PdaNet: Jailbreak App Updated To Hide Unofficial iPhone Tethering

iPad 2

Last week, we reported that AT&T continues to clamp down on the unofficial iPhone tethering using jailbreak apps like PdaNet, MyWi and TetherMe.

To counter the crack down by AT&T, folks at June Fabrics Tech, developers of PdaNet have released a new version of their jailbreak app, which allows users to hide tethering usage so that carriers like AT&T can’t detect it.

According to the change log, PdaNet v5.01 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Adds an option to Hide tethering usage
  • Supports multiple WiFi connections
  • Rewritten to provide max performance and fix bad crashes.

It is not clear how AT&T detects unofficial iPhone tethering, some feel it is based on data usage while others think AT&T is able to flag packets from other devices. Folks behind Pdanet claim that the two hide levels (Level I and Level II) can effectively hide the unofficial iPhone tethering by masking the packets.

The full edition of PdaNet is currently available on Cydia for $15.99 for a limited time (normally available for $29). However, it is prudent to checkout the free edition, which will start blocking secure websites after the 14-day trial period to see if it works as advertised.

As always, let us know how it goes if you plan to try it out.

[via Twitter(PdaNet)]

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  • wolverinemarky

    welcome back to the party pdanet lets see if mywi can come up with an update like this one

  • Mark

    Can someone eventually confirm this works? thank you

    • Melvarius

      works a treat. only bug/nag/side effect i’ve noticed is that logging in to facebook whilst in hidden mode causes facebook to load as it’s mobile web equivelant.

      Having said that at least it’s proof that the laptop is hidden/thought of as your mobile phone. It’ll be interesting to see what AT&T make of it. The money grabbing S.O.B’s

      • Melvarius

        I was using level 2 hidden mode btw.

  • Ed

    I’ve been using Tetherme all along and havnt heard any complaints from At&t.

    • JMontero

      Im using tetherme and just recieved a txt this morning and the weird thing is that i dont use it that much

    • Llango

      I use tetherme and I got the famous text.. When you call AT&T they just come up with a whole bunch of Cra…

  • why use PdaNet that cost $15.99 or $29? MyWi cost way less $19.99 and offer better features. I’ll never think of using anything else. MyWi rules!

    • Stan2

      How is $19.99 “way less” than $15.99??

      • SeenDaLight


  • fas

    What about personal hotspot? Does it work that good?

    • Melvarius

      Yup it works fine. It seems better that mywi in as much as all my devices seem to connect first time. With mywi it was very hit or miss in my experience. Also with mywi my iPhone tended to need a reboot every other day as it just ground to a snails pace. I Haven’t had that issue yet with pdanet. Touch wood.

  • Globe

    I use Tetherme heavily; not a word from At&t. We’ll see if that lasts…

  • Got to go for mywi still it works so well and is cheaper, hotspot and direct connect with my pad make mywi a great price.

  • JRMedic19

    I was just sent a text from AT&T yesterday. I don’t use MyWi very much so I’m kinda at a loss. Last I checked my data usage was around 3gig a month total. As far as I understand that’s not much more than the average user – when I say average I mean the REAL average user and not AT&T’s supposed “average” user at around 2gig a month.

    So what are my options folks? I’ll be pissed if a 45$ charge magically appears on my bill. PISSED!

  • Brian

    I received the email and text regarding my data usage. I used Tetherme exclusively and was consistently anywhere from 5-7 gig per month. I called them and told them that I used Pandora and Netflix heavily. They said that was fine and that if I were to hook up my phone to my computer that I would be charged. Not another word from them as of 1 month later. They did say that my account was flagged because of high usage, that is why I received the email and text. I’ll try the PDAnet if that means I can go undetected!

