iPhone 5 Specs: Thinner, Larger 3.7-Inch Screen, Home Button With Gesture Area & More

iPhone 5

Joshua Topolsky, former Engadget Editor has just revealed some interesting information about Apple’s next generation iPhoneiPhone 5, which is rumored to be released in September.

According to Topolsky who writes at This is my next, the 5th generation iPhone will be completely redesigned and it will look like iPod Touch 4G rather than iPhone 4.

Topolopsy reports that according to their sources, iPhone 5 will be thinner than the iPhone 4, and have a “teardrop” shape, which goes from thick to thin like MacBook Air.

He has revealed that the home button will be enlarged and will double up as the home button and also a gesture area:

this falls in line with testing we’ve seen for gestures on the iPad, and our sources say that gestures are definitely coming in a future version of iOS. The home button will likely be enlarged, but not scrapped altogether.

He also confirms that iPhone 5 will come with a larger 3.7 inch screen (compared to the 3.5 inch screen), which will occupy nearly the entire front of the phone while keeping the same resolution.

The sketch supplied to them by a source indicates some form of inductive or touch charging but their sources have not been able to confirm it.

You can also checkout the mockup of what the next generation iPhone will look like based on information they’ve received.

We really like the idea of the home button doubling up as a gesture area and though we like the design of iPhone 4, will love to see a completely redesigned iPhone, which is thinner and comes with a larger Retina display.

What about you? Please share your views in the comments section below.

[via This is my next]

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  • wolverinemarky

    not sure about the tear drop shape but definitely liking the 3.7 in screen and the home button as a gesture area will be interesting to see in the end what we get

    • Knman00

      sorry but if the iphone 5 isnt 4G LTE they can stuff it. whats the point of buying another godamn 3g iphone? iphone 5 will be the 4th 3g iphone. IT BETTER BE 4G or its hello ANDROID!!!!

      • Ray

        Unless Apple comes out with at least a 4″ screen and 4g LTE, there is not much reason to upgrade from my iP4.

        • Guy

          I totally agree.Thats one of the things that sets
          the galaxy s II and HTC sensation apart from the old iphone 4. A nice size screen will just be a must

          • AtomiKa

            A friend has a samsung galaxy S 2 but the iphone’s touchscreen ,camera ,appstore etc are much more better .

    • Dude

      I’ll settle for NFC UICC compatibility for PayWithISIS.

      LTE would be nice but I’m in a city that doesn’t have that yet so I don’t really care (yet).

  • Wesleygr4

    If the above image is how its gonna look, then ill stick with my current iPhone4.

  • Amrit

    sounds good

  • drumrobot

    Why would they enlarge the screen by 1/5 of an inch? It wouldn’t be a noticeable difference, and developers would have to rewrite their apps for it… imagine having to write apps for non-Retina displays, current Retina displays, the iPad, and a 3.7 inch display.

    • The article said it would be the same resolution as the current retina display, so no rewriting required.

    • YngJoe

      The article says that it would hold the same resolution as the current iPhone 4. That means it’s technically the same format as the current display, just a bit larger physically. I don’t think the developers would have to redesign their apps just yet.

    • Will

      I think 3.7″ screen at the same 960×720 resolution is not right.
      The retina screen was only introduced in the iPhone 4 last year and is still a very excellent display.
      The iPhone 3.5″ 480×360 screen was good for 3 years models.
      I just can’t see it happening to develop and manufacture a new size screen so soon.
      It would be extremely costly and Apple isn’t in this industry to throw away money like others.
      Remember, Apple innovates and charges a premium and
      makes billions still.
      Yet others make Androids that are practically given away to gain marketshare.

  • i-jeet

    its not neat looking. disappointed

  • Toby777

    Can’t say I like the shape. I personally would stick to the iPhone 4’s shape/design. The beauty that you can stand it on its sides is esp. handy when taking steady photos/videos.

  • sean

    when are we going to see 3D screen??? The iphone 5 is already outdated. Can we see the plan for iPhone 7? 🙂
    I don’t even think about buying the iPhone 5.
    LG Optimus 3D just an example how far behind is apple from Android based phones.
    I’m done with apple for good, changing for a way better phone.

