Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.3 In Alpha; Seas0nPass To Jailbreak Apple TV 4.2 (iOS 4.3) Released

iOS 4.3

It didn’t take the iPhone hacking community a long time to jailbreak iOS 4.3, which was released yesterday.

YouTube user with the handle xpl0n1c has published a video, which shows a jailbroken iPad running iOS 4.3 and Cydia also seems to be running fine.

xpl0n1c claims:

shows my alpha untethered jailbroken iPad on iOS 4.3. alpha because not all required kernel patches are in it, yet.

xpl0n1c hasn’t provided an ETA on when it will be released. You can checkout the video of a jailbroken iPad on iOS 4.3 below:

Meanwhile, folks at FireCore have released an updated version of their jailbreaking tool – Seas0nPass to support a tethered jailbreak the new Apple TV 4.2 software update (iOS 4.3).

FireCore has also provided the following update about aTVFlash:

For the most part yes. However, you may see a few oddities with text entry screens in plugins like Couch Surfer and nitoTV. These are relatively minor issues and should be a quick fix.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

[via YouTube, FireCore]

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  • fattrain

    1st – nice! Cant wait!

    • Asswipe

      Who gives a shit. Grow up asshole

      • Jimminy Cricket

        Your comment is interesting considering your username lol

      • NOEspanol

        I’m with Asswipe! Chinga su madre, fat train!

    • PowerBaked420

      hey my very first post was the first lol I was a little excited inside, so leave him alone, your just jealous it wasn’t you. haha

    • flyez

      ya leave fattrain alone, i like “first” post, i remeber when i did them too 🙂

    • flyez

      EVERYONE READ THIS NOW BELOW BECAUSE I AM PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. this news is as of today there is no unlock even after 4.3 release date.

      As we all know by now, the exploit which iPhone Dev Team, including MuscleNerd and Sherif Hashim, thought would work to unlock iPhone 4 on 2.10.04, 3.10.01 and 4.10.01 basebands unfortunately turned out to be a no-show in the end.

      As you know the Dev-Team (MuscleNerd) have been working on the unlock for quite a while now. They were making great progress on the unlock, but they found out that they (accidentally) unlocked “one particular SIM card” instead of the baseband itself. Which means that the unlock would only be an unlock you could use with MuscleNerd’s T-Mobile SIM. So, useless. If the unlock would unlock the baseband instead of “the SIM”, it’d probably be out within 2 weeks (reasonable timeframe which they had hoped). But things turned out to be different. Basically these <2 weeks predictions were a lack of information.

      • LuvMyiPhone

        Dude, I can see why you are pissed.. I would ask the dev team for a full refund since they didnt work around the clock to meet your needs. You did pay them for this work right…cause I am sure you wouldnt be a dick bitching about what you get for free from these guys and others bustin their asses to JB and Unlock these phones… jeez

      • Lee

        Only reason there isn’t an unlock…. Planetbeing gave up, muscleturd was merely his bitch. Original unlock was 90% planetbeings work. Won’t be an unlock til he comes back. Muscleturd is useless

      • Supernova

        Dude, don’t tell me you actually believe this BS that Muscleturd is pulling right now.. For fu** sake! This joker has been claiming so many things including the supposed jailbreak and unlock for 4.2.1 for months now!! Saying he’s holding it off for when the iOS 4.3, that way apple won’t be able to patch it.. I feel sorry for you for actually believing that turd! Him and sharif are a joke dude, and you should stop believing his BS.. Now he’s coming up with the biggest BS excise claiming his simcard got unlocked and not the phone?? WTF!!!! Lamest excuse ever!!!!! Dude, that’s too impossible!! That’s a fu**in joke!! I feel bad to those who would actually believe that stupid excuse!! Muscleturd is the biggest joker in the friggin iOS jailbreaking community!! Period!!

    • flyez

      4 words. fuck u stupid kid.

      you don’t talk to me like that son.

      • Key

        that’s more than 4 words…..

      • TOO BAD

        Who do you think you are?

        People can talk anyway they want, don’t want your feeling hurts don’t post on here or any internet web page where people can respond to your posting.

  • Mark

    These guys are good at what they do.

  • iPhone 4 guys

    Absolutely. And unlock would be soooooo nice. Can’t wait… Thank u hackers. Good job. !!

  • Lg1

    Que viva jailbreak! Hahaha! Awesome work!

  • Yea

    Im 50 Tyson

  • iPhone 4 4.2.1 unlock wanted :(

    Nice hope fully now I can have hope 2 unlock my phone that has been sitting collecting dust 🙂

    Thanks 2 all u hackers ,
    I am happy what ever u do
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Omg im ready to jailbreak my iphone again becuz wit out jailbreak my fone its suck……

    • Jimminy Cricket

      Your grammar too

      • Jay

        You forgot your full stop!

