Apple Sues Samsung For Blatantly Copying iPhone And iPad

iTunes 10.2.1

Wall Street Journal reports Apple has filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung in U.S. District Court in Northern California, alleging that the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets infringe their patents and trademarks.

The lawsuit claims that Samsung has not only copied the hardware shape but also the user interface and packaging from the iPhone and iPad.

Wall Street Journal reports:

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products,” the lawsuit said.

An Apple representative told All Things Digital:

“It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging.  This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.”

Apple is seeking injunctions, actual damages, punitive damages and a finding that the alleged infringement was willful.

The lawsuit shows side by side comparison photos of Apple’s patent diagrams and and Samsung’s products.

It also compares iPhone 3GS with Samsung’s Galaxy i9000 model to highlight the similarities.

Samsung had recently unveiled two new Honeycomb tablets at the CTIA 2011: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to compete with Apple’s iPad 2. Samsung is calling them the “world’s thinnest tablets” at just 8.6 millimeters, slightly thinner than iPad 2 at 8.8 millimeters.

It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit will affect Apple’s relationship with Samsung who is one of the main suppliers of A4 and A5 system-on-a-chip, LCD Displays, flash memory that is used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod product lines.

What do you think about Apple’s move to sue Samsung? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via WSJ, All Things Digital]

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  • Aaron

    Thats bull s***, Apple is so full of themselves.

    • jdb

      You’re bullshit. Everyone always sues Apple, i.e. motorola and that Q something company. Apple sues for legitimate reasons and you say they’re full of themselves. Let the vagina punching commence.

      • Prinny

        Where’s the justice? I mean soap companies should sue Apple since obviously they made their phones in the shape of a bar of soap. No company should be allowed to create a cell phone that doesn’t resemble an actual corded phone.

      • Zang

        All I ever see you do is blindly supporting everything apple does, and if anyone makes a bad comment, belittle them saying apple this and this.

        While you may be a fanboy, think of this.

        I had a cellphone a long time ago the shape apple phones have. But they not being sued? And they haven’t sued apple either.

        How are phones supposed to look? There are only a finite ways to develop one. The interface however is not what should be sued, as they are using Android IIRC. Not developed by Samsung.

        Look at sumsung star. has same as 3g, released around same time, so how is keeping to their own design, not logical?

        You keep on saying valid this and that. How many cases have been won? Answer that first off. If you can’t then don’t talk about validity in lawsuits.

      • зло

        Dont kiss Apples ass you not gona get iphone 5 for free 🙂

        • Eric

          If they even decide to bring the Iphone 5 maybe a 4s2 lol

  • tonywongfish

    i was thinking when is this going to happen …..
    i was feeling something strange age ago about years ago …..when everything (phone) on the marketing just looked like an iphone ….

    every1 just try to copy iphone but (in my opinion ) fail to catch reasonable marking place from it.
    i think apple should do this long time ago as this is just wrong !!!

    • Zolk

      So why did apple wait so long? I think it may have been a deliberate move to garnishee some of the profits of successful competitor products, rather than prevent them from appearing.

      • tonywongfish

        for that ….i m buying u too , after all apple is a company right ?!?….i think this is their move …..wait till all the others just copy their design to the state of no return (like just push an new iphone alike model)…..
        then suing them for some amount (well, property not some) of money ……

        • tonywongfish

          but in my opinion , ……they never even come close to be “successful competitor products”…….at least not yet .
          i admit that they’ve recently is able to grab “some” of the marketing …..but it’s not becoz of their design …….or higher configuration or shit ….
          i think is just ppls ….customer in general are start confusing which phone is which. some1 i know even think they are using an a cheaper iphone but it’s made by other company.
          if this iphone copy cat phenomenon keep going, then i can’t image what is the phone catalogs will look like next year …..ha !

          • tonywongfish

            i mean ……i can’t “imagine” what is the phone catalogs will look like next year …..ha !

      • Princemnf

        Are you a moron apple didn’t took actions against other companies because it doesn’t matter at that time as their popularity was not even close to apple but when other companies started sueing apple, they realize that they should do something and apple give legit prove of other companies coping their products

        • Matt

          Holy grammar and spelling Batman!