    • Mr. Burns

      Good, does that mean you’ll stop wasting your time posting here? That is the second comment I’ve seen you make in back to back days mentioning the Optimus and stating that the iPhone 5 is outdated. The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been officially announced yet and has no official specs. Why are you saying anything about iPhone 7. Aren’t you forgetting 6? Have fun with your Optimus. Maybe it can teach you to count past 5.

      • Hasan

        Stuff u. I’m with sean

      • kaiba222

        It’s obvious that he doesn’t mention 6 because he is trying to imply that even iPhone 6 is going to be outdated with Android phones today. He mentions 7 as to say that maybe that will actually be worthwhile. Idiot, think about what you are reading before you insult others.

      • infuse rocks

        Everyone is entitled to express their opinion. Is apple ur daddy’s company. Why you has to be so nasty about it. Don’t worry by next year ios apparently will get its ass kicked by android anyways. When apple will be waiting with big surprise and suspense for their next release of iPhone or ios. Android would have already released 2 more 😀

  • iSteve Fuckhim Job

    battery is really a problem. less battery and bigger screen?

  • Shannon

    I hate it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a redesigned iPhone 5 but not if this is how it looks. It’s ugly. I want my iPhone to look like an actual iPhone, not an iPod touch. I don’t like the teardrop design, and I agree with drumrobot about changing the screen size. Why make things more difficult for app developers?

    • iRSX

      Changing the screen size doesn’t require any work on the developer part if the resolution remains the same. Please read article. I agree it looks ugly.

      • Shannon

        I read the article, douche.

        • JohnnyB

          Then how about you just don’t comment on things you obviously don’t understand? Sound good? Great.

  • Sahid


  • YngJoe

    I think this design is just another persons idea of what may happen, but I don’t see Apple fitting all their hardware in a phone that thin. Not just yet. The next phone should have the new processor and battery, plus the two cameras, possibly a better camera on the rear. Chances are the next iPhone will be the same body as the iPhone 4.

  • mkimid

    Interesting, how apple will adapt the battery on tear drop shape, because of the battery should a straight line of edge. I do not think they will reduce the capacity of battery to make some special shape.
    Because new A5 will use more power when use the graphic intensive apps.
    Anyway, I agree with they make thinner than before even they reduce thickness of glass or exchange with thinner back plate, so many rumors are making too tired ha ha

  • Mcsteven

    Yeah there’s no way this information is accurate. Their just talking out of their ace..

  • Mark Abbott

    I do not like the description given for iphone5. If this is an accurate description of the next offering,I will be switching to an Android Samsung. From Att.

  • I Like the home button as it is. as a button. bigger screen is nice. If they did that I doubt they would put a better resolution on it. Possible though.

  • CK

    Doesn’t matter how cool it looks if it isn’t a 4G phone I’m sticking with my iPhone 4 until they come out with one. Apple is getting ready to get left in the dust if they don’t come out with a 4G iPhone soon.

    • Jayydoggy


  • Oire

    And again one more time,
    The article said it would be the same resolution as the current retina display, so no rewriting required.

    the design is good, the panel should be in the middle

  • Yes. I’m Crazy

    You know the problem here is even if apple designed a phone shaped like a turd if the put an apple logo on it and called an IPhone 5 people would buy it. Cause we live in a status market and everyone wants to look hip, regardless of consequence. Sad but none the less true

    • stop trying so hard Apple..

      Agreed. Sadly image is more important than being smart. Kinda strange to say that we are in a recession and that we are spending less. From the numbers that Apple have sold, I think not. Perhaps 5 yrs from now we will look back and say wow what was I thinking, but who knows. Until some celebrity/news media think that a new gadget is cool or hip then then that will be the new fad… anyways back to the subject. The thickness and teardrop shape look slippery. Custom cases will look interesting and the edge to edge screen will be a problem for custom case. I don’t think battery will be an issue since there is new and lighter type. Polymer? perhaps.

    • Joe Scott

      I know that many people do buy Apple products for the logo, but I am not one of them. When I switched from MetroPCS to AT&T, the iPhone 3gs was the best phone for my needs, after owning the iPod. I got the iPhone 4 for it’s seamless compatibility with the software I had already purchased. Now that Android has become increasingly popular and a lot of the problems have been worked out, I have been considering switching to one in the future. I have my iPad, which I love for what it does (even without Flash), so I don’t risk loosing any money I spent on apps. Not everyone buys something for the logo. Some of us are actually happy with the product and do research first based on our needs.

