Lima: New Browser Based Jailbreak App Installer To Compete With Cydia


Folks at Infini Dev Team have revealed that they’re working on a new jailbreak app installer to compete with Cydia, that will allow users who have jailbroken their iOS device to install jailbreak apps and tweaks through iPhone’s mobile Safari browser.

Infini Dev Team has recently also taken up the responsibility of supporting Icy – one of the early jailbreak app installers developed by Ripdev and has already managed to get it to work on the iPad on iOS 4.3.2.

Infini Dev Team has provided the following information about Lima:

Lima is going to be a browser-based dpkg Installer. Meaning all you have to do is visit a website in safari and you have a fully fucntional package installer!

They’ve also published a video to give a sneak preview of how it will work:

James A. Matoe – one of the members of the Infini Dev Team has also revealed on Twitter that they’ll prevent piracy of apps from the App Store by blocking repositories that allow users to install cracked iPhone apps, which is a good thing as jailbreaking ends up getting a bad name due to the piracy issue.

Do you like the idea of installing jailbreak apps using iPhone’s Safari browser instead of using Cydia? Please share your views in the comments section below.

[via iPhone Download Blog]

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  • HiyoSilver

    A competition for Cydia will be a good thing – it drives everyone to provide a better service for the end user.

  • Dickh ead

    this looks very poorly organised and the lack of ‘pirated apps’ means it’ll never be as popular as cydia.

    • Thomas


    • moe

      i agree. no piracy = no popularity.

    • I couldn’t agree more… piracy or NOT, who really cares. Hellooooo! What people say doesn’t matter. Just put the cracks on or it fails… simple. I do pay for Apps that I find their prices fair but if NOT I use cracks.

      • Mr.Steve

        Mr.Stan, I think u just find those free apps as reasonable and use cracks for paid.

        You muderfuckr if you use cracks then except it dont be excuse.

  • Pedro

    I like the idea of fucking getting an unlock for my iPhone 4 which I bought on 14 December and haven’t been able to use since…
    I’m not going to moan because they do it for free but c’mon, just one tiny unlock for 4.2.1

    • FTFY

      I like the idea of getting an unlock for my iPhone 4 which I bought on 14 December and haven’t been able to use since because I didn’t think to wait for the unlock first.
      I’m not going to moan because they do it for free and I don’t pay close enough attention, just one tiny unlock for 4.2.1


  • Tom

    whats the point? :L

  • @FTFY: Exactly.

    @Pedro: Moron. Read what you wrote. You ARE moaning about it. Stop being a moron and you won’t have to complain anymore.

  • Jeroenxp

    I prefer a JB for my iPad 2. Cydia and installous workshop fine for me

    • moodi

      Agree with you. They are fine and goooooood

  • marv

    the reason i jailbroke my iphone is because of the cracked apps u dumb asses!! there is a reason people choose IOS over ANDROID!

    • moodi

      Totally right Dooooood. That is the main reason why we jailbreak.

    • p

      totally wrong dude, android has applanet.

  • shrug

    cydia i like because it’s the very essence of linux/unix.

    this has the essence of an unwanted mandatory internet firewall. People who jailbreak their iphone like freedom of choice… personally i’ll stick with cydia.

    it’s not like these restrictions will stop the hacks and cracks… in fact it might just make it thrive and flourish… deeper underground.

  • Shannon

    So it’s going to have the same apps as Cydia…?

    • whocares

      the more, the merrier

  • pimp luscious


    Cydia is polished…

  • Eugene

    no cracks = fail


    I’d like to download jb apps quicker and seems to me that cydia takes quite a bit to load and organize.
    Plays need speed of light cydia launch.

  • Your Punk Ass Dad

    What a bunch of faggot wanna be pirate kids here.

  • karl

    how do we get onto this? or isnt it out yet

  • fas

    Now some one compete on the unlock front too.

  • Jim Jack And Johnny

    Not really sure why people are bashing this. It’s simply an alternative for people that want to use it. If you try it and don’t like it, don’t use it. If you don’t even want to try it, then don’t. Personally, I’m perfectly contempt with Cydia. It has everything I need, but there is no need to bash Infini Dev for offering an alternative place to download tweaks and such. Just my input.

  • Mick

    Im a great advicate of new stuff, however for me cydia will always be for me, web based stuff can open a can of worms. Cydia has survived when others have failed for a reason..

    long live jailbreak.

  • Chris

    Honestly, I think Cydia should block cracked apps as well. I also think Apple should institute a 14 day trial policy, if you delete the App from your phone within 14 days, then you are not charged for it, if not, you will be billed for it the next time you open it (with a warning popping up and telling you).

  • Rob

    Cracking Down On Piracy Apps Is Absolutely Pointless, People Jailbreak Because They Hear The Word “Free”, Making Your Device More Susceptable To Hacking e.t.c And Getting The Free Apps Is What It’s All About, More Than 50% Want Free, And If There’s No Free, They’ll Find Someother Way Of Free

  • Manevelance

    I love this idea. I myself have gone insane trying to figure out how to jailbreak my phone. Thumbs up.

  • Don’t say something if you don’t know about it.
    Lima will have the ability to ad repo’s.
    Also, this was a vid a lima Alpha. Meaning, there still wasnt a good GUI,

  • Oh and to the people who jailbreak because the apps are free:
    You are stupid kidds, an thieves.
    Its the same like stealing a car.
    If you think you can do this better, Prove it.!

  • Tariq

    I think it’s great. Cusps should not be the only other installer. I used to love Rock. I actually want rock back.

  • Greg

    OOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Found the IP. It is “” without the quotes. it won’t work because i still need the second part.