Apple’s iPhone 4 Will Soon Become the Most Popular Camera on Flickr

iPhone 4 Camera

Apple’s iPhone 4 will soon become the most popular camera on Flickr and currently the only cameraphone in the Top 5.

According to the graphs on Flickr’s Camera Finder, iPhone 4 which is currently #2 is nudging closer to Nikon’s D90 to become the most popular camera on the popular image sharing site.

Here are some of the reasons why iPhone 4 is so popular among Flickr users compared to other cameras:

  • It is very easy to upload photos using Flickr’s iPhone app or other third party iPhone apps compared to a digital camera.
  • You are more likely to have an iPhone with you to capture a moment than a digital camera.
  • Apps like Instagram that allow users to take photos, add filters to make them look better or funny and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. are very popular with iPhone users.
  • Even though iPhone 4 sports only a 5-megapixel camera, we’ve seen impressive photographs taken using iPhone 4’s camera, emphasizing the point that megapixel count is only one of the several factors that determines the actual quality of the camera, which we’ve often noted in the past. If you’re still not convinced checkout the photos taken using iPhone 4 on ShutterSalt.

Not surprisingly, Apple also dominates the cameraphone segment with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G as the top 3 cameraphones according to Flickr’s Camera Finder. Interestingly, iPhone 3G (launched almost 3 years ago) is still more popular than iPhone 3GS among Flickr users.

It is only a matter of time that iPhone 4 will become the most popular camera on Flickr, which is very impressive.

Are you surprised by the Flickr phenomenon?

[via Flickr’s Camera Finder]

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  • Thomas

    Yeah, I love my iPhone4 camera.

  • NorGod

    i actually made my iphone 4 camera to take 8 megapixels photos. and it looks so great. thej videos are take it in 1080p full hd. no joke.. i can upload the files if you want me too.. the photos are taken so nicely.. the apps on the app store are not the same as my file that i edited from the AVFoundation.framework folder.

  • fas

    Imagie 8 megapixel coming then what will happen.

  • NorGod

    one camera can take the double of megapixels of what normal takes. the only thing its that we have to change the value of the data. i can actually make the phone to use 1024 mb of memory instead of 512 mb. thats why i love jailbreak. its fun to edit ones property…and being stuck on apple ideas..(apple) lick my balls….

  • putra97

    hi NorGod can you teach me how to make ip4 work on 1024 mb? really appreciate for your kind guide…

  • NorGod

    i actually edit some files that said about the processor and and memory system even the cores of the processor. the only thing you have to do is change this numeber to the number you want to put it… the system will need a restar and the system will read this data that you wrote and make the iphone more faster. and the graphic increase a lot. but the bad thing is that the iphone becomes so hot that you have to wait until get cold…..the time you can used is actually for about 1 hour…or maybe 45 minutes….everything is possible even on mac and pc computers you can change this value.

  • NorGod

    even you can change the value of the storage of iphone’s storage… if you see the iphone when you connect to the pc and go to my computer and shows the iphone…when you click that a decive will appear with the free space that has inside… my iphone 4 has 16gb of storage but the computer shows that has 29gb.. so when you edit those files.. the storage increase to 29gb even when you have 16gb,, i dont understand why apple put 29gb on a 16gb device and hide the rest of it….its like buying a 32gb iphone….i think that the 32gb iphone could have 59gb of storage. im not sure yet and i dont even know how to make this work on a jailbreak app to upload it to cydia… someone can help on that please…….

  • HurtLocker

    i would appreciate if you at least point out where to go? where these files are? so far you just talked about it in a theory like convo