  • Kwopau

    Although this is just a rumor and not true yet. But if this was to be the next generation model, I think I’m going to ditch the next generation because I hate that tear drop design and looks F*cking Ugly.

    I’ll stick to my iphone 4. Personally the design of the iphone 4 is way much better than this.

  • Jebanec

    What a disgusting design! iPhour design much, much nicer. Defo will not upgrade no matter what the specs if it looks like this!

  • Kwopau

    Also I personally don’t like the edge to edge screen at all. It is also ugly and it would be a bad move on apple if they do this.

    • Oire

      in real world edge to edge screen would be very nice but its difficult to be done.

  • Itsyaboy

    This is bullshit !!! He’ll no

  • Oire

    Inductive charging ? muaxaxaxa – Joshua Topolsky, best seller sci fi novel writer

  • Itsyaboy

    Hell no**

  • Petr

    I think that is simply work of art! I have had all the iPhones ever were, and the 3G/3GS smooth shape was no doubt the best. If it simply were with metal backplate, it would have been perfect. iPhone 4 with the jagged edges is not sliding in and out of the pocket like 3, not to mention the other “issues”. In the overall design concept of Apple, iPhone 4 is not in line with the rest and I hope they will bring it back with something like pictured above.

  • gay design

    thats a very very bad design….looks bad, i hate thats edge design even in ipad its hard to hold in the ipad . i rather had the iphone 4 design its top of the line, they need to to upgrade the speed and the memory of the iphone 4 the design is great. one thing more they need to make the iphone 5 unbreakable rather than change the design….goodbye apple need to look for a better phone and design…

  • iphone 5

    make the iphone 5 unbreakable & bigger memory, rather that changing the design,, its fucking ugly… are the designer are kind blind to design that new one…..

  • Whatever you call it, iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 will still be a huge hit to consumers. I just hope that the location tracking will never be an issue again once this 5th generation device comes out. With the use of A5 chip, this phone will be everyone’s first choice when buying their next handheld device, especially for gamers.

  • iphone 5

    they should make 2 model of the new iphone one is the new version with new design that suck, other is with the iphone 4 design with all the new feature and speed and everything….let see which one gonna sell more…

  • Thepartyguy

    The thiner the more fragile…. Is that a technique so that it will be more breakable so people have to spend more cash to replace it?

  • fas

    The home button looks like that of the Samsung Galaxy S/Epic.

  • The iPhone 4 has been such a big hit I believe Apple will stay with the current iPhone 4 form factor for 1 more year similar to the 3G / 3GS upgrades with all the improvements coming “under the hood”.

  • Ciprian Biris

    i would upload two concepts of i5 if i could 🙂

  • Ciprian Biris

    concept 2 – 6×4 icon screen + dock 😛

  • Shaun

    All sounds good loving the new shape, do we really have to wait till september

  • Don

    still running 3G?!

  • Knman00

    sorry but if the iphone 5 isnt 4G LTE they can stuff it. whats the point of buying another godamn 3g iphone? iphone 5 will be the 4th 3g iphone. IT BETTER BE 4G or its hello ANDROID!!!!

  • toqeer

    ive given up with apple, they make solid hardware but software is an insult. Ive had a dell streak for about 6 months and cannot find a single reaon to part with. its android that will eventually hold the market share, not apple, people are just blinded by nice graphics and a vast range of limiting apps. move out of the way ios, nudge your way in android.

  • That would be absolutely sickkkkk. I wonder how the gestures would function if it came out with the gesture bar on the side?

    Gizmodo should walk through some random bars, see if they can’t find a prototype 😉

  • Faixan

    if this is iPhone 5 then i am happy with iPhone 4. This design isnt impressive.

  • John

    First of all, this picture is just a mock-up. The real iphone, when released will look different. Second, for being an “iphone” site, there seems to be a lot of anti-apple visiting and posting. Trolls?

    Who cares if the next iphone has LTE or whatever else they’ve cooked up. Pick something that rocks your boat and let the rest of us do the same.

    The bottom line is; LTE is not ready for prime time. Sure, the thousands of current LTE users are getting nice speeds but when millions of users jump on (yes, if apple sold an LTE phone, millions will jump on) then that so-called 4g speed will slow to a crawl. Ever heard of bottle-neck? When LTE is ready for the iphone, we’ll see an iphone that supports LTE. Period.

