Saurik: Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone


If you’re looking for reasons to jailbreak your iPhone then there is probably no better person to explain them than Jay Freeman aka Saurik, developer of Cydia – the App Store for jailbreak apps.

In an interview with Robert Scoble, Saurik tells him why you should jailbreak your iPhone.

In the interview, Saurik demonstrates some jailbreak apps and tweaks that allow users to customize their iPhone.

If you’re interested in figuring out all the jailbreak apps that were shown during the interview, then checkout the list below:

Five Icon Dock – adds the fifth icon to the iPhone dock.

Barrel – Jailbreak tweak gives the cool curl and roll away effect while scrolling through home screens (default is the 3D cube effect, you need to change it via Settings).

SBsettings – the fastest way to manage iPhone Settings.

qTweeter – the fastest and coolest way to tweet and update your Twitter and Facebook status.

Voicemail Forwarder – allows you to forward voicemails to email from Visual Voicemail.

Graviboard – gives the gravity effect to the home screen icons.

Springtomize – Allows you to customize every aspect of the iPhone including the text of Slide to unlock button.

If you were sitting on the fence and convinced after watching the interview and want to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then checkout our step-by-step guides below:

How To Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 Using Redsn0w [Windows / Mac]

How To Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 Using PwnageTool [Mac]

How To Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 Using Sn0wbreeze [Windows]

In addition to the apps mentioned above, checkout our jailbreak apps category page to find out all the cool jailbreak apps and tweaks you can install on your iPhone using the Cydia app.

As always, please share your views in the comments section below.

[via Twitter(Robert Scoble)]

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  • stan

    Whenever I buy a iDevice, I would jailbreak it immediately upon setting it up! Or wait till the jailbreak comes out first.

    • Yes. I’m Crazy

      Stan that sounds like s very silly reason to jailbreak your phone. I mostly jailbreak my phone to make it mine. Just like my computer at home it’s mine and I want it to be personal and setup the way I want and look and work the way I want not the way someone else who never met me thinks I want it or it should be It’s my phone and I want it now. LOL

  • Kwopau

    Nope. Still not convinced that I should Jailbreak mine.

    I tried it before, and I did not like it at all. So I restored it back to it’s factory setting. I’ll keep mine clean.

    • Mackie


    • Eric

      Steve Jobs is that you?

      You didn’t like it? What does that mean…Jailbreaking doesn’t change anything on your phone. When you are done, it’s exactly the same as before, it just gives you an alternative app store. What’s not to like about more app option?

    • iRockU

      When Kwopau got done jailbreaking his device he didn’t know what to do next, he got scared, then returned it to factory. Just be real, don’t try to act cool apple fanboy.

  • I’m Out

    I jailbroke my 3G and it was cool for a month and then nothing but issues after that. Haven’t done my 3GS and see no reason to do i4 when I get one in the fall.

    • Mackie

      Another nerd

  • p

    @Kwopau, I can understand your sentiments, the phone seems to run “better” unjailbroken, but the jailbreak side of things is so much better. I would jailbreak my iDevice the second I had the chance just for sbsettings. Having a notification drop down on my android is amazing and sbsettings at least tries to mimic that. There are so many more great jailbreak tweaks and apps that are not mentioned here its ridiculous. To each his own.

  • Matt

    It’s funny that when I click on Iphone in the preview of the story it links to the blackberry website… really, really?

  • luigyspc

    oh man i am still stuck with my ipad2 no fix yet

  • shane

    Jailbreak is the only way to go, as it is these great mods in cydia that keep apple on their toes as they are generally introduced officially by apple via ios updates, but only after extensive testing by the jailbreak community! If only the creators of such great mods were recognised by apple and paid for their ideas!!

  • Ted L

    so the only reason according to this is to get some apps? hmmm (no thank you0

    • Wite Boy

      wtf is up wit all these nerds not wanting to jailbreak

      • JT

        Better yet, wtf are these jailbreak nerds doing on an iPhone Hacking website?

  • Cryptonix

    Jailbreaking is mainly for free apps. Anyone telling you different is a liar.

