Apple Airs “We Believe” iPad 2 Commercial

iPad 2

Apple has started airing its first iPad 2 commercial. As usual the commercial dubbed “We believe” is slick and it talks about what Apple believes about the new iPad 2.

Apple highlights that technology such as specifications alone is not enough, the device needs to be intuitive to a point where technology gets out of the way, to make the experience delightful and even magical.

The voice-over in the commercial tells us:

This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter…those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful…even magical. That’s when you leap forward. That’s when you end up with something like this.

Let us know what you think about the new iPad 2 ad in the comments.

[via YouTube (Apple)]

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  • fas

    Good ad by Apple, I like it.

  • psp

    “We Believe” jailbreak is coming soon

    • akri



  • pacomac

    Apple’s best Ad so far, simple and to the point!

  • Technology alone is not enough? I think Apple should explain this phrase more precisely. It is like they are finally admitting that Motorola Xoom is actually better than iPad 2 in terms of specs. You have to agree with that one! But I strongly agree with the ad of Apple iPad 2, technology is not enough because people with not enough technical knowledge wouldn’t know the difference. If you ask your Mom to choose between iPad 2 and Xoom, there is no chance that she will choose the Motorola device. Functionality is really the number one criteria! With overflowing options of apps to choose from, any android tablet would be no match with this device. But it is a wise decision for Motorola to let consumers be familiar with their Xoom. Just like what Samsung has done to their Galaxy, now people consider it as the number 2 tablet after iPad because of their familiarity to the product. Lastly, Android Tablets should widen their app choices so people will finally have a reason to purchase their product.

    • Jason


  • If you all notice All Apples Ads right there background are all white when they show a iDevice.

    This Ad has a Black Background i Believed 100% thats it’s NOT a Official Apple Ads.

    It’s Fake but Still Nice.

    • Jack

      Fake? It’s on their website..

  • Stephen

    Now I want one even more.

  • This ad is awesome! I love the cover of new ipad 2.

  • akri

    I’m with Stephen..I want one more now too!! Though I do love my 1st gen ipad..