  • Alex Smith

    Teardrop design is ugly , the screen looks ugly because its does go from corner to corner, iPhone 4 was the BEST phone that apple has made & im sticking to my iPhone 4 if thats how it really looks, Apple is smart and im questioning if they would really do this. ANYWAY They need to worry about making things with more battery power instead of sliming things down, i mean steve jobs is sliming down every day that passes due to his sickness. :/ We love you steve but please make iPhone 5 a better phone than the iPhone 4, Make it like a iPhone 4Gs 😀

  • thechexican

    If this is true, I’ll be one of the many people sticking with their iPhone 4.

  • hacker

    who cares about 4g people seriously do u want your battery to drain fast a 2g phone has about 14 hours and 3g has 7 ours and whats wrong with 3g pandora works netflix works so why 4g then whats wrong with wifi learn how to take people wifi.and google please stop advertising android on the iphone blog and google wheres cydia?whers netflix ?whers the othere 400,000 apps cants find my bank app yet?with cydia i could do more then you can imagine cuz im not in jail i could port android on an iphone and have freaking android and with cydia included its an extra store which is another 200,000 tweaks and apps not including that u can add a source and have another store if i want the android theme i download it on cydia so stop comparing android to apple already cuz apple was first and there in a lead because of that and for the iphone 5 will its worth it cuz of the A5 chip well thats going to make video game experience way better its called new technology something apple been doing lately make stupid phone to smart phone making the first tablet and now apple working on the first smart tv and maybe a smart car in the future and the only people that could compete with apple who has the potential is Microsoft because they dont copy and paste look Google adding a flip clock and widgets to cover law suits to make it appear different Microsoft is doing it from scratch they are also inventors and just like it is in the pc world either u buy a mac or windows the computer industry took over the phone industry and they can probably take over anything now and some people want a bigger screen and some want small so apple making big cuz there already small and now they added gesture and i know apple will add more features and create something new to iphone 5 but its still in the making so relax and be patient and i hope they add a kickstand and yes thinner means more fragile but the iphone is a stronger phone period i know cuz i drop all the time and im pretty sure this one will not be much differnt and if thats your concern buy a hard case silly or put insurance on it or learn how to fix stuff yourself go on youtube so you learn how to replace things on your phone or pay me to fix it and for the button size who cares really its easier to find and press in the dark lol and i know why people tell lies because nobody likes to see a companie on top for so long will sorry apple help technology advance and now your mad that everyone talk about apple so much and it gets u so angry but if it wasn’t for them u still be on that blackberry and if you want android to win call up the iphone development team,geo hot,greenpoison dam even microsoft has somebody

    • kaiba222

      Funny how you talk about inventors.. You mentioned a “new” gesture area, well that has been around since the Palm Pre you fucking idiot. And Apple isn’t making the first smart tv, Google ALREADY made it. Also, just because Apple started first doesn’t mean it is ahead of Android. You are just another gormless idiot who doesn’t know what the heck your talking about.

    • themadpro

      lol apple fanboy. you can make a android phone look like an iphone as well. herp derp. apple did set the standards. now standards have met and exceeded.

    • Kent

      Super Response bra…I second that..


    your just an andriod fanboy who so dumb cuz there on the wrong blog this is an iphone blog taking about phones not tvs u moron and speaking of smart tvs u moron The big screen will merely mirror what’s on the iPad through AirPlay will just provide an os similiar to an iPad with live tv u fucking dickhead and your Palm Pre is just as dumb as you cuz its a stupid phone just like you

  • hacker

    and i never said apple created gesture i said now they added gesture learn how to fucking read

  • hacker is a cunt.

    “your just an andriod fanboy who so dumb”

    who’s/who is*

    Learn to spell, you are ridiculously ignorant.

  • hacker

    you don’t know anything about smart phones but u probably might do well in a spelling contest dickhead and kaiba222 why are you back on the iPhone blog again are you lost or something or just stupid cuz i already told you your in the wrong page this isn’t the android blog moron

  • hunter

    I really love and cherish the iphone 5, It’s amazing indeed. i love the design, i’mma jump into iphone 5 when it comes out. i’m very sure that many people here will jump into iphone 5 despite their criticisms hehehe, if you don’t love the design, be rest assured that their are many people out there who love and cherish it like me. lol.. i’m running out of patience to grab my iphone 5, i can’t wait anymore.

  • Noob

    It’s too big for an iPhone if it would be like that I’d be better of buying the iPhone4.