    • That is a very ignorant comment and I find it very insulting. I have used tweaks and added features for years and have never once loaded a pirated app. Not everybody that jailbreaks their phone is a lawbreaker.
      Go buy these features now.

    • Eric

      Yeah there are a lot of free apps, but some of the best apps cost money.

    • Dremoney

      I agree 100%…free apps should have been #1 on this list. I still don’t understand why people pay for cydia apps knowing damn well the reason they jailbroke it was so they didn’t have to pay for anything lmao…yea i said it…what?

      • Madhatter

        People pay for cydia apps because they support and understand the time and effort these developers put in bringing these apps to ios, cool we got it for free before but why not show appreciation and be thankful for bringing great features that enables you to do more in your devices than features that are still missing in non-jailbroken devices.

        I own 2 iphones 3GS, one is jailbroken and the other is not, i buy from cydia and the app store, and honestly i like the fact that i can customize my phone the way i want and not the way apple wants me to have it, maybe you are just an ignorant and has no clue how to jailbreak and your frustration makes you post nonsense comments.

        If you want free apps, develop your apps yourself you moron!

    • avid jailbreaker

      I’m not going to lie, when i first jailbroke my iphone 3gs I mainly used it to get free apps from the app store. But now i do not have a single illegal app on my phone. I pay for the apps that are from the app store and cydia store. I do not even have appsync installed on my phone anymore. Most people jailbreak because they want to customize the way they’re phone works, I do it so i can change the way my phone looks and works. I’m all about customization and apple wants every iphone to look and act the exact same way. I can garentee that very few people, if anyone, have an iphone that looks and acts exactly like mine. Tweaks like barrel are amazing and apple will never allow anything like that in the app store

    • Mandeep

      I think we have to classify you as a NOOB and that also in double capitals if that existed. This is such an inane argument, do you have any ideas how many applications people buy on Cydia to support these developers who produce fantastic applications and these very same ideas are then implemented by Apple in subsequent releases. I only wish people like you had adult supervision prior to posting anywhere.

      • Mandeep

        This was directed to “Cryptonix”

  • Ollie

    I jailbreak because I need my iPhone unlocked as I’m using it in several countries

    • Sedrick

      Unlocking is not jailbreaking.
      It’s more likely illegal as the phone is locked because it’s partly paid by your provider.
      You pay it back in your plan anyway.

      Jailbreaking is just usefull to get more options available, not make you by a cheaper phone

      • Madhatter

        You must JAILBREAK before you can UNLOCK!!!
        and jailbreaking is not illegal, havent you heard or read the news?
        Do you think is fair that after your 2 years contract expires, neither Apple or AT&T dont want to unlock your phone?

      • Brains530

        Wrong. If you buy your phone at a subsidized price ($199 with a two year contract) you’re stuck in the contract no matter what. So even if you unlock so you can use other carriers you’re still going to be paying for your contract. Either way Verizon or AT&T gets their money. Unlocking and jailbreaking has no effect on carriers

  • katsuboi

    Jailbreaking gives you more options and some very useful tweaks. I can hardly function without SBSettings & Lockinfo.

    There’s so many restrictions Apple puts upon an iphone, but jailbreaking says “here, set it up the way you want”. Really can’t beat that.

    People who don’t know what their doing or haven’t explored all the apps are the ones saying “Do I really need a jailbreak?”

  • Sedrick

    Obviously jailbreaking opens the system and as the atomic power, it can be used the good way or not(pirated apps).. And also it can make your system unstable in some rare cases.

    On the good side, it actually frees device like the iPad from the computer it’s bounded to and allows easy import/export, printing(to most network printer), adds usefull options like sbsettings, iFile,download manager,

    What I do not agree on with some devs is the price of some apps. $2+ is most of the time not a decent price as there is no garantee that it will always work as it’s not officialy supported by big A and they are useless if you unjailbreak or upgrade to a new iOS, I do understand that they want to make some money out of it but please get real !!!