  • tonywongfish

    god …..look at those pictures ! ……
    my mom (or ppls in general )really confusing what is different between iphone and another phone ….
    i mean ….back to few years ago ….i used to check out some nokia or samsung products to see if i can buy an new phone with new design …..
    now i just knew there will be no new design, just all the iphone alike …..
    dont get me wrong …i have been using every iphone from 3g to 4 now ….i m always want a second “back up ” phone …..which look a bit different or even better then iphone …

  • tonywongfish

    also , ,,,i dont think any of this will affect the relationship of samsung as the chip supplier for apple….
    from business point of views ….samsung wants to have a big clients like apple to order a large amounts of clips from them ……after all they making money from it right ?!
    smartphone is just one part of the company which i think they are doing a very bad job of it.

  • hey the lawyer need to do something to earn the part to ,, just how much money does apple need ?
    for making an iphone that drop call an ipad with a shit ass camera. we the people should be suing apple

  • Realistically, how else is a phone supposed to look? It’s all about the biggest screen real-estate in the otherwise smallest overall device, and minimum or no physical buttons.

    Given that, there are only so many ways to design a smartphone these days.

  • ?

    There sure are a lot of comments here that don’t make much sense.

    • George

      you ifags need to stop circle jerking on these lame ass topics. uh uh uh uh aaahhhhhhh.. sorry about that.

      • iOS5

        Hahahahahahahahahaha…dude you just made my morning.

  • Hanno

    I agree with “? ”
    My God! What idiots comment on here?
    1- Learn how to spell
    2 – Learn basic grammar and punctuation!
    3 – Learn how to string a sentence together
    @Tonywongfish, “something strange age ago about years ago”. WTF?????? your comments make NO sense!

  • Prinny

    Wait a phone that uses an GUI OS? Microsoft should sue! I mean seriously… All cell phones look alike at this point. That’s like Levi’s sueing all other jean companies because the material used made of denim, in the shape of pants and is blue…

  • apple has patented every thing they create for a reason. all these companies have been copying off of them sense the first iphone came out. after that everyone wanted to make touch screen phones. and then after the ipad every one wanted to come out with tablets. hmm. If i was apple i would have sued a lot time ago lol.

  • ju!ce

    Apple has some of the most BS patents. Multi-touch patent is like giving a patent for walking.

    • Zang

      Multitouch should be a patent. The gestures used that work are reason it’s multitouch using something that senses more than one finger is not their patent.

      Check out the actual patent before arguing against random ones.

  • Shalashaska

    I honestly think that this is a punlicity has become the most sued tech company in the world and it wants to change its no PR genius but i think this is a publicity stunt…lets not forget that samsung supplies apple with a bunch of stuff… just hired a bunch of big lawyers so maybe this is a showcase for them…either way…i love both companies(i have an iphone and a samsung wave)…

  • Meltdown

    And Ford should sue every car maker for using their idea of 4 wheels & engine to get around

  • Jikkan

    “Good artists copy, great artists steal” Picaso said it, Steve Jobs said it. In fact, Stevie boy said Apple shamelessly steals others’ ideas. So for all you people defending apple, go f**k yourself. Kthxbai

  • Ralph

    LOL! Apple are evidently beginning to worry about real competition, otherwise, they would have done this a long time ago.

    Awww, Bless ’em…

    • Justin

      where is the competition in this? Do you think Merc won’t sue BMW if they copy their designs? Or if KTM copies Suziki bike designs? This is no competition, this is stealing the exact design, adding new features to it and sticking your logo on it…how is that competition??? Do you see nokia doing the same? Do you see other mobile companies doing the same??? Ask yourself why!

  • Pathetic apple worried about sgs2!! Oh btw since it’s not on here, redsn0w untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2 is put haha

  • “Out” that is haha, not for iPad 2 tho

  • Rob

    If It Was Your Design And Idea That’s Being Copied, You’d Be Whining Like Little Bitches. about How Samsung Stole Your Ideas So Shut It. It’s Apples Property For A Reason. And Samsung Is Infringing On It, They’re Loss For Not Having They’re Own Designs.

  • Apple did not invent phones? You muppet!!! Haha

  • Fuck me Freddie

    This is just stupid. Yes other companies are making touchscreen phones like there are a bouncy of companies making tv they make what people want. So if I patten human waste then I can sue everyone who uses the bath room? Or if I design shoe laces no one else ca do that or I can sue them? This is completely ridiculous. I think Apple just made one of there biggest mistakes yet because don’t they get slot of there parts from samsung?

    • Zang

      Wont cause problems, because they sell too much and make too much from Apple.