  • joe

    no need to make it any thinner than the current model, i’d rather have good battery life.

  • vickid

    “gesture area” smacks of Palm now HP. So Apple is resorting to copying?. Not good, since they sue others at the drop of a hat.

  • RIch


  • Nick

    I still have an iphone 3gs, and i rate its still better than the shit that is out there now…including “samsung gallaxy s”, so many software hick-up’s. Apple’s quality is just superb, and you cant beat their touch screens. Will upgrade soon, but waiting for ip5, sure it’l kick ass:)

  • DroidenthusiastIc

    Apple is really ridiculous when it comes to iPhone they have yet to make a new iPhone that has numerous improvements over the last iPhone, but instead add one or two new features and Make it seem like it’s astounding by using made up terms like “retina display” which is a joke because there’s been phones with high resolution screens before iPhone 4 came out! Look how long it took them just to add an led flash to their phone which has almost become standard in non apple devices! Apple is a joke I bet the iPhone 5 won’t even be 4G and I’m sure theyre already making iPhone 6 and 7 they also fail in the tablet industry the iPad is basically a big iPod touch. A completely redesigned interface for their tablets, that was more like the Mac book series would have been great! Sadly no it’s just apple sucking money out of people for third class products they’re so behind tech wise it’s ridiculous!

  • Mundo

    Why does a touchscreen phone need gesture. I mean the screen is right there

  • AppleLover

    I’m sad to say that this design is horrible. It looks like the 2nd gen ipod touch… lame.

    This is WAY WAY WAY better

  • Kent

    ..Hacker ,great response bra ..I second that..

  • Mary Moravek

    Why does apple need to keep changing things? This phone does look like my iPod touch.mmmm get it right and then sell them. Such a hastle I had with iPhone 4 coverage. It was non existent in my area, yet AT&T said I had full coverage.

  • joe black

    10years ago nokia made their first phonecall seeing another person. it took apple 10 years to get their.grow up. android and nokia meego is wiping the phone market from this day forward

  • touch maweini

    supposed to have the ipad 2 processor in it

  • Letter to spell


  • Professional Russian

    Iphone, didn’t really make a big change from,4 to 5. Iphone 3 to 4 was,a big change. Theyre, all too overpriced and not a big change. I have galaxy s2. Best phone ever made so far.

  • Eddie

    3.7 inch screen? Really? 4.3 is the new minimum for smart phones. They are going to have to really wow me to keep me from going to a Galaxy 2S.

  • JayAre313

    Any of the Android users here are most likely here for one reason. Checking out the competition. I am a fan of technological evolution period, I/we may have our preference when it comes to o.s. but still love to see what is new and what is upcoming in general. IPhone users are just that, because there is basically only ONE iPhone. There are thousands of Android phones so we are used to checking for the latest and greatest cause Android is ever-evolving as I type. We are only limited to a choice of o.s. not a particular phone. Apple is so different and above Android yet they have Google search as a default on iPhones. (lol) So just as Apple is suing everyone for control of the market to stop anyone from creating anything that they will never put out anyway, they can learn from the competition rather than bash them for being different. 4g will make or break the deal for so many that live in 4g markets such as myself so they actually do need to step it up. Don’t cry battery life because all the 4g phones I’ve owned offer an option to turn 4g off and simply run 3g. Its a nice option to have vs being stuck on 4g when you’d like to download something from the net..ohhh wait, iPhone CAN’T download items…beacuse you have to go through iTunes to add content they allow, or use cydia and STILL be limited vs Android being 10 times more customizable than iPhone+cydia OUT OF THE BOX. Don’t mean I’ll call you an idiot for owning an iPhone and READING about the newest Android phone. And for the guy that said something about the tv being able to mirror the iPad, this feature has been on a few Android phones/devices for a couple years now. Especially Samsung devices. You can use your Galaxy S phone (1 and 2) as a remote as well if you own a Samsung smart tv. But to stick with MY original reason for coming here to check out the design concepts for iPhone 5, I think the teardrop shape sucks and the 2 tenths of an inch added to the retina display sucks. They need to go at least 4″ in my opinion. And lose the home button altogether and use capacitive buttons. Then no people shall have to go to the Apple store cause their home button is stuck or missing. Physical buttons are becoming a thing of the past now on Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 devices. Apple should follow suit instead of filing lawsuits.