App Store Crosses Milestone: 500,000+ Apps Approved [Infographic]

App Store

ReadWriteWeb reports that Apple has approved the 500,000th iOS app earlier today. Folks at Chomp, 148apps, and Chillingo have developed a cool infographic to celebrate the occasion.

It’s important to note here that even though Apple has approved the 500,000th app, the number of active apps available in the App Store currently is only 400,000.

It’s an impressive number when you consider that there are 200,000 apps in the Android marketplace and only 50,000 apps in Nokia’s OVI Store.

The infographics provides some interesting details about the App Store such as:

  • 37% of the apps in the App Store are free
  • $3.64 is the average price for paid apps
  • Games and Books are the most popular category of apps
  • If will cost you $891,982.24 and a 7.5 terabyte iPhone to buy and install all of the apps

You can checkout the infographic below (click on the image to see a larger version of the infographic):

[500k Apps Facebook Fan page via RWW]

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