    Keep on the good work Saurik and all the others, you are making those devices more usable and more fun:-)

  • Ollie

    To Sedrick
    Dont know what you’re babbling about. I need a phone in which I can put a SIM card in from other countries = unlock. To unlock I need to jailbreak as Movistar do not unlock here in Spain, I’ve offered to pay for it. I do not use any other supplier in Spain than Movistar so no loss for the supplier but I do not want to pay horrible roaming cost when overseas and I travel 150 days/year.
    I do like SBSettings but I could easily live without Cydia apps – its the unlock I’m after.
    Also having iPad-1 and iPad-2, they are not locked, much better and I’ve not jailbroken those.

  • M

    3G Unrestrictor. Main reason for me, no way Apple decides what I can or cannot download. Tried to go without jailbrake a couple of times but only takes one dialog saying I cannot download something because I am on 3G for me to go back.

  • Jay Freeman says you jailbreak so jay Freeman make money
    Apple says you should buy iPhone so apple can make money

  • Manderson

    Lol – the people who make me laugh are the ones who go:
    “Oh – you just jailbreak ’cause you want free apps.”

    And, why would you be a regular on this site if you weren’t jailbreaking, I mean that’s over half the news right there… and it’s iPhone *hacks*. Hurpadurp.

  • Chrispx

    I can understand not jailbreaking the 3G with the most recent operating systems as it slowed it down, but the 3GS and 4 have the processor to run without problems and jailbreaking them is recommended.

  • Ryan

    If whoever dont want jailbreak then why u here and read all comment..

  • Ryan

    I want jailbreak because i want free app.i want anything free and customize the way i want it..its simple.keep it real tho

  • Melvarius

    I have a love hate relationship whith my iPhone. I love it’s simplicity of use and I hate the restrictions imposed on it by Apple.

    I still see my move from a Nokia N95 8GB to an iPhone as a trade down in terms of device functionality. The novelty of a touchscreen lasted about a week.

    Mostly I use apps from Cydia that enhance and or add functionality to to my phone. I don’t bother with themes because you end up with some half-assed hybrid look which spoils the theme’s intention (am I right?)

    To be honest without Jailbreaking I would have dumped the iPhone in the bin a long time ago.

  • fas

    Should we make a youtube video telling them why to unlock baseband 2.10, 3.10, 4.10?

  • Shalashaska

    people who havent JB their phones can live without jailbreak…but people who always have their phone JB would NEVER use a phone that isnt…im sorry..but i cannot live without SBSettings..removeBG…celeste..fontswap.. to be honest…jailbreaking meant we had multi tasking way before meant we had custom font and custom sms tone…whenever i hear someones marimba ringtone i feel sorry for them…

  • T

    I’m happy knowing my 3gs & ip4 are jb’d and packed with cracked apps.
    before you honk at me, china rips off and copies more than I do.
    its the risk of being a dev, don’t put out an app expecting it not to be cracked, especially if your expecting to live off it.
    I don’t see it as stealing, just a very very long pre purchase test period 🙂

  • Ryan

    I dont know and care what and how people feel…i need jailbreak my ipad 2 now.i want it and i need it now

  • Ryan

    Again i need it now

  • Blah

    YouTube vid down…..

  • Anonymous

    I have my device JB’ed for 1 reason only: To develop malware for Cydia.

