Apple Releases iOS 4.3.3 For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, iOS 4.2.8 For Verizon iPhone To Fix Location Tracking Bugs

iOS 4.3.3

That was quick. Apple has just released iOS 4.3.3 for iPhoneiPad and iPod Touch and iOS 4.2.8 for Verizon iPhone to fix the iPhone and iPad 3G location tracking bug that has raised a lot of controversy.

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements in iOS 4.3.3 to address the issue:

This update contains changes to the iOS crowd-sourced location database cache including:

– Reduces the size of the cache
– No longer backs the cache up to iTunes
– Deletes the cache entirely when Location Services is turned off

Last week, Apple officially responded to the iPhone and iPad 3G location tracking issue that had raised privacy concerns. Apple clarified that it is not tracking the location of the iPhone or iPad 3G as reported by security researchers. Apple also confirmed that it has never done so and has no plans to ever do so. But Apple admitted that it could do a better job managing the crowd-sourced location database and would release an iOS software update to address the bugs.

Despite rumors, the latest iOS software update does not seem to include the fix to improve battery life.

iOS 4.3.3 is compatible with GSM iPhone 4iPhone 3GSiPod Touch 4th generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation, iPad and iPad 2 and iOS 4.2.8 is compatible with Verizon iPhone 4.

iPhone jailbreakers and unlockers should avoid upgrading to iOS 4.3.3 or iOS 4.2.8 until iPhone Dev team and iHh8sn0w release the updated jailbreaking tools for iOS 4.3.3 and iOS 4.2.8.

But if you don’t care about jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone then you can update your iPhone with iOS 4.3.3 or iOS 4.2.8 via iTunes.


iOS 4.3.3 Already Jailbroken; Untethered iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak Could Be Released Soon

As always, let us know how it goes and if you notice anything interesting in the comments.

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  • nrgy

    No thank you…..

  • iRSX

    JB Please! Hopefully it’ll be like the 4.3.2 update where none of the exploits were fixed.

  • Matako

    Can somebody please explain how geolocation correctios are implemented for the iphone 3G if IOS 4.3.3 does not support this model?

    • Melvarius

      I was thinking more along the lines of asking Apple to fix it for me. As I see it they are responsible for this issue.

      “Apple admitted that it could do a better job managing the crowd-sourced location database”

      Apple claim they do not use the information to track users however they do not, can not, speak for 3rd party app developers.

      I assume the data is freely available on un-jailbroken devices. If it wasn’t Apple would obviously capitalise on the fact that JB’d devices were the only ones that were affected.

      For those of us still using unsupported iDevices such as iPhone 3G etc. who choose to JB we have a program called Untrackerd.

      For those of us who don’t “we Know where you are… We can track you… ;oP”

      Ok a little Big Brotherish/paranoid, but a security issue none the less. one I feel Apple should address in earlier models they no longer care/bother to support (Bad PR Apple. Customer confidence nil points)

      If Apple don’t supply a fix for unsupported devices does this not imply that they actually condone the practice of JBing your device (once they’ve milked it for every cent)?
      As it will be the only option left available to unsupported users. Hmmm….

      • Melvarius

        Awaiting a brief response from jobsy boy somwhere along the lines of “buy a new iPhone” or “F. U.”