  • fas

    Now when can the unlock be out is the real question.

  • Jason

    ROFL that asswipe comment had me laughing for a solid 30 mins.

  • nymkhan8

    never heard of any of these guys before.

  • Johnmc

    Do u guys think an unlock is on the cards in the near future , i need to know because im seriously considering selling my iphone?, can anybody reply with what the think or presume? Thanks

  • Chunky

    Hey stupid fucks WHERE IS THE BASEBAND REVERSE FOR 3GS?! Ios 4.3 is out!MUSCLENERD FUCK YOU tweet tweet tweet tweet you should better bring what you have promised!!! Than talk shit on Twitter i tweet shit in your mouth!

    • flyez

      to answer your question read my comments above on first post by fattrain

  • No hot spot for 4.3

    I up graded to 4.3 I also have unlimited data on my iPhone 4. When I called AT&T about activating my hotspot, Rep said that only customers with higher plan than unlimited data can use this feature. I need to upgrade to company unlimited data or whatever is over the normal unlimited data plan. This extremely sucks! I don’t mind waiting to the jailbreak to come out( I CAN live without JB) but if I knew that no hotSpot was allowed then I would of waited and not un Jailbroken.

  • gazza1888

    Dev team bring it on themselves, why bother updating their site all the time saying what they are going to do, we`ve cracked this, we`ve unlocked this etc…. in my opinion its all just too receive donations. let people desperate for unlocks/jailbreaks hear what they want too. If you have nothing decent too say, dont say anything at all. I think they should move over and let real hackers have a try because they guys just dont cut it. Maybe returning all donations for all the false hope they have been handing out.
    Maybe changing the name aswell to the DIV TEAM.

  • akachay

    my conspiracy: they already have jailbreak and unlock ready for certain version. just need to collect enough donations first. why are they giving it out for free and not sell it? they get bad rep if they sell, but if they do it for free and in return get more than what they would sell it for in form of donations. it’s win-win. i would done the same thing too. that is why i only donate after i used their tools.

    • akachay

      i hope dev team is fed up with all of us complaining and call it quit altogether. no more jailbreak and unlock forever. hahahhaha

      • larryw

        Yeah right, and then they’ve have to get a real job. Like at Starbucks.

  • lolz@devteam

    Nobody asked them to make it free. I don’t have a problem with someone trying to help the world free up the satanic iphone lock but they need to stop trolling. If they don’t have an unlock they need to stop telling people they do and will release it at such a such a date. I appreciate the work they do to help the masses but its BS when they come out promising people something that they don’t have.

    Don’t tell me the BS of doing it myself because i don’t come here promising i can do it if i can’t. If there was no unlock ever, nobody will buy an iphone if they were not on an official network. Due to the previous work and continuous promises, some people spent their had earned cash on an iphone. Who said on can’t dream when they have been promised paradise.

    NB: I have friends that are hackers and i’m into IT so i know this for a fact. Hackers get a hard on from fame. That is what they live for, being proud of what they can do and being recognized so YES they are not charging for the unlock but it still doesn’t make it free. Learn your definition of the work “FREE”

    My 2 cents!!!

  • lolz@devteam

    Sorry for my few error and screw u for if you don’t get it…LOLZZZZZZZZZ

    • lolz@devteam

      ha ha ha ha here goes another error..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • U r mama

    Fck my puss no more unlockin?????

  • NOEspanol

    chinga su madre!

  • ZaSaGarip

    It’s time to leave iPhone alone and take a look at Andoid then… I bought an Galaxy S, all my children and friends around me are going to do the same I think. Just like the American Dream, The Dream of iPhone is over 🙁 We won’t buy a phone that make you live Hell in every new version…

    • Lou

      you only live hell, because you try to jailbreak it/unlock it/ hack it/ steal programs with it….

      If you buy the phone and use it as sold, you’ll be one of the other million happy people using it.

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  • nice jailbreak, keep sharing guys!

  • Flyer needs personalitybreak

    What I need is an app that can automatically filter posts by crybaby dumb asses so I can just read the constructive comments and thoughts. Maybe someone can work on one, some way to create a No Flyez Zone. It scans blogs and automatically makes sure no comments get picked up.

    On a serious note, thanks for the effort to the teams, I don’t really care what each teams motivation is, all I know is that I benefit from it all.

    I hope the whiners don’t put you off, and know they are only a small group of takers that somehow believe you need them to approve of your work.

    Thanks again, MexicanPeso

  • IgotSomethingToSay

    I am not one of the unlockers but somebody that has been in this community since the beginning (installer). Every mature unlocker/jailbreaker knows to wait for the needed tool to update their phones, even if that means being stuck on old FW for months. People should not complain about devs taking long, it is your fault to begin with. Do not update if you don’t want to be stuck with a “paper weight”.

    This community is becoming more and more immature.