  • hacker

    the first time i can remember installing cydia i remember having video recorder and lauging at everyone who didnt have that but inventually apple made it a year later it took so long that it was already old and cydia came up with multitasking first as well and we expericence it for a long time and that got old too then of course we had video wallpaper and video ringtones which apple still hasnt done as of yet but android took the video wallpaper idea and apple developers have taken all cydia ideas and dont forgot changing your text message system so that all text messages had a picture of the person next to the text and of course my girlfriend complain about her sending messages after going on ios4 it slow down here iphone 3g but i told her to install quick send and quick reply and she couldnt believe how fast she was recieving and sending measseges and then she wanted to take people wifi and of course that was in cydia too and then alot of my boys wanted iporn which honestly the best porn app in the world and of course ringtones for music which is free in cydia and changing you text meassage ringtones sounds which cant not be done in the apple store and all the themes u can be android if u want and in cydia there an option that said sources and you can add another store and a matter of fact cydia now has compettion finally icy has return which u can download the beta and honestly i dont think anybody know excactly how many apps apple really has they think they have about 400,000apps but that isnt true i think with all the stores u can add u will have around an estimate an extra 400,000apps which brings it up to 800,000apps so im not going to keep on anymore cuz im not writting 400,000 benifits of having cydia and of course its the only way to get out of jail and did u hear our iphones have been tracking us will there a patch u can install in cydia but u dont have cydia so you going to have to wait for steve update and if you arent jailbroken u are lacking of apps and we will probably will expericence stuff before you and your going to have to be in apple jail steve said there no multitasking on iphone 3g or is there facetime or folders not if u have cydia steve u just want us to buy new phones but the hackers arent stupid and they know it can be done so we arent buying new phones steve yes there facetime on iphone 3g only problem u got to turn the phone around so they can see you but there is multasking steve there folders too but u lie steve and finally installous i like to test the games before i buy them cuz im tired of buying something in the app store writting in the comments i want my 1$ back my money back and u dont get your money back nope so test it before u support the developer cuz sometimes they lie about what it can do

  • hacker

    you also said there no game center for iphone 3g thats another lie steve

  • RB

    Why jailbreak?

    Aside from the geek factor (“my phone has 5 columns of icons and yours only has 4”) there have been a handful (for me) of indispensable tweaks I’ve been able to utilize as a result:

    OpenNotifier – I can see if I have new mail (etc.) without unlocking my phone.

    CallLock (best $1 I ever spent) – no more facedialing with i4’s broken proximity sensor

    ManualCorrect – never again will my iPhone change my typing to something ludicrous without my permission (and yet still inform me of possible spelling errors)

    PushMod – check my mail every 5 minutes not every 15 – push mail itself always seems to miss messages with Gmail (for me at least).

    SpringFlash – Flashlight on demand (combined with Activator, etc.) This has been useful SO many times… just press both volume buttons simultaneously and instant light in the darkness!

    SBSettings – Bluetooth on/off with two taps instead of four… and so much more!

    There are MANY other JB apps/tweaks that I use/rely on every day…MobileSubstrate, Backgrounder, SBSettings, Remove Background, FolderEnhancer (more money well spent), FiveIcon[Dock|Switcher|Springboard], iAnnounce, and others still that just make using my phone a more pleasant experience (NoSpot, NoBookmarks, PullToRefresh[Mail|Safari], ShowCase, StartDial, SwitcherMod, VolumeSensitivity) or just cool (WeatherIcon, WinterBoard, WiFiPasswords).


    It is a shame that the DEV TEAM rather work on latest devices rather than releasing apps that suit old iPhone versions so, I am stuck with my iPhone collection starting with 2G.
    I recently noticed that cydia is adding more and more IPHONE 4 APPS.
    Are they into marketing as well?

  • Brazzers

    Really very stupid arguments; What you guys want to prove??? There are some nurds who Don’t jailbrak and some who DO. WHat the heck is wrong with all of stupids to imposing their ideas on others… Be yourself, iPhone is great device with jailbreak and without it as well. If you ppl love CYDIA developer and they are earning alot, Why don’t they come up with their own DEVICE like iphone and get their development frustration over there… here they get fuse their balls. They just try to get their balls cooked in someone else coal… iPhone is great device, If you require to jailbreak then do it, but no need to convinse others by saying stupid to them; they don’t need it… So! chill or GO and FURS…

  • Mazolo

    I believe Apple is happy and will always leave a loophole on iOS for jailbreakers. There r 2 types of buyers, jailbreakers and and the other group. I believe Apple pays people like Saurik for jailbreaking if not, Apple should consider it. I know Apple gets a share on Apps but gets a bigger share on hardware for jailbreak side. I jailbreak for few reasons: I wanna be a Freeman. Apple shouldn’t dictate what I should have access to. If I want porn app, I want it. SBSettings, etc free cracked apps, the list is endless. Use the app first and buy it if it’s worth it.