      However, they might not give them or let them get away with any specials or offers they previously did. Those might just run out causing Apple to pay slightly more for parts. Unless they already have another company that can do the job. Then they wont do anything.

      • Melvarius

        Apple probably just wants to build the iPhone 5 for free. Well at least get all the components from Samsung F.O.C. lol.

        I wonder if the pope is gonna sue apple for using his buddy’s sacred fruit as their company name and logo hehehe.

  • fas

    This should have happened earlier because Samsung is master in copying!

  • Rem

    Now that ipad 2 can’t be JB’d I’d get a Samsung.

    • Thomas

      And, you will be stuck in those bullshit android apps, ha ha ha.

  • ohyeaa

    i don’t see why there’s a fuzz… the two are only 95% similar

  • H

    Honesty, people have no sense. From the comments I read on this site it just seems that people only want Apple to produce capacitive touchscreen phones and tablets and no one else. Get real. If that’s your logic then Apple should have not been allowed to produce the iPhone as the LG Prada was the first capacitive full touch screen phone. Tech companies need competition or else there isn’t much advancement or innovation. Just look at the difference from the first iPhone to the 3GS. Do you think Apple would have released the iPhone 4 if wasn’t for competition? Apple is a good company who has a great mobile OS but other companies have caught up and have even surpassed them I’m my opinion. I for one am happy for this competition. People need to stop blindly following Apple and attacking other companies. It’s not like Apple even cares who you are.

    • Justin

      You said LG Prada…thank you very much! So Apple sees LG Prada, picks it up and sees faults with the phone…and decides ok…I think I can make this much much better…so they come up with the iPhone which is totally different from the LG Prada but basically uses the same concept…ie touchscreen. Even a child can tell the difference btn the Prada and the iPhone…you cannot say the same for the Samsung products except that it’s slightly bigger/smaller than the iphone/ipad respectively! Everything else looks the same from a glance! Thats so not cool!

  • Its not exactly same

    I like galaxy s phones cuz its light and better then iphone 4, it has android and ios is boring! Its time for Samsung to rule the smartphone market!

  • pacomac

    It would not surprise me if this is an attempt by Apple to get some sort of exclusivity out of Samsung for their RAM or processors.

    These two companies are so in each others pocket it doesn’t make and sense for one to sue the other. However, there could be some sort of behind the scenes agreement to sue Samsung and set a presidence so they can go after other companies.

    Whilst I don’t agree with alot of this patent malarky, the iPhone was pretty unique 5-6 years ago and now every phone looks like an iPhone!

    • pacomac

      Watch out Motorola! (Xoom)

  • Rude-e

    Apple keeps attacking their own suppliers and Main sources then what makes pretty much the iPhone will be lost. I own an iPhone 4. Had it almost a year now and to tell you the truth I’m getting quite bored with it it’s laggy, grip on the phone design is to delicate, and the only thing that keeps changing is the shell and the processor.the case really doent help against the antenna issues. It’ gets annoying at times. Apple needs something new. And instead of worrying about ppl stealing their sO called ideas. They should actually focus on making their own. Touch screen phones have bin out before the iPhone. So pretty much the patent isn’t really theirs to claim. Just my opinion.

    • Pacomac

      IPhone 4 laggy, what planet are you on? Yes, there were touch screen phones before the iPhone, but they were mostly low contrast resistive touch screens with no multiple-touch. Also really bulky with lots of buttons, a hardware keyboard and a web browser not fit for purpose. You forget just how backward phones were before Apple came along. I spent years developing software for just about every manufacturer under the sun, and the iPhone was a breath of fresh air. The problem now is that just about every manufacturer has realized Apple got it right and created a ripped off version of their own. We are now bored with the iPhone because all phones are now immitations of the real thing.

  • Hasan

    Apple needs to make the iPhone the shape of an apple or ok, the shape of steve jobs head. Then sam sung, needs to make their phone In the shape of the founder of samsung, Sam was his name and he liked singing. also did u know that nokia hate tue car company Kia, thaTs why they r called NOkia. and from wikipedia, Sony is the derived from 2 names, sonus which means sound or music and Sonny like as in the nick name given to a small child back in the old days.

    • Melvarius

      If they made iphones in the shape of steve jobs head, wouldn’t they be just too big and too ugly?