  • Amsterpelli

    I use MyWi a few days a week, but my total data usage for a month is usually under a gig .. I have never heard anything from ATT. I am curious to know how long ATT will allow the grandfathered in unlimited plan. If you are a heavy data user it seems like it would be better to pay full price if you decide to upgrade your phone just to save $45 each month and stay on unlimited
    However when ATT finally gets the so-called 4G rolling, then I doubt unlimited will apply. Does anyone know if the old unlimited data plan specifically states 3G?

    • DatHead

      Gonna need a new iPhone also if you want 4G.

  • Redhead

    Be warned, I heard from a good source that apple and AT&T has embedded some detection method in the 4.3x version, so if that’s true there’s nothing u can do to hide ur usage if u is on 4.3 and above.

  • Yeah I got the email & letter in the mail. YIKES!!! Haven’t used since getting the email… If you discontinue to use it then they won’t automatically update your plan. I’ll wait to see if the PdaNet works from someone…

  • Steveo

    So does anyone have any new info on if pdanet really hides the wifi/tethering?

  • Jeremy

    AT&T really broke my balls on this one. This is a true story of survival.

    I recieved the dreaded text that my plan was being changed as they had evidence i was tethering illegally.

    I called them at the number provided in the text and plead for a reprieve. I told them I had never heard of this “tethering”.

    I was using mywi at the time and consuming vast amounts of data with it.

    the number they provide is that of a division set up specifically to screw those of us who took our “unlimited plan” to infinity and beyond. They will not be nice.

    I finally contacted a women in the business dept. and she had me take my phone to ATT to have a technician inspect it to prove it had not been jailbroken.

    I had to un-jailbreak my phone.

    After passing the gestapo’s test (and telling some more lies) I re-broke my phone and installed pdanet’s hidden usage application. It seems to work as those sneaky bastards have yet to contact me again about the limits of my unlimited plan.

    When you call, do NOT call the 800 number they provide. call 611 and climb the corporate ladder with the following lies.

    I do not understand what this “tethering” thing even is.
    I stream music via pandora at work.
    I stream movies via netflix at home.
    (acting like an incompetent, technologically unsavy older person helps too)

  • Jeremy

    also my phone shows i have burned 273 gigs in two months. suck it AT&T!

  • Anon

    Jeremy, you are boss lol! I had gotten the txt months ago and ceased using MyWi. As others have stated, I had barely tethered as previously having not much reason to, just to see if I could do it. But recent browsing to seek for any updated development has brought me to news of the latest pdanet. I’m on a trip, current staying with my gf’s family who have no Internet! Limiting my usage to just my phone has been painful and I’ve only been here for a day. I’ve also got a wifi-only tablet that I would just love to use, but afraid of purchasing the latest pdanet for fear of being screwed to the likes of spending dough on MyWi. Any confirm this option actually masks your usage?

  • Victor

    Hi to all pardon me for my bad English well when i got my iphone last July i start using mywi later about November i received the famous text message i call them and play stupid told them i use a lot on pandora youtube almost listen to radio online all day all that crap but i stop using mywi i have a second line that is not unlimited and i also recieved a letter saying the same crap i call them but this time i told them that i knew what was tethering because they accuse me for the other line and i was sick of that crap make i stop tethering but still consumes about 30gb every month on my unlimited line basically i download on my phone then transfer the stuff to my pc but have will trypda net and see what happens.

  • Levizzy

    Pdanet works. As of 9/21/11. The latest edition. They have not the greed nor resources to actually examine individual packets of info which is what pdanet would require them to do to bust you. If you consume inordinate amounts though. There’s no telling what they will do. But if you just browse and occasionally download while also watching Netflix and listening to streaming music alot. They will never know enjoy. The high data usage flags the acct. Whether tethered or not. They then determine what type of packets they are. You pass that test and your good to go. Just don’t get outta control with it.

  • Scot

    If you use 3G unrestrictor with pdanet there is NO way they can they can see any increase in data because you are tricking the phone to thinking it’s on wifi then sending a wifi looped signal to your iPad. That’s what works for me and my ipad2 flies with it hooked up this way.