particular location is safe in terms of radiation levels. For instance, calls made from your basement may cause a higher level of radiation to be emitted compared to calls made from your living room and the iPhone app will thus help you in making a judgement on a safer place to make your calls from.

Tawkon had also carried out an experiment to find out how the death grip impacts the radiation level on smartphones like iPhone 4, BlackBerry 9700, and Nexus One.

You can checkout the demo of the Android app below:

While the reason for the rejection has not been revealed, it is believed to be because of the lack of credible scientific backing to the results offered by Tawkon.

As we’ve mentioned before, we feel that Apple is justified in rejecting the app. Though radiation levels from the iPhone have been deemed to safe enough, applications such as Tawkon may lead to false concerns among users about cellphone radiation affecting their health. This can have larger implications.

If you curious to find out the radiation emitted by your iPhone then you can now install Tawkon on your jailbroken iPhone from Cydia.

What are your thoughts about this iPhone app? Do you think Apple was right in rejecting the iPhone app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[via Tawkon]

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  • hxclos

    Not interested.

    • Lavender

      Well, I don’t know how many apps you’ve got, but I’d presume that you’re “not interested” in most of the 200,000 or however many apps.

      The point is – do you think iphone users should have the choice to take up an interest in this app on the official app store?

  • John

    How about making it speak in a loud voice “Radiation level is extremely high” when we get near the airport body scanners.

  • Alex

    lawls @ jobs

  • lorissimo

    This app doesn’t play nice with Multiflow. Removed…




  • badboy

    hmmm…………i wanna say who.

  • Lexus

    Um… Not intrested either.

    • Lavender

      Well, I don’t know how many apps you’ve got, but I’d presume that you’re “not interested” in most of the 200,000 or however many apps are on the app store.

      The point is – do you think iphone users should have the choice to take up an interest in this app on the official app store?

  • William

    I officially love steve jobs now. xD He reminds me of dr.cox (scrubs)

  • Jay

    rofl a dumb app , like apple would want to ruin their sales by letting people know how much radiation is from the iphone. Honestly i think its a purely waste of 20 months , even on a jailbroken iphone i wouldnt want this.

  • Dude

    This app has no REAL way of knowing how much radiation there is.. Not Interested! Imagine using this app in Japan near the leaking Nuclear reactors… STUPID APP that dont do anything useful!!!

  • AATraveler

    Stupid App!
    No interest!

    • Lavender

      There are thousands of stupid apps. The point is, should they still be available to people who ‘want stupid apps’?

  • melvarius

    Quite rightly so Mr Jobs!

    I applaude your decision not to allow pointless apps to clutter up the app store and look forward to the impending cull on the app store catalogue.

    It should make it a lot easier to find the useful stuff ;oP xx

  • larryw

    They’ve been working 20 months on an app that does nothing but make a SWAG (silly wild-assed guess)?

    Shoot that turkey before it wastes any more oxygen.

  • johnny

    really a useless app………………

    • Lavender

      The point is – just because you don’t see any value to this app, should it then be unavailable to others who may feel that it is useful?

  • Rcas

    Um… most of the apps on the app store are usless and or redundant. This is just another example of Steve Jobs pushing his opinion of something on iPhone users. Would I buy the app, hell no. But does that mean no one would? Absolutely not. It would generate money for apple, and isn’t that the reason a company is in business.. to make money?

    • Lavender


    • Amit


    • Jason Parks

      Perhaps if you started your own App Store, you could put it in yours. Otherwise, it’s not your decision. It’s his company, his store, he made the choice to pass. END OF STORY.. Damn you people piss me off with your fucking crying.

  • Tim Sharpe

    The metrics they use to SWAG are indeed the determinants of increased radiation. Google “building biology” which is the science of measuring and eliminating this type of electronic pollution. Check out the interview below to blow your mind wide open about the dangers of cell phone radiation. www dot createhealthyhomes dot com/des_for_health_11_3_10.mp3

    This isn’t an alarmist “never use cell phones” thing. It’s an honest review of the science and the research regarding electronic pollution and how to protect yourself. FTR, the presenter uses a cell phone, he just doesn’t hold it to his head.

    The interview was conducted by a high level supplement company that doesn’t profit at all by the subject matter, it’s just to help doctors like me better understand complex patients.

    • Pegger

      Aren’t all patient complex 😉
      That’s still why today not everything of the human mind/body is understood by ourself.

  • Rob

    LoL, no need for a app that shows you made up data anyways…

  • Rod

    Very good app!

  • fas

    Steve JObs talks real short.

  • James

    I’ll say this once – and only once. Mobile ‘phones DO NOT CREATE IONISING RADIATION.

    Fucktards. There’s always someone willing to make a buck out of the more gullible members of our species. You are exposed to more “radiation” sitting in a room with a filament lightbulb on.

  • King Kong

    From the screenshot, I now know the email address of Steve Jobs…

  • Pack

    No interest.. at all.