    I’ve been always thinking that Samsung has the technology enough to invent their own thing but they are just too lazy butts and rather play a copy cat shit:(


    I’ve been always thinking that Samsung has the technology enough to invent and upgrade their own thing but they are just too lazy butts and rather play a copy cat shit:(

  • Apel

    Apple Go Full Out on these Mother Fuc*ers it pisses me off how apple invented pure genius and everyone copies them

  • Human Being

    Hahahahaaa look at you pussies! Arguing for and against Apple/Samsung as if you own get paid for it! Fuck Apple for a crap product which won’t do what most other phones do unless they get hacked. Me? I say fuck patent laws so WE the paying customers can get what we want most of all. A Great product!

  • Human Being

    The sooner some of these patent laws get dropped the faster technology will move forward, after all nothing is perfect but being able to improve what is already available just makes things better for us, who pay good money for products.

  • Human Being

    BTW just a quick heads up, Apple is also planning a lawsuit against some cell manufacturers for copying the iPhone4 unique “not usable in left hand” feature.


    okay first off all of you are stupid everybody knows that apple made the first touch screen smart phone and because apple made our phones from stupid to smart that should be enough for you all to stop hating on apple so much so show a little appreciation that there helping technology advance because apple are inventors and everybody knows that everybody copied the iphone but what did android do they cover there ass and just painted it to look different which did approve the appearance still not convince okay apple makes a 2ND new idea called the ipad the first tablet then of course everybody made a tablet NEXT MONTH and all android did was add some widgets to change it and of course made it look different so they dont get sue to cover there ass i only respect 2 companies that are true inventors and thats microsoft and apple the 2 computer genius of the world the true real battle microsoft made the kinect eliminatING mouse and keyboard and microsoft truly made a smartphone much different then all the phones cuz microsoft comes up with ideas that blow our minds away and so does apple fuck google what have they done and all the other companies google maps is all google has and of course google and thats it but they have never invented anything just like the Chinese people we invent it they customize it and then sell it back to us bullshit i only respect companies that create not copy and customize it AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE APPLE INVENT THE FIRST SMART TV AND HOPEFULLY THE FIRST SMART CAR OR WILL IT BE MICROSOFT THAT THE TRUE WAR AND LOOK AT THE DAM PICTURES DO NOT TELL ME THAT THE PHONE DOESNT LOOK LIKE A IPHONE AND DONT TRY TO BE SLICK GOOGLE THE BIG FLIP CLOCK DID NOT FOOL ME ITS THE SAME SHIT PLEASE COME UP WITH A NEW IDEA THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX

    • Human Being

      BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I had to take a flight in my LOL’o’Copter after reading this BULLSHIT. FYI the first Smartphone to use Touchscreen technology was the Motorola A920 and was released around end of 2002. I don’t believe Apple had any pocket size devices back then.
      Straight after this I had to go on my LOL’erSkates Because SMART Cars have been around for a while and just like Apples i-devices they are a pile of crap and owned by Pussies!

  • Chris

    I have to say that looking at the two I can’t see where Apple is coming from.

  • hmmm×391.jpg

    both these phones came out around the same time. How did samsung steal the design?

    Apple didn’t invent icons, nor did they invent the grid in which they sit windows has that that forever. They didn’t invent the touchscreen Sony Ericsson W950 had that about a year before the iphone came out.

    Also the f700 even has a FFC. didnt they steal that from the iphone 4?

    Apple needs to work more on making iOS 5 better and making a great iphone 5.

  • hmmm

    also the makers of the qtek 9000 that came out in 2005 could sue them both

  • MARK


  • Yogesh

    Well, Apple did not innovate editing, FCP was ideas taken from AVID Technology. They did not invent phones, ideas were taken from other phone companies. They did not invent HD Cinema displays, again ideas taken from LG or Samsung. Apple were crying and trying to sue companies who were trying to invent ways of installing their OS onto Windows machine. Two months later, they started selling machines that could dual boot into windows and OS. So Don’t go and tell me Apple don’t copy and invent their own. They have also copied each and every technology off others. After all, an idiot will learn off his own mistake, and a wise man will learn of others mistakes. Why re-invent the wheel. As much as Apple have done to others, others also do it to Apple. Stop crying, Samsumg Galaxy S II iKicks the Apples arse any day (Comes from me as an Ex-Apple Employee). Come on Steve Jobs, do you want to sue me for letting loose the Apple Secret? Just try it. Cuz you can’t sue for facts if they aren’t lies.