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iPad Hologram

Do you find iPad or iPhone’s screen too small while consuming certain types of digital content? No problem, what if it is possible to create a larger hologram of the iPad screen and you’re able to use multi-touch  hand gestures to interact with it instead?

It sounds futuristic but Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration has stumbled on a video created by Zack King, a film student from LA that gives a glimpse of just what to expect in the future.

The video reminds Agarwal of SixthSense, a wearable projector that was demoed by MIT researcher Pranav Mistry at a TED conference in 2009.

Agarwal writes:

For instance, you can hold a book in your hands, the device will pick reviews of that book from the Internet and will project them on to the book cover itself.

Now imagine for a moment if we could integrate some parts of the Sixth Sense technology – like the hologram floating in mid-air or those multi-touch gestures – into the next iPad or mobile phone?

The video by King shows an iPad 2 projecting apps like Photos and Facebook in the form of a hologram with the ability to interact with multi-touch hand gestures, which can be enabled via the Hologram settings in the Settings app (just a concept).

You can checkout the impressive video below:

You can also checkout Mistry’s demo of SixthSense technology at the TED conference below (it’s pretty cool):

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